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The view in the opposite direction to the previous shot.


Brush Creek in Kansas City.


Every time I turn around there's something else neat to photograph in Kansas City!

Brushes and textures from Cheryl Tarrant, , and Cary Larrabee textures.


a dead car factory in the background.

On a dark day .. I found a patch of yellow generously sprinkled with Red berries .. and I thought "wow brush fire"

A view of the Wingham Brush from the little town of Wingham in NSW, Australia. Thanks for viewing, hope you like it.. via 500px

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A shot I've done before but I like the textures created by the choice of shutter - like brush strokes on canvas!

Messing about in the garden with a 50mm ens.



last evening walk, hand held

of course I was searching the brushing natural effect...


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Wire brush with very shallow DOF and selected focus - shot for Macro Mondays - Abstract in Macro. Only basic post processing applied in Lightroom for brightness / contrast adjustments and split toning for colouring.

Brush Creek Falls

Brush Creek State Park

New River Gorge, WV


This is from my recent visit to the New River Gorge, this is the first time I had visited this fall. The first couple of days we really had to battle the sun at times we just sat and waited for the clouds to roll over to give us just a little better light.

I really had a great time meeting some new friends and getting together with some old friends, already looking forward to heading back down this fall.


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The centerpiece of a beautiful flower in my mother's garden. Taken with my Canon 5D MkIII.


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I am so excited... I feel like I accomplished something today. I keep seeing all these really cute business cards and Christmas photo cards around... and the more I looked at them, the more I thought "Hey! I could make that in Photoshop!" The only problem is... I don't know anything about photoshop. :-(


But... there is this cool invention called YouTube! You can learn anything on the you tubes!!! So I've been busy googleing... and watching videos... and By Gum... I've almost got it!


I am stuck right now on trying to make a curved line of dots. i know... something that sound so simple... but I can't seem to get the brushes to work with me. Instead they seem to have a mind of their own... they want to scatter dots all over or run them so close together that it's just a line... not the dotted line I want.


Guess it's back to Google and YouTube for me.


I'm open to suggestion by the way... if you have any idea how you can help PLEASE feel free to say so!

And hospitals. Lots of hospitals.

Explore 07-22-09

not the brush i painted this canvas with (((:

nevertheless i discovered this Beautiul Old Brush among my tools and wanted to take photo of it -

here it is lying on the canvas i'm presently working on!


Eu gosto muito de criar brushes.

São carimbos feitos para o Photoshop.

Eles podem ser usar sobre fotos, folhas, texturas, etc.

E podem ser carimbados na cor que vc desejar.


This photo was taken for the Macro Mondays Group, Theme - Brush

Paint brushes – Five paint brushes with different colors on black background. Strobe : 2 * 1/16 front left and right triggered by cactus V5.

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Western Maryland 729 (the temporarily renumbered WMSR 734) poses for a night portrait at Brush Tunnel during Pete Lerro's Fall 2013 photo special.


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©Rob Dowsley


One Strobe fired from directly above camera. Triggered with a Pocketwizard FlexTT5

White cards on both sides.

View large on black


© 2012 Werner Schnell - All rights reserved !


I've put the piece I wrote about Inking online


1 AB 1600 w/ shoot thru umbrella

painted in Brushes on the Ipad

Canon 40D

Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 Macro USM

a pretty pink tulip closeup taken with the vase of flowers sitting on my kitchen window-box with the sunlight pouring into the window..I also used my external flash and beamed it up and to the side of the flower


Used JP Flypaper Texture "Brushed Rose" definitely a favorite of mine in "soft light" mode at 100% opacity.


Practicing with my almost invisible brushes.

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