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Thank you for your comments and faves on this year.

Wishing you a Happy New Year.

There's a Brand New Day on the Horizon

Everything's gonna be just fine....


I'm gonna tell old heartaches, pack his bags and go

I've decided that I don't want him hanging around no more

Don't you know I said everything's gonna be just fine...


- Elvis Presley, There's a brand new day on the horizon, Recorded: 1964/03/03


Happy Easter!

First folks on the trail that morning only paw prints ahead of us. Not a long walk to this view point but definitely a slippery one. I found out the hardway by falling and cracking my Singh-Ray fliter. Luckly I had a backup but it's no Singh-Ray. I think it did alright for a brand-x.

A brand new BNSF SD70ACe no. 8478 leads a "Swoosh" painted SD70MAC and CitiRail ES44AC on this empty coal train at Highland, CO. The train is headed back to Wyoming for another load of coal.

View of the sun rising over Lough Dan from the shoulder of Kanturk Mountain...

Managed to scare a herd of deer at 6am getting this - least no one shot at me this time!


As always - all comments, advice and suggestions are welcome.

A brand new sun for a brand new day i just stood there on the beach a whooping and a hollering when the sun popped up , i just get so exited it makes me so happy


Can you see the sun here look closely and look large ,tell me what it dose for you


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New blog post !! :D For credits please check: Carol's Style

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Lente in natuurgebied De Brand in Noord-Brabant.

Three brand new BNSF SD70ACe's lead their first loaded coal train run down the grade just east of the Moffat Tunnel on the former DRGW mainline. The snow capped continental divide provide a nice backdrop as the train approaches the East Portal Road Crossing.

Brand new GP38's start to make up their train in Springfield, June of 77.

Day 46 / Street Life 365


(Thanks KH126126 for the title!)

Three brand new BNSF ES44C4s and a older GEVO lead a intermodal west through the s-curves in Lemont, IL.

Hello Everyone.

This is a test to see what this branding would look like. I would welcome feedback, especially those who show in galleries or sell commercial work.

What is in a name? I'm still trying to work out how to brand my sutff...

Branding for Fox Movies by Nervo. Flocking application by The Barbarian Group.

Just got back from a 14 days holiday in Austria! If you like landscape photography like I do, I'd say, this is the place to go! If you don't..then you better forget about me for some time! This is a little village in Vorarlberg where we spent one day before moving on to the region of Hohe Tauern.

we have a new president in america - a president that is dazzling millions of people with his powerful promises and charming character.


as i watched him take the presidential oath on tuesday morning, tears came streaming down my cheeks. what a long way we've come. what an arduous and worthwhile task it is to be human. and what an honor it is to witness this pivotal turning point. (minus chief justice john roberts' small blunder... =)


it's a brand new day... a time for us to step out of our shadows and into the bright sun light that glitters our path ahead.


a tidal wave of positive energy is growing and expanding - overpowering the cynics and the fearful. it's spreading like a wild fire, igniting the souls of the human race. can you feel it?...


thank you All for your comments/emails/notes/thoughts as i completed my 365 journey. this afternoon i sit with a great sense of accomplishment - one that has nothing to do with the content of my work over the last year. only my integrity. i'm damn proud to have not given up. especially on those (many, many, Many) days when i So wanted to. what a wonderful practice in accountability.


now... without further ado - the new website! we're still workin' out the final little kinks... i just couldn't wait any longer to post it. =) the site is the work of my hubby (the super genius web developer) - it's built and managed entirely off flickr. how i love him so. *shameless plug*


if you're so inclined, i would Love your feedback. there are a couple of exciting things in the works with this project and i'd Love your input. take the 365 poll - tell me your favorites and i'll be giving away a free 8x10 print to someone next week.


i'm just bursting with love today. bursting at the seams. (and trying So hard not to shoot a self portrait!)


**for haley.g - big


and feel free to find my Very new fan page on facebook. be my fan! (right now i have None. =)


#1 - thanks!


“Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.”


- - Carl Bard.


Please don't use my image's on websites, blogs or other media without my explicit permission. © All rights reserved

My prunella, Nemesis, in Brand New Purezza's outfit.

One of the brand new baby eastern black rhinos at Chester Zoo, UK.

Taken on a Sony A65 with GSSM 70-400 lens.

1453, after the Siege of Costantinople, by the Ottoman Turks under Sultan Mehmed II (also called Humkar - "bloodthirsty"), immediately ordered that christian church Hagia Sophia be turned into the "Aya Sofya Mosque". Crosses, bells, altar, iconostasis, sacrificial vessels, icons were removed and byzantine mosaics plastered over.


But as the apse did not face to Mecca, islamics added a mihrab located in the apse where the altar used to stand, pointing towards Mecca, also applied all around eight wooden medallions with quran inscriptions, placed in the four corners beneath the dome with names of prophets sultans caliphs; quranic inscriptions also on the frieze of blue tiles, a sultan lodge, a muezzin lodge, four minarets were erected at the corners of the exterior perimeter; a gilded bronze crescent replaced the cross crowning the basilica... such changes offended Christians


BATTAGLIA DI COSTANTINOPOLI (6 aprile - 29 maggio 1453)


The History of the Hagia Sophia church


clip Procopius: The Hagia Sophia; Procopius of Caesarea

I have never seen such a tiny gosling before, he was the only one & so very vulnerable, I hope he survives. Canadian gosling in the Welsh Harp.



Sunrise Trail / Mt. Rainier, WA


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It's a brand new day.

The sun shining, it's a brand new day.

For the first time,

In such a long, long time.

I know,

I'll be okay.



I was fortunate to happen upon a totally brand new Pronghorn Calf just standing for the first time, umbilical cord still attached. I'm in my car across the highway using a 400mm lens and didn't get any closer, so although she is obviously watching me I didn't leave me car and didn't stay long. I think she still had one more calf to deliver.

Thank you everyone who has taken the time to view, fave or comment. It is very much appreciated!


This young heron looking quite nice in his new plumage. Wildwood Lake, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Another shot of Loughmacrory as the day breaks.

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