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Just testing out my new Sigma 180macro lens ;)


Snap because its just like all my other Buggly shots! LoL!!

a little surprise on a tulip


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Sleepycat, as usual.

She was a snuggly buggly yesterday when I got home.

I was sitting up, but she walked on to me and facebumped to let me know to lay back so she could nap on my shoulder.

If I move too much or try to move her, she peeps her disapproval and shock.

Sometimes, she gets indignant, stalks off, then eventually circles back and climbs back up for more hugs and sleep.

This was a theatre backdrop...a HUGE print..

Roof interior side

-->> Couldn't take it anymore. Down to the basics.. i purged more than half of my Star Wars toys to a good cause and cleaned my stuff up. Down to the basics and only the most favourite and special havn't been Purged by Darth Sideous ( tho' i think i purged him too ..)


♦ ♦


.. long before i fell in love with Jar Jar .. the buggly wolf-man Lak Sivrak and his worm girlfriend, Dice stood out in the weirdest couple of seconds in the original Star Wars. I loved those awkward few seconds in the catina FOREVER !!


Later i would read the story that showed that Lak and Dice Ibogen were real heroes ..and while the story was really weird, it was also really beutiful. Thye fought even on Hoth !!


And tho' both of them died ( Dice on Hoth .. and Lak died in the fight of Endor ).. in the end they became one with the force. They even got to hang out with the Spirits of Anakin, Yoda, and Obi Wan when the Ewoks were celebrating !!


My favourite !!


.. >v<

At Conestoga Mall to see Santa for the first time!

Front axle and engine details... Notice how i can't be bothered to colour co-ordinate

I think I am going to take a nap just right here

Opening the only dooe

Moshi the cat and Buggly

MC Buggly and Nutty nige ibbo hard at work in the studio working on lyrics for our next up and cumming single "piss flaps"

My lovely husband bought me new slippers on his birthday last week :o) My feet are so nice and snuggly buggly warm now..


Plus the baby can come now I have slippers! (I was worried about the baby coming and being in hospital with no slippers!!)

7-24-2011. He had a cold-type thing and was extra sleepy.

Im loving the small moments right after his nap when he is all snuggly buggly.


I asked him today, "do you want some juice?". He responded, "no, no. Howd (hold) me mama".

and the dead bird.. lol

ooooh im quite sleepy tonight, which is silly really seein as i dint exactly wake up early!! oh well.. last lie in tomoro til sunday.. boo :( holiday has gone too fast and iv done nothing lol

Actually today i started to put all my photos into albums :) its guna take me so long to do them all!! Was nice though looking through old pics of good times and things, seeing leopups baby piccys and remembering that whole time when we got him and he kept us (well los!) up at night teehee! :) probably one of my favourite times ever was when we got him :) ... still wish we cuda taken him to some mini shows like we always said we would if we had a pups.. oh well cant be thinking bout that now..

iv had a really nice night with los watched pirates 3 so im all up to date for numero 4!! :D and we had dominos hehe... also got to have nice snuggly buggly cuddleys with him which is somethin i miss the most.. and he smells so good... i love being able to still smell him after he's gone.. :) shh dont tell him though coz he'll think im weird... (er!) haha

anyways im guna go bed n try sleep before 3.30 tonight!! guten night!

Papa 'n me out 'n about.

No need for lights MC buggly is wearing the sun!


Product Features:

Contains bamboo fibre - silky soft, 60% more absorbent than pure cotton, with a natural antibacterial quality

Snugly buggly the warmest toddler towel you can buy

Sensibly big tons of fabric to wrap them right up

Encourages imaginative play

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