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Pattullo Bridge is located in the Metro Vancouver area of New Westminster, BC Canada


This image was taking during the afternoon rush hour. The sunset was brilliant. There was a large double rainbow to the north, at one point it was raining with sunshine at the same time.


The Pattullo Bridge is a through arch bridge that spans the Fraser River, connecting New Westmister, BC on the north bank to Surrey, BC on the South.

The bridge was constructed between 1936–1937.

Named in the honour of Thomas Dufferin Pattullo, a former premier of British Columbia.

The bridge's base is constructed of wood.

The Pattullo bridge is said to handle an average of 67,000 cars and 3400 trucks daily.

The total length of the bridge is 1,227 meters (4,026 ft)


The bridge below is a train bridge, and the bridge behind is for the commuter sky train.

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I always desired to take a photo of the Brooklyn bridge because, since I was a child, I've always seen its shape on an famous brand of an italian chewing gum. As a mythical landmark in my mind, I've ever desired to frame it by night, under his enormous span. The cold wind I've suffered has been a fair tribute for the the result achieved: in a single long exposition I've got the Manhattan Bridge and the Empire State Building decorated for XMas. The title is inspired to a famous Rolling Stones album according to the fact that in New York more than 800 languages are spoken, like in a modern Babylon.


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Le pont du 25-Avril (ou pont 25-Avril) est le premier pont suspendu au-dessus du Tage, à Lisbonne, au Portugal.

En 1960, encore sous la dictature de Salazar, la décision est prise de faire un pont sur le Tage. Cette tâche est confiée aux Américains de l’American Bridge avec l’aide de onze sociétés locales1. L'acier provient de la United States Steel Export Company. Les travaux débutent deux ans plus tard et en moins de quatre ans le pont est prêt avec six mois d'avance le 6 août 1966, jour de son inauguration. Le pont est nommé pont Salazar, homme fort du pays. Mais tout de suite après la révolution des œillets, on le renomme pont du 25-Avril, jour de la révolution.


Vue au niveau du fleuve

Les plans du pont du 25 avril sont inspirés du pont Bay Bridge, entre San-Francisco et Oakland en Californie. Il s'agit d'un pont suspendu ancré au sol avec tabliers à deux niveaux en poutres à treillis1. La Société américaine de génie civil mentionne que les deux ponts se trouvent dans une région avec une longue histoire de séismes et que cela a été pris en compte dans leur construction. Le pont du 25 avril ressemble également au Golden Gate de San-Francisco ainsi qu'au pont sur le Forth d'Édimbourg.

À son inauguration, le pont était le plus long pont suspendu et celui ayant la plus longue travée principale d'Europe continentale. Il avait également le plus long treillis continu et les plus profondes fondations au monde. Il était le cinquième plus long pont suspendu du monde, le plus long hors des États-Unis, et est toujours en 2008, le 19e.

Les dimensions du pont sont1 :

La travée principale est de 1012,88 mètres ;

La longueur totale du pont est de 2277,64 mètres ;

Le tirant d'air à l'endroit le plus élevé du tablier est de 70 mètres ;

Les piliers culminent à 190,47 mètres au-dessus du niveau de la mer, ce qui fait de ce pont la deuxième construction la plus haute du Portugal ;

Le câble principal a un diamètre de 58,6 centimètres ;

Les fondations du pilier sud plongent à 79,3 mètres de profondeur.


This image shows how man made objects can be used to explore and experiment with landscape photography. The sun was low enough to enhance the shadows of the arches and gentle enough not to overwhelm.

Explored on 21 Aug 2013 #4

I couldn't resist the opportunity to get out of the house with a friend last night. We went for a sunset shot but that didn't work out. Glad we stuck around though, I wasn't expecting these super reflections from the lights on the Severn Bridge.

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London Bridge.


I was here taking some mono daytime long exposure images, Day ran into night then wham! they switched the lights on. The whole sceen was lit up like a christmas tree, it would of been rude not to shoot it, so here are the results.


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A shot of the Runcorn / Widnes bridge taken because I couldn't sleep in the hot hotel room; I ended up getting early and this was the result .. Can't say as I was too bothered after that, one of my personal favourites.


(Although, I've got a feeling I'll never be able to match the quality and popularity of this photo, it's kind of like my own personal Sgt. Pepper :-/ )

Bridge in the town of Lefkada island, Greece.

The Rialto Bridge is the most famous of the bridges that cross the Grand Canal. In this area, which originally housed the food market, there has always been a canal crossing, at first, a simple bridge of boats, and later a real wooden bridge, made from two inclined ramps with a mobile section in the middle, in order to allow the passage of ships.

The current Rialto Bridge, a stone arch, was constructed under the supervision of Antonio da Ponte, between 1588 and 1591. The construction was made difficult by the conditions of instability and by the height of the sea bottom. The structure, very similar in style to the previous wooden bridge, is formed by two inclined ramps, with shops on each side, covered by a portico.



Back from Venice. Classic Rialto Bridge shot during blue hour.

Perfect weather during the day lead to clear skies at the end of the day.




Technical Details;

Camera; Canon EOS 1Ds mkIII

Lens; Canon 70-200m/m 2.8L IS USM

Exposure; 30 sec

Aperture; f16

Filter; none


Tripod; Gitzo 3541L

Ballhead; RRS BH-55 with B2 AS II clamp



Image is under Copyright by Henk Meijer.

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Bay Bridge


San Francisco


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Nikon D800

NIkon 24-70mm

ISO - 200



30 sec -(1 EV)


Design inspiration and support from Jerry Ranch (JerrysEYES)


This bridge often, overlooked by the bridges of Madison County and much further east of them, is the Hammond Covered Bridge, just south of Indiana, Iowa in Marion County. It can be caught early morning with little crowds, however if very rainy or flooded times of year, it may not be accessible.

Old bridge over river Asnes, Ferreirós do Dão, Tondela, Portugal

The Bonhill Bridge spans the River Leven at Alexandria, West Dunbartonshire. It's known locally as the Rainbow Bridge.


The River Leven (Uisge Leamhna in Gaelic) is a stretch of water in West Dunbartonshire, Scotland, flowing from Loch Lomond in the North to the River Clyde in the South. The total length of the river is approximately six miles and is very popular with salmon and sea trout anglers, trying to catch one of these migratory fish going up to Loch Lomond.


The Vale of Leven is a collection of communities in the northern part of the river, whilst the town of Dumbarton sits at the southern end.

Dumbarton Castle sits at the confluence of the river with the Clyde. The Leven is a relatively short river but is the second fastest flowing river in Scotland, after the River Spey.



Collective Soul - Where the River Flows

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No-Man’s-Lands Journal Day 11 (Travel Diary Day 277)


The Millennium Bridge, Newcastle


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There are millions of pictures of Calgary's Peace Bridge. I am adding a few more.


When I read 52 Places to Go in 2014 in the New York Times and saw Calgary's Peace Bridge as part of its entry as number 17, I knew I wanted to attempt capturing the Peace Bridge, too. I really like Chris Bolin's photograph.


I just noticed that the lights along the bottom right hand side are dark. That is, they are not lit. I guess that adds to the photograph in making it more interesting.


My friend Bernie also has an excellent picture of the Peace Bridge, which I encourage you to visit.




Location: Near Peace Bridge in Calgary, Alberta

Date: Sunday, 27 September 2014

Time: 19:54

Aperture: ƒ8

Duration: 1/2.5 second

ISO: 100

Mode: AV

Exposure Compensation: bracketed shot with -1 stop

Focal Length: 24 mm

Camera: Canon EOS 50D

Lens: Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L IS USM

Lat: 51°3'15.498"N

Long: 114°4'46.748"W

Altitude: 1046m

Frame: 1544

Software: Photoshop CC

Copyright: © 2014 Kevin H. Stecyk

Other equipment: Gitzo Tripod, Garmin Oregon 550T

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This bridge spans a narrows on Kooteny Lake, British Columbia and serves as the gateway from the North to the town of Nelson.

From Fort point in San Francisco City. It was beautiful at sunset with low fog and burning colors. Went all the way, crossed the barricade (very slippery and dangerous). Setup the tripod and took few shots

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The Kessock Bridge in Inverness in black and white, shot just after dawn.

Tower Bridge

Another view of the magnificent Tower Bridge over the Thames in London from the #london14pw Photowalk with +Gordon Laing

Looking north on the Foss Waterway at the 509 Bridge and downtown Tacoma, Washington.

Millennium Bridge looking towards St Pauls Cathedral

100 second exposure to allow the people to fade away


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Three Bridges visible in this image cross the East-River; the Williamsburg Bridge, The Manhattan Bridge and the Brooklyn Bridge in the foreground.


The Williamsburg Bridge is a suspension bridge in New York City across the East River connecting the Lower East Side of Manhattan with the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn near the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway.


The Manhattan Bridge is a suspension bridge that crosses the East River in New York City.

Connecting Lower Manhattan with Brooklyn.


The Brooklyn Bridge is one of the oldest suspension bridges in the United States. Completed in 1883, it connects the boroughs of Manhattan and Brooklyn by spanning the East River.


This image was taken from the South Street Seaport Pier in Lower Manhattan.


Creative License.


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Copyright ©Maria Gemma June, 2014, All Rights Reserved, Worldwide.

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8 shot HDR image taken underneath Blackfriars Bridge on The River Thames, London.

8mm Samyang Fish Eye lens.

Early morning on the bridge that crosses from Maryland into West Virginia. This is a railroad bridge that has the Appalachian Trail pedestrian bridge attached that crosses at Harpers Ferry.


The red light in the scene is from one of the railroad warning lights. It added some neat ambiance to the scene :)

Shot in sunset, at West gate Bridge, Melbourne

Vasabron (Swedish: "The Vasa Bridge") is a bridge over Norrström in central Stockholm, Sweden connecting Norrmalm to the Old Town, the old city.


The bridge is, unintelligibly, named after King Gustav Vasa (1496-1560), perhaps Because of the vicinity to the statue of the king in front of the House of Knights. From Vasabron a much smaller bridge, Strömsborgsvägen Bridge, connects to the islet Strömsborgsvägen.

Tower Bridge during blue hour.


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Another shot from the Photo 24 London.

Opened in June 2002 this architectural marvel was shut almost immediately after an unexpected swaying motion set in when participants of a charity walk tried to open it. Londoners nicknamed it the 'wobbly bridge'. It didn't re-open for a further two years while modifications were made to eliminate the problem, (huge steel dampers were added to the structure). The bridge crosses the Thames in front of St Paul's Cathedral and was the subject of a competition organised by Southwark Council & RIBA Competitions. The winning entry was an innovative "blade of light" effort from Arup, Foster & Partners and Sir Anthony Caro. More info here if you're interested including the cause of the infamous wobble.,_London.


7 exp hdr +3 to -3 with pp in acr, photomatix, photoshop, topaz de-noise and topaz clarity.


Just found out this shot has won the Photo 24 London Best Building Image! To say I'm shocked is something of an understatement. How apt is that avatar of mine!

A bridge in the woods in Nant Gwynant in Snowdonia at the weekend.


Explored! Thanks everyone.

The rail bridge on the north end of Saskatoon, Canada. A popular spot for walkers and runners.

Tower Bridge is my favorite landmark of London and since I first saw it I wanted to make a decent picture of it. Finally this year I (and London's weather) made it possible .


Gear: Nikon D800, Nikkor 24-70mm f2.8, tripod.


Processing: manual blending using several exposures. Color and contrast adjustments in Nik Color Efex 4.


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First time I've photographed these bridges funnily enough! Weather wasn't ideal for LE work but I'll definitely be back for a moodier shot another time.


Thanks for looking :-)


Best viewed large on black (Press 'L')


Canon 5D Mk II

Canon 17-40mm

Lee 10 stop ND

Lee 0.9 soft grad

f16 @ ISO 100 for 125 secs @ 17mm


A bridge within a bridge within a bridge...

Took a short train journey out of Edinburgh to travel across the iconic Forth Rail Bridge and a magnificent structure it is too.

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"Everything was for tomorrow, but tomorrow never came. The present was only a bridge and on this bridge they are still groaning, as the world groans, and not one idiot ever thinks of blowing up the bridge."

Henry Miller


Photographic Memory: Pennsylvania Series #2


* Pentax K20D + Pentax 18-55mm Lens - 3 Shot HDR


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Approaching Tower bridge on boat ride down the Thames.

The Vincent Thomas Bridge, located at the Port of Los Angeles in San Pedro, California, measures 1500 feet in length and is the 4th largest bridge in California.


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Happy Fence Friday ... this is a nice fishing deck at Fort Armistead that has the pretty Baltimore Marine Terminal area and the Francis Scott Key Bridge as a backdrop.

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