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Scene is of Band of Brothers mini-series, Carentan.

I had a lot of fun at Brickfair.

I got to meet Ross(MGF) and Luke(LBLP). I saw Banzai, Will, Badger, John_0515, Dan Siskind, and Brian Fitzimmons(Brian Bricks). John_0515 was nice enough to give me an M16 proto, and an AA12(Orange thing next to the M16). Will gave me a SABR shotgun, shotgun shell, and a tec 9 in the briefcase. I got 3 brownings, and 2 grease guns, and a Western Marshall. The browninds are brass. They were the only ones that I found. Well, they might of had other brownings over by where Victor(EclipseGrafx) was selling his stuff. And, special thanks to Victor for getting me a free ticket. (Don't bug him about it. That was a special thing that he did for a few people that were going to Brickfair today.) On another note, Badger's voice was higher than I thought it would be. :) Thank you Will, Badger, John_0515, and Victor. Surprisingly the Mafia gangster was sold out already. :/ Legoboy? But at least I got one figure. :) Sadly, I wasn't able to talk to Badger. :/ But some people did like my shirt! The blue shirt with a picture of George Bush. Saying, "Miss me yet? How's that hopey-changey thing working out for ya?" :D Also, I'm pretty sure that either Trestin(No idea who he is.) or DeanLego called me a nazi. That is really offensive to some people. I do have a sudden earge to block DeanLego now.

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My portion of the Silent Seaboard Collaboration at Brickfair VA this year. (The Three buildings/ Road/Snow in front is mine)


This whole collaboration came together quite nice this year, considering we came up with it about 2 weeks before the con.


Thanks again to Will for sponsoring our Collaboration!

I just got back from Brickfair AL and I must say, I had a blast! It was so much fun seeing all the cool things ppl broght and to get to see old friends and chat away.


With in the next week or so ill be uploading photos of my displays.



Assorted pictures taken of Mocs on display at Brickfair 2011. Mocs are by many different creators.

These are the prototypes/rares I got from brickfair. THANKS BADGER AND JOHN AND WILL!



Something I liked at BrickFair VA, a Lego fan convention at the Dulles Expo Center in Chantilly, VA on the weekend of August 3 and 4, 2014.

Hey all! Andrew and I will be at Brickfair NJ this year! We'd be delighted if we could meet some of you guys, so if you're going, let us know in the comments so we will know to look for you! Our creation will (most likely) be in the Space area as shown on the Map


This will be our first convention that we've ever been to, and we know we'll have a blast!


What you see in the photo is for the MiniCon.

G.I. Brick Contest Entry

A great last-minute idea by Sir Haymar AKA JBIronWorks. Collection of characters from Lands of Classic Castle online forum, on Mark of Falworth and Brother Steven's truly awesome Everard Lodge MOC, which they happily brought to Brickfair 2013.

Some new Germans! The Panzer troop has a super fancy new Combatbrick garrison cap!!!


Public Exhibition: August 4-5, 2012

Dulles Expo Center; Chantilly, Virginia

"Rogue Wave" diorama I built for BrickFair this year. Probably my favorite build to date. I didn't have time to properly photograph it before heading to Dulles, and was planning on doing so when I got home. Alas, the suffering hell that is I-95 demanded sacrifice and a rogue pothole caused collapse of the wave face. Not sure if I have it in me to rebuild, so, here it is.

So Brickfair was probably one of the funnest and most hectic days of my life! I was able to meet up with tons of Flickr members and friends like Ross (michaelmgf), David (Legoboy12345678), Austin (Legomacerets23), Luke (LBLP), Noah (Deanlego), Viktor (EclipseGrafx), Roku, SergeantFudge, Chef, and many more! Not only that, me only being a person going on public days, I was able to get 12 Protos! That made my day and Will and Badger are probably the most generous and friendly people in the Lego community! Well that's about it, I will have pictures up soon, and good news is that I will be an exhibitor next year! So that will be sweet. Here are some people I wish to thank a lot!

1. Badger and Will of course :)

2. Luke- Without him, I would not know how to get......... well you know

3. My brother who helped in the process :)

Rebuilding Society........friends? My Fav fig :3

Ahhhh, finally a HD pic of this stuff. :P Any way, please check out my loot vid on youtube to check out what i got.

FIRST the proto's are NEVER for trade

that said I had a good time at brickfair and like i heard

badger is a very generous person!

things that are not in the picture:

BM priest

a lot of bricks


to Done: do you want a browning or/and a grease gun (color?)

lego major same question ^

panzy boe I have the gangster for you :) do you want a browning / grease gun

The family and I had a lot of fun at Brickfair today! The parts above are from Brick Affliction, eclipseGrafx and Minifigs4U. There were a lot of great parts and minifigs at the event, but more importantly, there were some great people. I really enjoyed meeting people and seeing some great MOCs in person.


Andrew (Brick Affliction) is there with an awesome display that includes many of the most recent (and unreleased) sculpted sets all in one place. He has several of these in stock at the show. Over at the eclipseGrafx table Victor has some individual parts available that are usually only included on full minifigs.


If you are going to the show on Sunday be sure to stop by and support these guys!


I know, terrible picture. I'll have a close up on all my protos soon.


Besides that, BrickFair was fun and I met a decent amount of people like: Trestiin (LegoManiac), Chris (LegoStarWarsTV), Noah (DeanLego), and Luke (LBLP). I also saw Cam. M, Chef, Legomacerets23, Michaelmgf, and Legoboy.


Bet best of all, I met Badger and Will from BrickArms. Both are generous and fun to be a round with. Thanks both for the awesome protos!


None are for trade, unless I say so. Kthxbai.

In honor of the Captain America movie that just came out, I will be displaying my Captain America fig on my badge. Stop by and say hello!

What could this be? A build from me?! (That rhymed phenomenally and unintentionally)


It's good to be building again. I've got some cool builds coming out for Brickfair VA 2014. I'm done with college for the summer, but I will be getting a job soon.


Sorry for the quality of this photo, I need a new camera.


But really... What is this? ;)


Stay tuned for more updates!


Let me know what you think!




I built this trophy for BrickFair back in August, and ended up winning it myself. The Neo Classic Space Robot Command Center won.

Scene is from Band of Brothers mini-series, Carentan.


Day 1:

Today was pretty chaotic. When I wasn't rebuilding stuff I was just strolling around and looking at things so not a lot happened. I did get a chance to meat most of the NA Collab guys in person as well as Bricknave!


I ended up having to set up in the second TV/Movie/Book section because of how fast the first one filled up, also because of that I'm wedged in between two clone bases, err yeah. Also I have no clue where the hell I supposed to sit when the public comes since you are either blocking the view of the MOCs or in the way of the public walk ways, so that's just great. Hopefully tomorrow will be a bit more chill.


Day 2:

Today was quite a bit more lax which is good but I didn't get to do much with my parents dragging me all over the place. I did get to say hi to Steve The Squid and I got to meet with MichealMGF.


I did buy some stuff mostly Bionicle but I had a hard time finding something interesting that wasn't fig accessories so that kinda sucked. That's all that happened, like I said its pretty lax.


Day 3:

The first day of the public! I started off the day by sitting in front of my MOCs but it got pretty annoying with having all the people going by looking at the MOCs and it just felt like I was in the way. Whoever designed the layout for that table should be fired. After leaving my MOCs out of annoyance I decided to just go hang out with Sean behinds NA, there I met The Brick Charge, MandRproductions, BrixCustoms. JPO97Studios and Pexus also came by later who were cool to meet. I also met Kyle Peckham who unfortunately was only able to go on Saturday but he showed me some of his Zoids and we talked for a bit which was cool. After the public left not much else happened I ended up just heading back to the hotel.


Day 4:

Last day of BrickFair was okay, I ended up just hanging out with Sean and everyone else behinds the Movie/TV/Book section for the most part. Me, TRLegosFan, BrixCustoms, MandRproductions, and Sadey124 ended up going to play a quick game of laser tag to get away from the public for a bit which was fun. I ended up getting 3rd rank and me and Sean probably would have been close to tying the other three if I didn't accidentally shoot him 5 times. :P After that I ended just packing up and getting reading to go. When I went to pack up my Zoids I found something extremely awesome next to them which I'm not going to talk about yet but I'm sure you'll be hearing more about it!


Wrap Up:

So yeah, that was BrickFair 2013! All in all I had a pretty good time, my only wish is that I could of been closer to my MOCs but it just wasn't possible with the way the table was set up. After having a great time this year I'm thinking I'm probably going next year and hopefully I get to meet everyone again!


Also quick last thing, check the notes to hear about the loot.


(Sorry if I forgot to mention you in the desc. or if I forgot to tag you, I'm really bad with remembering names.)


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Well, i'm leaving now for BrickFair Alabama! I don't have an exact spot that I will be stationed at, so i'll be walking around basically everywhere :P


I won't be wearing my MGF Shirt shirt this time because honestly that shirt is way to big. You will just have to identify me by my badge :)


See ya there!

We take you on a tour of the entire show floor at BrickFair Virginia 2014! Sit down and immerse yourself in over 2 hours of LEGO convention awesomeness.

These MOCs will be displayed at Brickfair VA this weekend.

Modern Brick Warfare's SpecOps Squad reporting for BrickFair NE 2013 duty!!!


This is just a small portion of the custom minifigures that we will have in stock at this event! There will be more than 500 minifigures available!

Lousy phone shot of my display. Some day I'll use the expensive camera I bought but not today!

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