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textures: Jai Johnson


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Kaniestekisat Tuusula 7.10.2018

Strobist info: two Metz 52 AF-1 (master camera left and slave camera right behind the bunnies)

One of a billion bunnies that come to my yard to say hello, and to eat my plants. :)

Crazy bunnies in my backyard this evening :-). I love when they do this!!!

Bunny Rabbit Sale local flea market rabbits, cute little fellows, probably to young to be away from there mother but cute and fuzzy, found in North Carolina.

Note: Shot on B@W film, low light, very grainy and a long time ago.

I seem to have lost some of my bunnies - can you find them?


GhostWorks Texture Competition #73


Texture with thanks to Skeletal Mess


Created for Ruby’s Treasure Challenge #21


Premade Background with thanks to Rubyblossom



~Yuna~~ for bunny

Halans for rabbits

William-Adolphe Bouguereau for girl

and daisies and daisy texture is mine

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my new multihead ante, i got her by accident, honestly xD

Model: Bunny Tomorrow

Photographer: Gabrielle Sinatra

Her profile here:


You have to watch it in a bigger size :)

bunny, bosc


bunny had her first pear today.

i eat bosc pears all the time, and never thought to give her one till tonight.


(Explore # 437)

Sasha & her new found friend sat ever so peacefully for over an hour together on the sofa. Best bunny buddies !

Bad Seed @The Chapter Four

Spring Delivery! ~ Pink

Spring Delivery! ~ Blue


Les Sucreries de Fairy @The Chapter Four

* So Romantic Bunny * Orange Decoration 2

* So Romantic Bunny * Blue Decoration 2


Dreaming Thicket @ The Imaginarium

Mushroom Village Gacha - Big Toadstool RARE

Mushroom Village Gacha - Toadstool House

Mushroom Village Gacha - Blewit House

Mushroom Village Gacha - Milk Cap House

Mushroom Village Gacha - Double Parasol

Mushroom Village Gacha - Parasol Blue


You Dreams @ The Imaginarium

{YD} Happy Easter Bunnies - Lover

{YD} Happy Easter Bunnies - Collector

{YD} Happy Easter Bunnies - Acrobat

{YD} Happy Easter Bunnies - Hungry

{YD} Happy Easter Bunnies - Was Here RARE

{YD} Happy Easter Bunnies - Greedy

{YD} Happy Easter Bunnies - Cute

{YD} Happy Easter Bunnies - All mine


The Little Breanch




Stoney Path - Straight



"wild garden"lawn {yellow green}




You can check this post and more at:

ღMy Blogღ


The Gimme Gacha Blog

thought I would try making a vintage looking print of the dolls. thoughts?

:headphones: Oliver Heldens - Bunnydance



.::Dead Dollz::. PlayBunny Gacha Collection @ The Epiphany

Dead Dollz - PlayBunny Ears Pink

Dead Dollz - PlayBunny Collar Black

Dead Dollz - PlayBunny Cuffs Black

Dead Dollz - PlayBunny Bra Pink

Dead Dollz - PlayBunny Corset Black

Dead Dollz - PlayBunny Thong Pink

Dead Dollz - PlayBunny Shoes RARE

I was hoping someone would recognize this image,,and tell me what film this came from,,i found this on someone's japanese bunny blog with no description or link,.. any guesses?

I have been working for a while now on this top secret bunny project. Because ever since I got Lola I realized there are a large number of rabbits that aren’t so lucky.


Together with 21 international artists I brought my passion for photography and love for bunnies together. I have put together a book with wonderful bunny photos! All the proceeds of this book will go to House Rabbit Society.


Bunnies for Bunnies; buy it here!

Eastern Cottontail Rabbit (Sylvilagus floridanus), backyard, Fairview Park, Ohio.


(Project 365 Day 171)

This is my Easter-themed photo of the day. :P


(flashlight + bunny + wall)

This Bunny was based on this tutorial: tutsplus.

It took me a little while - and now I see that I have chosen the wrong export cmyk instead of rgb. UPDATED: its changed back to the right colors :-)

Too cold and wet this year *lol*

Aujourd'hui Suzie a 2 ans. Ouf, son compagnon Barnabé va de nouveau bien et on peut donc fêter son anniversaire :-)


Today Suzie is 2. As her boyfriend Barnabé is fine again, we can celebrate her birthday :-)


*don't pic* i am the leader and u can join if u want to! but u have to change ur screen name to join


1. you can change ur photo to your bunny when the spaces in this pic are full


2. i will have to find a photo of us again!!!! gosh!!!!!


3. And finally, u have to put up a pic of the group and ur bunny!


PS. i will give you guys names* like code name*,also ucan copy this pic and put this on ur stream

For the All New Scavenger Hunt #16 - An object in three different sizes. Yes, the little one is playing a violin, and no, I don't know why.

I knew had to do more with this bunny on a scooter. A friend suggested to do a Tortoise And The Hare story, but I was too lazy to be so elaborate

breakfast for Xin.

Experimenting with making a bunny out of a boiled egg - he ended up looking a bit fat!


Find more bentos at

From the archives our patio nightly dinner is served. The bowl was just a test to see if wild Bunnies could be trained to eat out of the bowl the answer was yes. And they knew when to arrive and they each took a turn at grabbing a carrot and munching away even if we were sitting outside.

Bunny on the side of the road

Taken for granted most of the time, they do make lovely photographic subjects

watercolor on paper. 10" x 12"

Bunny, my little Pukifee Pongpong, has now a sleeping face !

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