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Created for the Artistic Manipulation Group's MIXMASTER CHALLENGE #26.


CHEF Beth challenges us to create an architectural, urban artwork. Here are the ingredients:


➤ The focus of your image must be on urban architecture.


➤ It must include at least one reflection.


➤ And use light in an interesting/creative way.


➤ Your use of color, in general, must be subtle, not bold.


➤ NO REAL PEOPLE (statues and mannequins are okay as long as they're of minor importance).


"Thank you all my kind Flickrs Friends. Your comments and invitations are much motivating and appreciated".

Querétaro - México.

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Thank you for all your kind comments and faves.

Belgrade, Serbia


Istanbul - There is a curtain but nobody lives in.

"Every building must have... its own soul."

Quote - Louis Kahn


Happy Wall Wednesday !!


Have a great Weekend!

This is a part of the famous Rugby School a lovely building that I came by last week on my way home.


Thankyou for the visits and kind comments.


Happy Thursday

The Flevo building is located on the Achtergracht in Zwolle and is a municipal monument from 1898.


For a long time the craft school was located here, later the IJsselmeer Polders Service was housed and hence plans for the Flevopolder were put into execution. Then the building was called 'Flevogebouw'. (Source: wikipedia).


(Symmetric compilation). Thanks for all faves and comments. More symmetry on:

Just from looking at this picture, I know that the weather in Pittsburgh on that late evening was : 66-79 degrees (19-26C); with less than .25" precipitation; humidity less than 50%; and, wind less than 10mph!!


The 1932 Art Deco style building with the "mausoleum-like" cap is the Gulf Tower. The colored bands at the top of the building are coded to correspond to the local weather. Colors will change, depending on the current weather conditions. Now, if only I can remember what all of the color combinations mean... .


Hoge School van Utrecht in Amersfoort

Lausanne, Switzerland, January 2013

Curved skyscraper and circular sculpture. New York.

Yick Cheong Building has two courtyards - this is the second one (different from yesterdays post).


Besides the access challenge, I was shooting during a tropical storm and trying to shoot between torrential downpours.

More suitable for pigeons than for humans!

Thank you very much for your visit and fave !


Metal railings that visually create a sense of flow…

Observing the dense railings from the outside seems to be safe and sturdy. Standing in the building, so many iron railings, the vision should be very different. You know…XD

Many buildings in Taiwan,

Must rely on metal railings,

Let the residents feel safe.








Enjoying a week in Barcelona

through the window ... summer rain and fog!


HAPPY weekend ahead

Auf dem Dach des Rockefeller Centers - On the roof of Rockefeller Center


Über den Dächern New Yorks - Over the rooftops of New York


Stark bewölkter, aber auch sehr warmer Tag in New York.

Very cloudy but also very warm day in New York.


Manhattan - New York

Amerika - America

September 2012


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Manchester old buildings what is left of them

Hagia Sophia was a church, later became a mosque and now a museum - the scaffold is there for about 20 years as ongoing preservation works.

En elke dag zijn ze nog steeds bezig met het afmaken van de droom van Gaudi.


And every day they are still busy finishing the dream of Gaudi.

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Battisses près de la gare d'Amsterdam.

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