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“Much of what is today called "social criticism" consists of members of the upper classes denouncing the tastes of the lower classes (bawdy entertainment, fast food, plentiful consumer goods) while considering themselves egalitarians.”

― Steven Pinker, The Blank Slate: The Modern Denial of Human Nature

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CAZIMI *Infatuation Eyes.


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Tom Clancy's The Division

Cinematic Tools by HattiWatti

ReShade 1.1

SRWE for Hotsampling

My main interest is in the people who pass through the exhibition space and in how they interact with the exhibited objects. This has two main aspects - how they more or less consciously engage with the exhibits but also how their appearance (posture, clothing, hair...) might be related to aspects of the objects around them. So what I'm after is the ephemeral and unrepeatable conjunction of spectator and exhibit.


(sorry for the lack of contrast, original is just readable...)


Paris - Canal St Martin - Konica Hexanon AR 135mm f/3.2

Mont des Arts, Brussels

Sculpture by Louise Bourgeois, Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art. Hasselblad X1D.


La araña Mamá (Maman) de Louise Bourgeois, se encuentra en la parte posterior del Museo ,

Maman mide 10 metros de altura y 10 de diámetro y la gente puede pasear bajo su gigantesco cuerpo

Ahora una semana sin poner fotos en el flickr ...descaso veraniego

entrée du centre suisse, rue des Francs Bourgeois, après une légère pluie, aquarelle et crayon



Mamá (Maman), de casi 9 metros de altura, es una de las esculturas más ambiciosas de Bourgeois y pertenece a una serie inspirada en la araña, motivo que apareció por primera vez en varios dibujos realizados por la artista en la década de 1940 y ocupó un lugar central en su obra durante la década de 1990. Las arañas, que Bourgeois presenta como un homenaje a su madre, que era tejedora, ponen de manifiesto la duplicidad de la naturaleza de la maternidad: la madre es protectora y depredadora al mismo tiempo. La araña utiliza la seda tanto para fabricar el capullo como para cazar a su presa, así que la maternidad encarna fortaleza y fragilidad. Estas ambigüedades se ven intensamente reflejadas en esta Mamá gigantesca, que se sostiene ominosamente sobre unas patas que semejan arcos góticos y que funcionan al mismo tiempo como jaula y como guarida protectora de una bolsa llena de huevos que se encuentran peligrosamente adheridos a su abdomen. La araña provoca pavor y miedo pero su gran altura, sorprendentemente equilibrada sobre unas ligeras patas, transmite una vulnerabilidad casi conmovedora.

°=° Cologne, District Rodenkirchen, Riverside.

Time Journey, January-03-2018

The Art and Agitprop of M. T. Liggett


The engaging - and frequently enraging - metalwork of M. T. Liggett is part art, part agitprop. Decades in the making, Liggett's extensive collection of metal whirligigs and totems lines his property outside Mullinville, Kansas. Hundreds of pieces reflect a singular view of life and politics, local, national and global, and depict (some would say skewer) the likes of tomato- and squash-bodied flower children, school board members and all manner of Mullenville's "elitist bourgeois." Front and center, however, are a jack booted Hillary Clinton, goofy Al Gore, President Rush, King George, a headless Laura Bush, and a call to "Elect Ted Kaczynski." There's hearts and love here, too, if you're looking.


For much more info, just google M. T. Liggett.

Da sinistra :

Untitled - 1996 - mixedmedia sewn on fabric handkerchief ;

Femme Maison - 1946/47 - oil and ink on linen ;

Femme Maison - 1945/47 - oil and ink on canavas ;

Femme Maison - 1946/47 - oil and ink on linen.


Io devo molto a Louise Bourgeois del mio modo di vedere l'arte.

Le dedico questa piccola galleria che ho costruito proprio per lei.

Non sono riuscita a farci entrare le sue sculture :-), così mi sono accontentata di alcune opere bidimensionali.


Louise Bourgeois


View On Black

12x16" original oil painting on cradled wooden panel


Antwerp, Belgium

Louise Bourgeois

Villa Römer / Opladen / Leverkusen / North Rhine-Westphalia / Germany


Album of Germany (the west):

Paris - Rue des Francs Bourgeois

bar de nuit, de jour. (leica noctilux f1)

Grande statue en bronze à patine mordorée sur une base ronde.


Fonte de Léon Marchand.

Hauteur : 112 cm.

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