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Just testing out my new Sigma 180macro lens ;)


Snap because its just like all my other Buggly shots! LoL!!

I don't think I'll ever tire of this kind of shot :)

a little surprise on a tulip


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Graaacias bugs =)!!!


I'm getting a little bored with the end result, but I just love the doing of the thing! This one was a one shot deal. I had my boys with me running wild and disturbing everything so I hung back in the hope of finding something to shoot, found this beast on a fence post, I went into Elmer Fudd mode and well, the result is here for all to see.

Recycled wooden clothes pegs, hand painted in animal prints, complete with buggly eyes.

This was a theatre backdrop...a HUGE print..

I never get tired of this snuggly buggly beagle buns :D

-->> Couldn't take it anymore. Down to the basics.. i purged more than half of my Star Wars toys to a good cause and cleaned my stuff up. Down to the basics and only the most favourite and special havn't been Purged by Darth Sideous ( tho' i think i purged him too ..)


♦ ♦


.. long before i fell in love with Jar Jar .. the buggly wolf-man Lak Sivrak and his worm girlfriend, Dice stood out in the weirdest couple of seconds in the original Star Wars. I loved those awkward few seconds in the catina FOREVER !!


Later i would read the story that showed that Lak and Dice Ibogen were real heroes ..and while the story was really weird, it was also really beutiful. Thye fought even on Hoth !!


And tho' both of them died ( Dice on Hoth .. and Lak died in the fight of Endor ).. in the end they became one with the force. They even got to hang out with the Spirits of Anakin, Yoda, and Obi Wan when the Ewoks were celebrating !!


My favourite !!


.. >v<

At Conestoga Mall to see Santa for the first time!

This is Gromit, the first man in my life I have successfully trained. If by successfully trained you mean he doesn't poo on the floor, but jumps on everyone he sees because he loves them so much, and can't be trusted off leash because he's a car chaser. Oh well. I still trained him with more success than any man I've dated. ; )


Gromit is four years old today. A pug breeder in NH also took in rescue dogs as a foster mom, and she had a house full of kids and fun dogs, and was fostering a Boston Terrier. A kid left a door open, a romantic interlude was had, and a handsome Pug got it on with the world's largest mutant Boston Terrier, and a litter of the six cutest accidental puppies ensued.


Gromit was the runt of the litter, and I shudder to think of how massive his siblings must be by now. When they were all 9 and 10 pounds, he was barely 5. Even at 8 weeks and 5 pounds, this dog could clear a room and make grown men cry with his gas. Pugs are foul little beasties. Gromit was also fond of shitting under my coworker Jeremy's desk, we called him the Phantom Shitter because we never actually caught him doing it, but there a giant load would appear as if by magic.


Gromit was a real bastard as a baby. Gromit ate a tube of diaper ointment. 2 pairs of prescription glasses. At least 2 remotes. 3 cell phones. 4 pairs of my dad's reading glasses (Grandpa isn't a very observant puppy-sitter). At least 1 joint. 1 container of seafood salad. All the feta cheese out of a summer cous cous at a dinner party I hosted. Countless pairs of underwear. And once, during my Christmas party, in a room full of over a dozen guests, he shat under my Christmas tree.


But he's a big boy now, and I love him dearly. Look at this face? How could you not love his lowland gorilla mug? His big dorky smile? His snaggle tooth? His enthusiasm for everyone who isn't wearing a motorcycle helmet? (We're still working on that, along with his fear of heights, stairs, doorbells, bubbles, and my ventriloquist's dummy. That thing scares the shit out of him.)


I wouldn't trade this uggly-buggly (intentionally misspelled uggly for creative purposes) for the world. Gas, bad manners, and all. He luckily doesn't eat things anymore, though he's not opposed to pulling a cardboard toilet paper tube out of the recycling. I can let that one slide. But I won't take any chances with fresh Christmas trees, just in case.


Happy Birthday, Gromit!

Snuggly buggly.

Testando a macro aqui no jardim de casa...

The surprisingly roomy boot

Birds eye view, I thought the back was a little ungainly but I couldn't do it any other way

-->> ..these are some of the more odd'er' pieces in my portfolio ..where during late night chats on the IM years ago i'd be limited to a manic state,a box of crayons and a roll of duct tape.. working directly from webcam pictures and digital shots of some of my best friends i made portraits of them combining the crayon work and digitally merging the drawing with the photo. I've created many of these. Some people have asked to see the raw Crayon pieces by themselves. I may show that someday i may not. I think the intent for these was to create a psudeo- digi piece.

.. i dunno .. this is my friend listening to Depeche Mode.



Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, 2010.


I made a conscious decision to concentrate on the spectators rather than the parade itself.

snuggly wuggly like a buggly!

Look at that face! The two tubes at the top were meant to be an intake but my dad though it would be better if they were horns and i though that was smarter

My lovely husband bought me new slippers on his birthday last week :o) My feet are so nice and snuggly buggly warm now..


Plus the baby can come now I have slippers! (I was worried about the baby coming and being in hospital with no slippers!!)

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