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Piccadilly Circus tube station. It's not normally this quiet...

Shore bird ... assateague island... texture by Ellenvd

Just wandering about in the garden...

Portrait of a young female kudu, Kruger National Park, South Africa


Photograph :copyright: Gerda van Schalkwyk. All rights reserved.

Two partners in crime, these black-tailed deer fawns are just beginning to sample Mother Nature's green buffet. The deer in my neighborhood must be pretty well nourished because twin fawns are not that unusual.

Forget Chrome, Edge, Opera and Firefox, this is my preferred browser, the eyelashes alone send me weak at the knees. I saw this beauty in Botswana's Chobe National Park.




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A pair of giraffes browse the bush for some late snacks as the sun sets in Chobe. Although hard to see in the dim light, the giraffe on the left is the male, with smooth ossicones, and his companion is female, with tufts of hair on hers.

so true @Suzen Juel


Happy Fence Friday! Is the new Flickr holding you back? Though they got it to work on IE8, it's still very slow and sticky. So I've got Firefox, too which works a lot better, but still isn't perfect because it won't show any of the videos for me. I have to use IE8 to see any videos. So, to make Flickr work, I've got to keep two browsers open now. What about you? How do you like it so far? :-)))


Thank you to Nasos3 for your texture!


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At the Wordsworth Bookshop, Penrith, Cumbria

Short Sands Beach, Oswald West State Park, Oregon Coast - May 2017.

FP4+ 125 @ 200 in d76 1+1.

A Teneral Azure Damselfly at rest on a web, it wasn't actually in any danger, as it wasn't actually snared and I didn't see any spiders near by, this one did end up on my hand for a few close ups a bit later and then went happily on its way :)

Cannon Beach, Oregon - May 2017.

TMAX 400 @ 800 in d76 1+1.

A bee mimicking fly feasts on a buttercup...


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Detailed nail designs of the popular web browsers

You can just tell that this gentleman loves to spend his Saturday mornings at the bookstore browsing in his favorite chair.

Always, seeing what you see, is such a joy, pleasure and education to me! But to actually see you, well, that's a rare treat! Recently, I had the wonderful opportunity of meeting Shelby! She is well on her way to completing a 52 week photo scavenger hunt for Cliche Saturday group. One item on her list was a flickr-meet-up! So we did just that! Shelby and I - and hubby too - arranged a meet-up at Mayakka River State Park, near Sarasota, Florida, last month. A lot of fun mixing yack-yack with snap-snap and making a new friendship! What a great time we had! Thank you, Shelby!


One shared highlight was climbing a 74ft high Canopy Walk - only about a dozen like this world-wide. You can walk through the tree tops and look out to the pathway below or through the forest and trees ahead of you or at your side, at tree-top level. Oddly, we found the birds scarce that day, and my canopy shots were disappointing; however, as we climbed stairs, thanks to Shelby's observant eye, I have this to share! She has a fantastic version of the spider in her stream among many other photographic gems! Hope you will take a little hike over to Shelby's Trail at and enjoy her keen eye, creativity, and wonderful sense of humor!


Pressing L is fun - jump back! ;-)


EXPLORE - October 30, 2011

Cannon Beach, Oregon - May 2017.

T-Max 400 @ 800 in d76 1+1.

Beautiful woman reclining on a tile floor, surfing the internet outdoors on the Caribbean island of Tobago, Trinidad and Tobago.


Something warm for this cold winter.


:copyright: All rights reserved

A potential buyer looking at some antiquarian prints in one of the many fascinating shops in Cecil Court, just off Charring Cross Road in London. This is 3 exposures with -1+ stops bracketing, then Photomatix for HDR and tonemapping, and finally Photoshop for the finishing touches.

With all the hype behind Google Chrome Browser, I cant imagine how could those guys miss this.

One the left hand side part of the pic: Thats how Flickr shows the picture in Google Chrome.

One the right hand side part of the pic: Thats how Flickr shows the picture in Firefox 3.xx with "Color Management" plugin installed and colorvision defined profile selected.


Wow, google wants to capture multimedia based industry with this product.

It was nice to see that not everyone in Tokyo Is fixated on their smart phone screen. Seen in a used book store along Rokugo Street in Hatagaya


Lately I have been trying to use the GRD3 spot focus feature to capture quick candids

Brooklyn Neighborhood, Portland, Oregon - July 2017

Agfa Vista 200.

How many leaf you can imagine in this shot ? :-)


Il y a combien de feuilles que vous pourriez imaginer dans cette photo ?


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See original size on black.

Just an old fashioned "Web browser"

Photo by my dad.


Division Street, Portland, Oregon - March 2017.

Tri-X @ 1600 in D76 1+1.

Shot on a Zenit 3M, Helios-44 58/2 and Agfa Precisa CT100 cross-processed.


Blog post on using expired old-school Agfa Precisa on the Zenit 3M.


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