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Same place different day! This looks noisy on here, looks a lot cleaner on my own site and desktop.

I don't think I'll ever tire of this kind of shot :)

a little surprise on a tulip


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Graaacias bugs =)!!!


I'm getting a little bored with the end result, but I just love the doing of the thing! This one was a one shot deal. I had my boys with me running wild and disturbing everything so I hung back in the hope of finding something to shoot, found this beast on a fence post, I went into Elmer Fudd mode and well, the result is here for all to see.

At first I thought that the insect on the left is just another insect, till I counted the legs....

The one on the right is the real ant (or so i believe is an ant :p ), it does have a nice sheen to it, not the usual black/ red colour that we see.


The spider on the other hand, has exactly the same colour sheen and same twiggy legs, the only thing that gives it away is it's extra legs and the bigger head & buggly eyes.... I've read somewhere that some spiders choose to imitate an ant so that it gets protection from the ant colony.....


Both shots are taken from MacRitchie resevoir where I bitten by the black ants.... An Ant shot as requested from my valuable friend, jx :)


Thanks for your visits and comments my friends :)

Roof interior side

This was a theatre backdrop...a HUGE print..

I never get tired of this snuggly buggly beagle buns :D

-->> Couldn't take it anymore. Down to the basics.. i purged more than half of my Star Wars toys to a good cause and cleaned my stuff up. Down to the basics and only the most favourite and special havn't been Purged by Darth Sideous ( tho' i think i purged him too ..)


♦ ♦


.. long before i fell in love with Jar Jar .. the buggly wolf-man Lak Sivrak and his worm girlfriend, Dice stood out in the weirdest couple of seconds in the original Star Wars. I loved those awkward few seconds in the catina FOREVER !!


Later i would read the story that showed that Lak and Dice Ibogen were real heroes ..and while the story was really weird, it was also really beutiful. Thye fought even on Hoth !!


And tho' both of them died ( Dice on Hoth .. and Lak died in the fight of Endor ).. in the end they became one with the force. They even got to hang out with the Spirits of Anakin, Yoda, and Obi Wan when the Ewoks were celebrating !!


My favourite !!


.. >v<

At Conestoga Mall to see Santa for the first time!

'Snuggly Buggly' is Tyler's nickname when he is snuggly and warm in bed, specifically when the comforter is tucked around him.

The surprisingly roomy boot

Birds eye view, I thought the back was a little ungainly but I couldn't do it any other way

Flemish giant rabbit

Front axle and engine details... Notice how i can't be bothered to colour co-ordinate

Birds eye view of the interior without the roof

Lindsay and I finally decided that these reminded us strongly of Forrest, Buggly Bear's moose friend who tries to help him in "Buggly Bear's Hiccup Cure."

I think I am going to take a nap just right here

August 13, 2006. Yep - I said it - snuggluy buggly. Cute picture of Max and mom.


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