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bringing this back around for the macromonday theme of

oil and/or water, as i am not sure i'll get one shot that i love

for the theme for today!!


9/22/11... yep, i was in the fruits and veggies aisle this morning.

and they must have just misted......



scavchal veggie


Just got an invite for one of my sprouting broccoli images to a Wellness part of IGPOTY exhibition this year in New York Botanical Garden. Pretty chaffed :)

And this is a different one taken the same day. Should have changed the angle a bit while taking this photos. Would be lovley if not for the cropped top but showing it anyway as I like the colours ;-)


Wishing you lots of yummy pancakes and a lovley day today !!

ブロッコリー  Brassica oleracea var. italica

Broccoli... again?


I think I'm ready for something new to happen.

I couldn't build a tree house for my son so I built him a broccoli house instead.

Broccoli + balsa wood + craft knife + glue


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Processed with VSCO with a2 preset

Broccoli with romanesco and radishes on a dark background, still life with vertical composition


A little farfalle and broccoli with some parmesan cheese, a little wine...


Have a great weekend everyone!

Broccoli cream soup with basil and ham

Still Life Composition; ©2011 DianaLee Photo Designs

Yeah - First pic from 2015!! Eight image focus stack of a piece of Broccoli, shot with a Micro-Nikkor 55mm f2.8 Nikon lens and blended with CS5. Lighting was with a couple of strobes one to each side of the camera. I converted to B&W with Nik Silver Efex Pro.


I think flickr limits the viewable size to 2048 pixels but looks best large, really large.


Mary( ) - Broccoli at last, and soooooooo many possibilities!!!!!


Happy Macro Monday!

a fresh salad. (groundhog)

A detail shot of a broccoli.

Taken on Kodak e100vs, Linhof Kardan Master TL + 150mm


check out this shot on my blog:

The flowers of broccoli


A friend of mine told me last week that he hates broccoli.I laughted and this idea just popped into my mind.

This shoot was funny because I could hardly find any broccoli here.

p.s.: I cooked my first broccoli soup/cream/something :)


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with croutons and bacon

I put out some broccoli heads and the Ruffed Grouse loves it...taken in our backyard...


Is that chinese for "Pimp"?

Known more commonly as Romanesco broccoli this vegetable has a self-similar appearence giving it the look of a natural fractal.

i had this for dinner tonight and made sure to save some for lunch tomorrow.. simply delicious..


roasted broccoli, kalamata olives, walnuts and roasted red peppers with whole wheat penne in a roasted garlic and lemon dressing..


everyday food recipe can be found here:

Backyard broccoli crop close up.


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A floret of purple sprouting broccoli.

Great with our Sunday roast to-day. So good, it's worth at least two of our five a day!!

California-grown broccoli from the Jack London Square Farmers' Market.

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