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Porridge with fresh fruit and orange & lotus flower green tea...

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Breakfast For Horses In Mongolia... Press L and F :):):)

Just playing with my food :)


Have a great week and be safe! xo


texture; Coffeeshop

Here is the breakfast for you today my dear friends~~ hope you like it~~ hehe... for Australian friends.. it might be a bit too late... :-P

I loved watching this heron catch his breakfast from the dock.

Maxine having breakfast this morning.

Lo que viene siendo un vaso de leche con galletas. Perdón, pero no se me ocurre nada grandilocuente ahora mlsmo.

boiled buckwheat with butter

English breakfast

bacon, eggs your way, beans, thyme-roasted mushrooms, black pudding, tomatoes and toast. Please ask for vegetarian (veggie sausage)

الإقتصاص اللي فوق متعمد

لآن فيه صوره كامله من هذي بنزلها بعدها بإذن الله =)



تابعوني ع الإنستقرام

Last saturday my friends and I had a doll meeting and we swapped some gifts, drawings and sweets! *-*


I did this set of placemats to a friend who is making a doll bakery. I also sewed an apron and a kerchief for her baker doll, but I didn't have time to take photos. ^_^'




No último sábado fizemos um encontrinho e amigo secreto de presentes para as dolls, desenhos e doces! *-*


Fiz esse jogo americano para a Anamaria, que está montando uma padaria para as dolls. Também costurei um avental e um lenço de cabelo pra doll padeira dela, mas não tive tempo de fotografar. ^_^'

Frühstück in Hamburg

Despite herself and despite yesterday morning my inquiry about breakfast was seemingly regarded as a request. Without fanfare or so much as even an announcement, upon inquiry I discovered this breakfast was actually mine. Although very obviously intended to accommodate Westerners, I opted to leave the cereal but had the toast, tea and juice.

Buffet breakfast at the Hotel Bethlehem. Carver and pianist still at their stations. This image is half of a stereo pair.

breakfast at my parent's place in North Carolina a couple weeks ago.

Muesli with yogurt was a common menu item too.

Breakfast! African Jacana. Botswana.



was berry delicious...


Happy Tasty Tuesday!! :))

This hearty breakfast set of bacon and eggs comes with a crusty baguette, fresh juice, and your choice of tea or coffee.

Breakfast time 7.45am

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