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"The Wild and the windy night,

That the rain washed away,

Has left a pool of tears

Waiting for the day"


Maulin Mountain { 563 } rises high over the Wicklow/Dublin border with views to the Irish sea, Bray Head and Killiney Bay. It is a wild, wet boggy places but I love it as its a great place to go and find out who you really are.

You can see a pathway winding to the top which I had just traveled over, from the opposite side on a 3 mountain trek.

If you look to the left [north] of the mountain you will see a stone wall in the distance. These are famine walls built between 1847-1850 under the Office of Public Work, for no reason than to make the Irish work for there food[alms] so as "Not to encourage laziness! " { Lord John Russel }


Unfortunately they were dying by the time they got it. It solved "The Irish Question " The Landlords wanted to clear the land of the troublesome natives and replace them with sheep which were less trouble and more profitable. The famine was a great solution for them! To me the many thousands of stones used, is fitting tribute as each one represents someone who died of starvation. How dreadful.

Ive tried to tone down the harsh truth of this but I just cant. There is no way of justifying the death of over 1 million people.To this day it stands as the single worst injustice

ever foisted upon us and it is still ingrained very deeply in the psyche of every Irish person. The British government, under John Major, has done wonderful work and has apologise`d for what happened and helped to create a lasting peace in Northern Ireland so that has made a vast difference to all our lives.Lets make certain nothing like It will never happen again!

We move on though as we must and we learn but lets not forget these unknown innocents who just disappeared and who are buried on these mountains. Maybe thats what draws me there and why it means so much to me.

Anyway, thats enough sad stuff. Heres Andy Irvine and Liam O Flynn, Wont you " Come with me over the mountain "

So come on then. Try to keep up, but Ill wait for you anyway.






Update; Wow In really amazed at how much you seem to like my pic!!! Thank you!!!

Just something I wanted to say!

One million immigrants from Ireland were taken in by America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Only for them I dread to think of what would have happened. That explains of course why we are everywhere and we do pro create at a fair rate!!!. Maybe thats to do with the Guinness! 12 pints and Im anybodies! Well, probably nobodies and everybodies all at once!!!

The World is changing now and what with Brexit and closing of borders etc, we must guard against becoming bigoted patriots. I know all about that from here! Its dangerous and our fellow human beings are the most important life on this fragile planet that we all share.I do think that good people always win through!

Love and Hugs to all of you from me!



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Η Πυρσόγιαννη είναι κτισμένη στις πλαγιές της κορυφής Στενό (1900μ) της οροσειράς του Γράμμου, λίγο ψηλότερα από το σημείο ένωσης του Γοργοπόταμου με τον μεγάλο ποταμό της περιοχής αυτής, το Σαραντάπορο. Είναι κτισμένη αμφιθεατρικά, σε σημείο με άριστη θέα προς τα γύρω βουνά και δάση, λουσμένη όλη την ημέρα από τον ήλιο και περιβάλεται από πυκνό δρυοδάσος. Απέχει 27,1 χλμ από την Κόνιτσα.

Αποτελεί την έδρα του Δήμου Μαστοροχωρίων, την έδρα του Πολυδύναμου Αστυνομικού Τμήματος της περιοχής (κυρίως για φύλαξη των συνόρων) και διαθέτει τις βασικές υποδομές εστίασης και φιλοξενίας τουριστών. Τόπος αναφοράς του χωριού είναι και το Ξενοδοχείο της Πυρσόγιαννης που χτίστηκε με δαπάνες των ίδιων των Πυρσογιαννιτών.

"Η αδελφότητα των Πυρσογιαννιτών"(στεγάζεται στο κτήριο που διακρίνεται πρώτο κατά σειρά στο κέντρο της εικόνας και από πίσω του είναι το κτήριο του Δημαρχείου) είναι το καμάρι των κατοίκων της δεδομένου ότι έχει επιδείξει και συνεχίζει να επιδεικνύει σημαντικό έργο.

Στολίδι του χωριού είναι ο Άι-Γιώργης , μια επιβλητική πέτρινη εκκλησία με εντυπωσιακό καμπαναριό(διακρίνεται στην κορυφή)

Έχει υψόμετροπερίπου 840-860 μ. και πληθυσμό περίπου 100 κατοίκους.

Η κυριαρχία της πέτρας είναι εμφανέστατη,πράγμα απολύτως φυσικό μιάς και τοχωριό αυτό ήταν η πατρίδα αμέτρητων λαϊκών μαστόρων της πέτρας, οι οποίοι για περισσότερο από 3 αιώνες ταξίδευαν αρχικά σε όλη την Ελλάδα και αργότερα σε όλο τον κόσμο, χτίζοντας αρχοντικά, εκκλησίες, γεφύρια, σχολεία, νερόμυλους, καμπαναριά, χάνια, φάρους, τζαμιά, μοναστήρια, ελαιοτριβεία, πηγάδια, φούρνους, αυλές, φράχτες, καλντερίμια κλπ. Ύστερα ήρθαν το μπετόν και η άσφαλτος... Οι μάστορες ήταν οργανωμένοι σε μπουλούκια και για να συνεννοούνται μεταξύ τους χρησιμοποιούσαν μια συνθηματική γλώσσα, τα περιβόητα "κουδαρίτικα", γιαυτό λέγονταν και Κουδαραίοι.

Αφιερωμένο στην τέχνη αυτή είναι το "Μουσείο Ηπειρωτών Μαστόρων" που στεγάζεται στο παλιό σχολείο του χωριού και συγκεντρώνει σημαντικά εκθέματα και αρχεία από την ζωή των μαστόρων(αριστερά όπως κοιτάμε την εικόνα κάτω από το καμπαναριό του Αι-Γιώργη).


Pyrsogianni is built on the slopes of the Steno peak (1900m) of the Grammos mountain range, slightly higher than the Gorgopotamos union point with the large river in this area, Sarantaporos. It is built amphitheatrically, at a point with excellent views of the surrounding mountains and forests, bathed all day by the sun and surrounded by dense oak forests. It is 27.1 km from Konitsa.

It is the headquarters of the Municipality of Mastorohoria, the seat of the Polyvalent Police Department of the area (mainly for border guarding) and it has the basic infrastructure for hospitality and hospitality of tourists. reference site of the village is the Hotel of Pyrsogianni built at the expense of themselves Pyrsogianniton.

The "Brotherhood of the Pyrsogiannites" (housed in the building that is distinguished first in the center of the image and behind it is the building of the Town Hall) is the pride of its inhabitants as it has demonstrated and continues to show important work.

Gem of the village is Saint-George, an imposing stone church with impressive bell tower (seen on top)

He ypsometroperipou 840 to 860 m., And a population of about 100 residents.

The dominance of the stone is obvious, which is quite natural, since it was the homeland of countless folk masters of stone, who for more than 3 centuries originally traveled all over Greece and later around the world, building mansions, churches, bridges, Schools, watermills, bell towers, halls, lighthouses, mosques, monasteries, mills, wells, ovens, courtyards, fences, cobblestone streets, etc. Then the concrete and the asphalt were added ... The craftsmen were organized in busses ousan a sign language, the notorious "koudaritika", so were called Koudaraioi.

Dedicated to this art is the "Museum of Epirotes Mastoros", which is housed in the old school of the village and gathers important exhibits and records from the life of the masons (left as we look at the icon under the bell tower of Saint-George).


Πηγή Source 1


Πηγή Source 2


Πηγή Source 3


is sited on a river cliff above the river Wye, guarding the border between England and Wales. Pretty tricky to attack, methinks!

Ares and Zeus, the watchdogs of the compound we stayed in Mallorca.

There is something special about these red collars. That compound is too large to fence it in. So it has an electric cable running underground around its border. Crossing this the dogs would feel an electric shock - thus they know how far they may freely roam.


Texture by Andrea Rusky again. Thanks!


Guarding her borders XM607 stands as the testament of strength, agility, poise and defender of the realm!

This is a rather different photograph from my usual style in that it has a person in it. It is a legal requirement to take an armed guard with you if you go into the Simien Mountains near the Eritrean border. This guard just sat around quietly while we watched wildlife. When he sat with this spectacular backdrop I took his photograph. He then asked me for the T-shirt I was wearing. I asked him if he wanted the shirt off my back but I don't think he understood the joke.

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The Curonian Spit, named after one of the early Baltic tribes that inhabited the region, is a curious place, a 60 mile-long finger of sand that stretches upwards from Russian Kaliningrad to within a handshake of the Lithuanian mainland, separating the waters of the Baltic Sea from the Curonian lagoon. The northern 32 miles of this peninsula belong to Lithuania, accessed by ferry from the port of Klaipeda. Make the short hop across the strait and you reach a National Park and Unesco World Heritage Site of astonishing beauty.


Few of my photographer friends call me a lady of the desert and to be true to that name, I have to post yet another shot from sand dunes - this time from European continent. It must have been raining all day/night before I got there as there were no usual shapes and shadows I could play with. Luckily I had some lovely clouds I could nicely incooperate into the shot. I also should not forget to mention that the best and cleanest (from footprints) part of the dunes was just at the border with Russia and I was rather lucky to get to this guarded area without being noticed and yes I have pretend I dont see any of those NO ENTRY sings !! :-)) I was caught on the way back by a border guard and escorted to my car which I parked in no entry zone.. luckily all was ok when I tried my "I know nothing" method :-)) so much fun and adventure to get shots you want :-))


Camera Model: Canon EOS 5D Mark II; Lens: 17.00 - 40.00 mm; Focal length: 17.00 mm; Aperture: 7.1; Exposure time: 1/100 s; ISO: 100


All rights reserved - Copyright © Lucie Debelkova -


All images are exclusive property and may not be copied, downloaded, reproduced, transmitted, manipulated or used in any way without expressed, written permission of the photographer.


United Nations refugee agency UNHCR said thousands of newly arrived Rohingyas have been admitted to Bangladesh after spending up to four days stranded near its border with Myanmar.

“By last night (October 19) Bangladesh border guards reported that over 6,800 Rohingyas had passed...

Gruun, jit-shuuret! Ayi uunén sduuns yi g'kellfth ee te'e

guhfi. Kiizsh ho gi xiin kiizsh te.


Halt, traveler! This stream marks the border of our land. Cross it and you cross us.


Science fantasy...there are notes explaining obscure details of the alien culture on the picture.

A pale morning sky over a half plowed/half stubble farm field with an oak standing guard on the border.

It was near sundown when the two Guards stopped to make camp. The Geirstad guards looked nervous and fearful; pausing and staring at every crush of a dead leaf or crack of a fallen branch. The brown haired man knelt down to collect twigs and branches scattered amidst the undergrowth, while the dark haired Soldier gathered his bow and his quiver of arrows to keep watch. The light was nearly gone now, and night would soon begin.


The Gothi troops moved quickly through the forest, splitting up into multiple groups to find the remnants of the Geirstad force, largely compiled of former bandits and crooks, that was attacked by a large group of enemies in the woods near the Svealand border, and the survivors are scattered throughout the Eastern border woodlands. The Gothi are Coastal Raiders from Snömark, the Northern most Jarldom.


As the Gothi were moving over a ridge they spotted a small campfire. Friend or foe, the Gothi were headed towards it. As the camp came into view, the dying light illuminated the two Geirstad soldiers; the leather lamellar armor coated in dirt, blood and sweat, pants torn and the overwhelming smell of body odor and stale blood was ever present. The three Gothi Warriors, led by Hersir Gunnar, and two Drengr: Brom and Bjorn.


"Hei! Good day!" Shouted Gunnar as they closed in on the campsite.


"Hei, and who are you?" Inquired the Brown haired man who appeared to be the leader, slowly stringing his bow.


"Where are your manners?" joked Gunnar


"Fire is needed by the newcomer


Whose knees are frozen numb;


Meat and clean linen a man needs


Who has fared across the fells.


Water, too, that he may wash before eating,


Hand cloths and a hearty welcome,


Courteous words, then courteous silence


That he may tell his tale. Have you not read the Havamal?" Gunnar continued smiling, offering his arm to the Geirstad guard. The Guard smiled back and grabbed his arm and shook.


"I'm Hersir Gunnar, Officer with the Gothi Coastal Raiders, and you?"


"Sven, guard from Geirstad. Are you here to help us track them down?"


"Track who down? What are you-" A large roar, followed by very many more shook the night air. "This will be a long night..."

North Korean soldiers guard the banks of the Yalu River near the North Korean town of Sinuiju, opposite the Chinese border city of Dandong, April 4, 2010. A train thought to be carrying Kim Jong-il to China appears to have been a cargo freighter on a journey unrelated to the reclusive North Korean leader, witnesses at the border said on Saturday. REUTERS/Jacky Chen (NORTH KOREA - Tags: POLITICS MILITARY)

Listen to this while reading


Breaking News

Breaking news coming from Belgrade, Serbia today. Just a few hours ago, French troops raided the compound of the arms dealer known as "Mohawk" and captured him. The compound was on the outskirts of Belgrade and appeared to be a small storage facility for weapons, but more so a housing complex for Mohawk himself and his small team of guards. Here is an eyewitness account from a French Special Forces operative, who due to security reasons will go unnamed:


It was midday, and we got word from tho commander that recon had confirmed his location. We were loaded up and moving out in a half hour. We reached the compound and took them completely by surprise. Only a few guards tried shooting at us, so we took them down and the rest came quietly. It was obvious the only loyalty they had was to their substantial paycheck. The compound was pretty much a neighborhood that Mohawk had bought, or took, and fenced off. The fence was pretty obviously makeshift, thrown together with a bunch of different materials and already showing a bit of wear and rust. It wasn't too tall, but it was tall enough to say "We don't want you here." There was one tan building that they had converted into a small warehouse with a metal door and keypad lock. We looked inside and it was filled with AK-47s and the like. The other buildings were mainly housing for the guards and Mohawk himself. We rounded all of them up pretty quickly with the help of the regular Army guys who showed up a little while after we had infiltrated. I found him sitting in his room, having a glass of expensive liquor. I think he had accepted his defeat and was having a last drink before his capture. He came quietly and I took him out to Phoenix, a DGSE agent, who whisked him away in a chopper. It was a pretty quick, textbook raid with no casualties on our side. We owned the compound by the end of the day.


The French have just released the name of the arms dealer a few minutes ago. His name is Antonije Knezevic, he is a 48 year old man, height is 5' 10", weighs 170lbs. Not much is known yet on his background, but we will keep you posted.


This event has effectively ended the conflict in Serbia, and French troops have begun to withdraw back into the borders of their ally Bosnia. Thank you for watching this news report, tune back in at 10PM for more details.








For Modern Conflict


I was rather pleased with how this turned out, I think its one of my better scenes. Hope you guys like it too!


If you favorite, please comment

Tränenpalast, Berlin


"The building constructed in 1962 at Friedrichstraße train station in Berlin – known colloquially as the "Tränenpalast" or "Palace of Tears" – served the GDR dictatorship until 1990 as a departure terminal for people leaving the GDR for West Berlin. Like no other location, the pavilion serves as a reminder of the partition of Germany and of all the fates connected with it. Many individuals were forced to say goodbye to friends and relatives here. East Germans were painfully reminded time and again that the border was closed to them, while many others found themselves powerless in the face of bullying border guards..."


I planned on going to Glacier for the day last October, When I got to the border there was smoke everywhere. The border guard had told me it had been like this all week. I went on to Many Glacier but the smoke was bad I took a few shots then headed back home. This shot was a result of heavy smoke in the air.

Prayer flags stream in the wind, carrying the dreams of a proud culture across their Tibetan homeland.


This photograph is looking from Yunnan, China across the border into the clouds and mountains of Tibet. It is a heavily guarded border that is nearly impossible to cross as a foreigner.



The Arizona Army National Guard's 253rd Engineer

Battalion conducting training to support the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' construction efforts in the Santa Cruz river area to control flooding caused by seasonal monsoon rains. (Arizona Army National Guard photo by Sgt. Amber Bohlman)

A trip up to Bewcastle to photograph the church last week and decided to take one of the ruined old "Bewcastle" . My tripod wasn't able to get high enough to shoot it over the stone wall , so just rested it on the wall and hoped the gust's didn't blow it over !


Bewcastle is an isolated village steeped in Roman and Border history. The church, farm, and castle occupy the site of a Roman out post fort which guarded the Maiden Way, the main Roman road north from Birdoswald on Hadrian’s Wall some 10km (6 miles) to the south.


The fort was dedicated to a local deity, Cocidius, and is unusual in having six sides, rather than the more usual rectangle or square. The fort was probably built around 122AD and occupied until AD 343.


Bewcastle is an isolated village steeped in Roman and Border history. The church, farm, and castle occupy the site of a Roman out post fort which guarded the Maiden Way, the main Roman road north from Birdoswald on Hadrian’s Wall some 10km (6 miles) to the south.


The stone castle was constructed between 1340 and 1360 using much material from the old Roman fort. During the 15th and 16th century it provided sanctuary for locals during Scottish raids.


This area was much fought over by the Border Reivers; feuding, lawless, local families who raided each others farms taking livestock, goods, and possessions.


Taken from

High in the mountains of Csheg along the northern border of the Royal Kingdom sets the highlands watch tower, as it is often called. Far from any aid, the guards that stand watch here must rely on their own talents and ingenuity. Ever watchful, they protect the wild border and guard the rugged old bridge that serves as the only crossing for the roaring river between the two nations.


Hann's greatest love is protecting (what he thinks of is) his territory. He does adopt this authoratitive look, I reckon he would be good working in Border Control - only the brave or foolish would attempt to get past that steely gaze! Inside however, we know, and especially Gretel, that he is soft as biutter!

While the recent addition of the National Guard providing a support role manning computers and cameras has allowed more Border Patrol agents to work the field, more agents are still needed. - Timothy Murphy -. Find us at SIAJNAD.COM

"High above in the frozen mountains on the Garhim border lies the Hjalmoor Guard. The Hjalmoor started as an order of mountain raiders who would descend down onto the villages and steal and plunder. Three hundred years ago, the Jarl of the area made them official Guards of the Region and in return get the right to pillage the neighboring kingdoms villages. This has suited the Hjalmoor very nicely and they've kept out invaders ever since."-History of the Garheim

High on the northern border of Roman England, Hadrian’s Wall separates Roman Civilization from barbaric wilderness. The heavy brick construction makes it almost impossible to penetrate, and the trench dug several yards in front of it makes it even more difficult for attackers. The creation of this wall has clearly separated roman territory from that of the unconquered tribes. But, not all people like this distinction…


The tribal leader rallied his Celtic brethren, “Join me, brothers, in ridding our hunting land of these despicable invaders. They have built their walls and cities on our land, and we must push them off!”

The gathered warriors let out a wild cheer, waving their weapons back and forth in the air. The invaders would be put in their place, tonight…


A troop of roman soldiers rushed towards the massive wall. Cries and screams came to them from the other side. An alarm had been raised at a nearby fort; reports had come in of a barbarian attack on one of the guard towers. The archers stationed there had mostly stopped the raiding Celts, but this squad of soldiers would finish them off.


Soli Deo Gloria :)


This 3-embrasure machine gun pillbox sits nicely on a slope of a gentle hill. A small valley, with a stream at the bottom, protects it from the front, and the road - running parallel to the former German-Soviet border – was perfectly withing range of its three Maxim heavy machine guns.

Or rather, it would've been, if the builders have ever had enough time to fully equip and arm the pillbox. And so, the German onslaught on the early morning of 22nd of July 1941 swept aside weak screening force of border guards and steamrolled deeper inland.

There is no known record of any of the Molotov Line bunkers in Lithuania to have been used effectively in their designated defensive role.

Still, the view from the empty embrasures – a valley with a stream at the bottom, winding its way to a nearby small lake and the forest treeline far away – is truly spectacular.


And yes, the moon was there.


This photo is Best on black at Fluidr


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10/06/1975, National Photo Collection, Moshe Milner

STS Pogoria is a Polish barquentine launched in 1980 in Gdynia.

She was designed by Zygmunt Choreń as Sail training ship

statistics: displacement: DWT498 metric tons

length: 48.00|m, beam: 8.00|m, draught : 3.70|m,

propulsion: 945|m2 sail and 310|hp Wola Warszawa diesel engine

Ship owner Polish Government



On 7 July 2009, two of the masts on Pogoria broke at welded joints while the ship was en route to St Petersburg, Russia. The 37 youths onboard were airlifted off the ship by two helicopters of the Finnish Border Guard's Aviation Unit. The ship was towed into Hanko as her engines were disabled in the incident

troubled Polish ship towed into Hanko Harbour


texture mine C/Mare 11_25_43


entered for the Contest: 'In the Round'

My Scanner keeps making a horrible clattering noise & a red light flashes on it toxically. So I improvised - took a shot of these four analogue prints in situ in thier album with my Canon. A result, I think...note Steiner pissing on Berlin Wall top right image, ever the Rebel, he risked his tool to strike a blow for was a Political gesture, actually. You could say it was a stream of conciouspiss...from an Irish Student Piss Artist & Political Pissident :-)


Eighties - Killing Joke (1984)


Tree Swallow (Tachycineta bicolour) alert and guarding its nest territory on a fence row bordering a grassy meadow along the south end of Beaverhill Lake east of Tofield, Alberta, Canada.


The green background is the grassy meadow.


15 May, 2017.


Slide # GWB_20170515_8313.CR2


Use of this image on websites, blogs or other media without explicit permission is not permitted.

:copyright: Gerard W. Beyersbergen - All Rights Reserved Worldwide In Perpetuity - No Unauthorized Use.

From the archives. Perennial guards at the border of Schiedam, South-Holland.

St. Johns, Portland, Oregon.

December 26, 2016.


Plew's Brews is right next door to Blue Moon Camera and Machine. The place was closed but this girl was keeping up her guard duties.


Ilford HP5 35mm disposable camera. Sloppy border darkroom print, processed by Blue Moon Camera and Machine. I increased the contrast on this one quite a bit in Photoshop.


Epson Perfection 4490 scan.


A member of the Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) standing at the border between Bangladesh and the Indian state of Meghalaya.


Photographed at the beautiful Jaflong of Bangladesh which is sometimes complimented as the daughter of nature with magnificent hills,rivers,khasia villages and beautiful fountains.

The remnant of the border fence from the time of the Soviet Union is still functioning on the Armenian-Turkish border. The border fence - the Iron Curtain does not guard the Armenian, but the Russian Army. The border fence is located within a protection zone several dozen meters from the Araks river, which forms the national border. Excuse the reduced image quality, it was acquired in the extreme of complex conditions: a thick haze with desert dust and the danger of arrest. The Armenian-Turkish border has been impenetrable since the collapse of the Soviet Union, without a single border crossing. I will not comment on the reason. The picture was taken from Kchor Virap Monastery. On the left of Armenia, village Lusarat, Turkey is located more to the right, off the frame .... my video from border (iron curtain) via 500px

A man-portable MG requiring only one man to operate, thus making it one of the most versatile MGs to be fielded in the war.

Though still far heavier than a standard rifle, and requiring to be set on its bipod to rest before it can fire, since the second hand needs to turn the crank.

The MF1904 is the preffered weapon of the 2nd Calvary Brigade of Vienna, who utilize a special mount to fire it from horseback.

It is also one of the key elements of the 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th Brigades, Trench Brigades guarding the border.

Hill County



This little house was one of the only things around in this empty area only a mile or two from Canada including roads, houses and people. We heard that the border crossing guards don't like to see people approach and turn around, so this the farthest north and west point of our whole trip.


Anyone interested in buying a B+W 58mm. ND 110 3.0 filter for lengthening long exposures, also have a Hoya HMC 58mm. NDx4 filter.

Günter Schabowski, the party boss in East Berlin and the spokesman for the SED Politburo, had the task of announcing this; however, he had not been involved in the discussions about the new regulations and had not been fully updated. Shortly before a press conference on 9 November, he was handed a note announcing the changes, but given no further instructions on how to handle the information. These regulations had only been completed a few hours earlier and were to take effect the following day, so as to allow time to inform the border guards—however, nobody had informed Schabowski.


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Border guard at Sheddon Clough, Burnley

Actually first contact with Africa was trying to get through customs — the border guard, upon seeing we were Canadian, sent us to get stamped by the health inspector on the look out for Swine Flu (or Grippe Porcine, as they say, or The Grip, as we took to calling it) before letting us through.


This is the Marrakech airport. It's real pretty. :)


Mandatory viewing.


I think that's it for me today. The jetlag is hitting. I'm overwhelmed with all that I've got to catch up with on here, but I'll get to all your streams soon. :)


Day 163. June 12.

Kazakhstan border guard's An-72 07-RED

US Border Patrol Honor Guard unit at the funeral of Sergeant Darrell C. Curley in Chinle, Arizona.

State Border Guard Service of Ukraine

The Schwanenstein is a glacial erratic on the island of Rügen in Germany. It lies on the northern shore of the Jasmund peninsula about 20 metres off the beach in the Baltic Sea.Like many other erratics, the Schwanenstein is linked to several legends and stories.-According to one legend, babies were delivered on Rügen in summer by Adebar the stork and in winter by swans. Until then the children were hidden in the rock.-A sad incident occurred on 13 February 1956, when some children were playing near the shore on the frozen Baltic Sea. The weather changed suddenly, a storm whipped up and broke the ice. Three boys saved themselves on the Schwanenstein. As the wind increased in strength, becoming a hurricane, a frantic rescue operation was launched. Local fishermen, a fishing boat from Sassnitz and border guards tried to save the children, but storm surge wrecked all their efforts. Rescue teams from outside, for example, an engineer platoon of the Volkspolizei from Prora, got stuck in the metre-high snowdrifts. Only the next morning, when the weather had calmed, the bodies of the three boys, Helmut Petersen,Uwe Wassilowsky and Manfred Prewitz, could be recovered from the Schwanenstein.


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