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i am getting into this finger painting - i havent done that since i was 5 !!! but i don't get so messy :-)

my son-in-law said i may keep the ipad for another week - is he mad ??

i will have to hide it and hope he forgets i have got it :-))))))

"painting" is done with the Brushes app for iPad, and me !


So. What if?


fingerpainted on an iPad

Lacking my own inspiration I'm inspired by Roy's photos for reference. See here,

Painted on iPad



I will always thank Roy for for so many photos to inspire me!

See Roy's ref. photo here


Painted on brushes on ipad for the show "A healing touch".

Another do-over of an old iPhone painting. iPad-Br/iC

Inspired by Muybridge

The legs follow the same basic pattern of his "Running Man".

painted in Brushes on the Ipad

painted in Brushes on the Ipad

sketched on iPad with Brushes app

Fabric Lenny is at it again. He has organised a superb mash with 6-7 year old pupils from the Hoyland School in Yorkshire. Congrats to Frankie for giving my such a great drawing to work from!!


You can read more about here on Fabric Lenny's blog.

I did this a while back and thought I needed to play around with it some more. I like the concept of bring grace to mechanical things. We tend not to associate grace and AI.


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TypeDrawing, Brushes, FountainPen, Pollock, JuxtaPoser. Copyright © 2009 Matthew Seydel Connors.

Portrait of Yevgenia Watts (Arxigene) drawn for the Julia Kay's Portrait Party at


Yevgenia's photos and other artists' portraits of her at


Yevgenia's artwork at

iPad painting. By Paper app.

This is the latest instalment of the piece. The more I have pushed it the more I realise that I have been able to deal with this idea of memory, and how it works...i.e. in 'Ulysese' by James Joyce - it is totally groundbreaking as it dealt with how the mind works, how you think about things, and how ideas and memories get mixed up. I've tried to play with this a bit, and have loved the process. It's kind of come together like a jigsaw.


Don;t know how far I can push this, but will know when it is finished...and yes this could be it....but I'll sleep on on it and come back with fresh eyes.


Artist polusladkaia | Beth Van Faasen Bethker drawn for the JKPP.

Photos and other portraits of polusladkaia

Polusladkaia's art:


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