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""Have a Nice Weekend Friends..&THANKS""Take care and thank you so much for your visit.""


This butterfly appears to be very focused on sipping nectar atop this butterfly bush in Connecticut.

Stoked to be out fishing.

The quatermass dangerous alien....;-)

Um simpático pequeno gafanhoto curtindo o domingo!!

Bom domingo à todos....!!!


new hair by Truth; new skin by Glam Affair (Collabor88); new laurel leaves crown + lariat gem chain necklace by Yummy (Collabor88); new wings by LaGyo (Collabor88); new dress by u.f.o. (Collabor88); new white leather cord bracelets & watch by Mandala (Collabor88); new mini Pan doll by MishMish (Collabor88); new amber charm necklace & rose gold screws earrings by Bliensen + Maitai; pose by Le Poppycock; eyes by Ikon

These guys followed each other around for about a half hour. It was very far had to crop a lot.

I know I don't get as many views or comments or faves as your other wonderful and more exciting stuff, but it's been awhile, don't you think? And, by the way, I believe I saw a snow shovel in the garage. It looked to be a bit rusty, but you might give it a go at some point even though your general attitude is that April should take care of it. Some of us more delicate types can't just throw on a pair of boots over our paws and slog through all this.

Fameshed Loot

Ascend Silvester Joggers

Deadwool Lorenzo Shirt

Equal Mitch Chelsea Boots

Jian Ragdoll Cat

Culprit Whaley Sofa


The ladybird is definitely a friend. I would like to address it as her since her common name is 'lady'. Her scientific name is Harmonia conformis. Although she is a predator, she is a reliable friend who will comb will garden's pests.An adult lady bird can consume 2500 aphids during her lifetime. I learned that ladybirds are sensitive to environmentally-friendly insecticides such as pyrethrum or garlic spray, these will kill them. (info from :

Photo focus stacked from 12 exposures, not cropped.

To watch my macro videos, please check out the link below:

Taken at the London Zoo.

Fuchsia buds.. just waiting for some sun..


Thanks for taking a look.. have a super evening..

Curious little Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher seemingly not quite sure of what to make of an intruder in its domain.


Common and abundant.

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Food hunt for the Queen

Most all baby creatures are sweet.... and ducklings are no exception. Here are two I photographed while they sunned themselves on a rock. I love the shadows of their bill and head.


I hope you all have a fabulous Wednesday!


FP & Explore #3 - Thank you everyone!

understand each other........




A bud on one of the clematis flowers in the garden. I've given this a texture out of interest more than anything else. I'd never noticed how hairy the buds on this clematis were until I took this shot.


Looks even hairier in Lightbox :)


We've had generation after generation of black squirrels bringing up their families in the birch tree in our front garden. They are so much fun to watch and become quite unconcerned when we're around. This one sits in the tree and chastises the dogs when they get too close. LOL ... She's a feisty one for sure:-)


Thank you for your visits and kind comments dear friends and visitors, they are all appreciated.


Wishing you all a happy week ahead:-))) xx

Thanks to everyone who takes the time to view, comment, and fave my photo.


Uh ha! I just finished filling the bird feeder when I peeped out & saw this little bandit trying to get at the bird seed.

If we have someone to hold on to, we can better endure Old Man Winter's biting chill. Stay close, hold on, and enjoy the view of the changing sun.

Red rose buds on display. Not in a very creative mood today. Thought this was cheery for a sunny Friday.

A snowy Owl takes a defensive posture as a Peregrine falcon descends towards it for a confrontation. As much as they harass the owls they do coexist together in the NE.

Hanging on in the wind at West Creek Reservation.

Troy is just a little less mobile these days, but is always ready to hang with his buddies.

My Girl Dez and I... <3 your face beautiful

This is part of a large group of pelicans I photographed around sunset while in Tanzania. It was a lot of fun watching them interact for about an hour. The image was take at Lake Manyara National Park.



A budding rhododendron flower taken in our garden in Bexhill-on-Sea....

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I watch others change their icons, and wonder if, after more than two years, it's time for a change. What do you think of this one? Or any other suggestions?


View On Black


Recognise this one? Reminder.


Please don't CENSOR -- It's really not RUDE!!


On Rob's suggestion I'm flipping it every now and again.

Created for Kreative People's "Kitchenalia" contest.

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