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This item has been about two years in the making, since around the time I made my original expression bots. Someone had asked me to make a version that is like a head, and I am so happy with how they have turned out.

This accessory features hud-driven texture change for the face and monitor colors, as well as a menu-driven texture change for the "nubcap." There is also a typing effect and an electrical effect previewed below:


There is also a companion version included, and a blank screen with instructions for how to make or add your own textures!

These will be available at the CyberPunk Fair by Flair for Events, opening May 10th ♥

And where are you standing?

Originally built as a "cheaper alternative" (read; knockoff) to the ever popular Osmi.Bot. However, due to a programming oversight, this unit got addicted to alcohol and nicotine.




Built as a secret santa gift for the incredible TolerantAxe97!

This build was based on one of my favorite mocs of his, namely Osmi.Bot: (HTML links suddenly don't work anymore?). But I thought I'd put a funny twist on the concept. How about a care bot who couldn't even take care of himself?


Check out more pics in the Imgur album! I pulled off some really fun poses with him.

in the not-so-distant future, robots have been created to take over the tasks that humans have either deemed too dangerous or too undesirable. DROIDCO's choice to model their garbage collection bot after a giant insect while humorous in theory, wound up scaring a lot of people and harming sales numbers. the HC-514 multi-purpose construction bot however, was a smash hit.


biocup 2020 prelims. theme was the future. went for something a bit more outside my typical wheelhouse that fortunately allowed me to use a lot of weird parts i'd accumulated and had no clue what to do with. additional pictures on my page.

Built these yesterday to start off the year and I'm pretty happy with how they turned out. They were inspired by this, and my desire to use the sand blue cylinder piece for a long time, and while they're taller and bigger than I had initially been envisioning, I like them for the most part. Hope you guys enjoy them too!

7A1A8611, Anneke Hooijer

Yellow Radiation Bot. This little mech goes where no man can go. With its mechanical innards, it can withstand any type of anti-human hazard!


The "head" module of the YERA was inspired by the awesome dude A Plastic Infinity.

These water taxis carry passengers across the Sarawak river in Kuching for a fare of RM1 (about 15p)

This bot started off life as an experiment using the tower from the Ninjago City set. You know, the one with the toilet in it? yeah, that one. I loved the look of that tower and wanted to use it for something. What I ended up with was a robot that almost looks like something from a 1950s vision of the future. I like to think he'd be used to do the heavy lifting in a factory or something. Better than being a restaurant washroom.

Petit Bot colour show sunrise

(chappy bot outfit)

pulau sekati,terengganu

- bota gran de vi a l'entrada del poble - Terra Alta

Bot Conan, lever d'un nouveau jour.

Con esta llego a las 30.000 visitas!!!


Bot abandonat a una cala Pedragosa de la petita illa de Carloforte, a la costa Oest de Sardenya.

Revisied Bot for spot color print.

52 / 366


Taken during a brief trip down to one of my favourite beaches, Petit Bot.


Long Exposure


Project 366:


Please drop by and join me on Facebook:!/pages/David-Gilliver-Photography/1751...

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