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from Boston harbor, Boston, Massachusetts

It's the John Hancock Tower.

From WIkipedia:

The building is widely known for its prominent structural flaws, including an analysis that the entire building could overturn under a certain wind loads — as well as a prominent design failure of its signature blue windows, which allowed any of the 500lb windows to detach and fall — up to the full height of the building — endangering pedestrians below.


from Boston harbor, Boston, Mass

Taken in Boston, MA,

Dramatic clouds add to the beauty of a Boston sunset.

There's a faint hint of sunset colors in the horizon.

A night out on Washington Street.


Actually, Bonney's fine photo that underlies this image shows the Paramount with lights ablaze in the full light of day, open for a matinee on a rainy afternoon. Quite a different in mood, it is a great photo, upon which the composition of this image entirely depends. I think the solitary car, so perfectly placed in the frame, adds energy as well as balance. Genius!

From MIT Sailing Club

Boston, MA

15 second long exposure

The most photographed street in Boston sits in the Beacon Hill neighborhood.

MIT Sailing Pavilion. Long exposure of Boston skyline at night from the MIT Sailing Pavillion on Memorial Drive in Cambridge.

Historic Quincy Market in Boston dates back to right after Boston was incorporated as a city in 1822 as the first major project of fledgling city. The port of Boston brought in and out enough merchandise but old Faneuil Hall with its small multi-leveled storage had long outlived its usefulness as storage and mercantile center for a city whose population now numbered 50,000 so the city hired Alexander Parris to design the new marketplace. The first part of the market or first building was built directly behind or ‘east’ of Faneuil Hall so it sat right next to the waterfront. The next parts of the market, including the one in this image was accomplished by landfill, dirt filling the part of the harbor immediately east of the first building so when this part was completed, it was directly facing Boston Harbor to the east. Today this waterfront is just history as the land now extends more the triple the distance it did when this portion of Quincy Market opened. Who is Quincy? Well Mayor Josiah Quincy was the Boston Mayor who championed the building of the market which proved key as Boston’s population grew five-fold over the next 50 years. The tall building in the back with clock tower is the old Boston Custom House the lower floors designed by A.B. Young, A.M., Architect built from 1837 to 1849 as the name indicates a Custom House. In 1913 the 26 story clocked tower was added making it the first skyscraper in Boston.

Boston skyline at night. This is quite different for me but I am trying new types of images. I know that I need to improve but I don't hate this shot.

Boston Peak is a tall peak in the North Cascades in the U.S. state of Washington and within North Cascades National Park. At 8,894 feet in elevation it is the 26th highest peak in Washington.

VW mobile art at Boston Common

Taken at the John Hancock Building in Boston, MA.

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