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Just a snapshot to let you all know that Bug's book is now up for sale. FINALLY. I'm sorry I took so long, I have no excuses really. But here you go.


Thanks so much for all your support and just everything. I owe a lot to my flickr friends!


Oh and, FM me if you live would like one and in the UK and would prefer not to buy from Blurb. :)

Moved to a different location (away from Batman) and finally was able to photograph the book...

“,,,With my eyes closed, I would touch a familiar book and draw its fragrance deep inside me. This was enough to make me happy. ” ― by Haruki Murakami



30/365 - when every day is an adventure...♥☼

Ese día salí temprano a la mañana a buscar tesoros, un día horrible, frío y lluvia, así que le pedí a la chica de la librería si me dejaba fotografiar sus libros, y además que me dejó, pude acomodar algunos para la foto :)


Ya terminé mi cacería de tesoros azules (, tengo la intención de hacer otra a todo color.


That day I went out early in the morning to find treasures, a horrible day, cold and rain, so I asked the girl in the bookstore if she let me photograph her books, and besides that she left me, I could accommodate some for the photo :)


I finished my blue treasure hunt ( , I have the intention to make another in full color.


La Vuelta al Mundo


"Libros / Books"


12 tesoros a encontrar / 12 treasures to find :


Maternidad / Maternity

La noche / The night

Alguien que juega / Someone who plays

Una sombrilla o paraguas / An umbrella

Rayas / Stripes

Un desconocido de espaldas / A stranger from behind

Religión / Religion

Libros / Books

Agua / water

Un dúo / A duet

Círculos / Circles

Una vista desde las alturas / A view from the heights


7DWF : Wednesdays : Macro or close up

Large freestyle-pushed a bit with this one but ran out of time to get the background up to scratch before bailing OS again. Thanks to Stoops for the wall hook and good conversation! The close ups and high res shit will be due out in a book project early next year I believe. Go hard or go home-much love to all my friends pushing me to be my all have a roll to play in this!

Thanks to Graff Central for the pic

I wish you all a wonderful first day of New Year 2011 !

Old Wilpena Station Flinders Ranges South Australia

In a good book the best is between the lines.


–Swedish Proverb

Such a lovey book cover! That looks sew like me! OH MY, it IS my book! Pinch me! You will have to wait until October for it though. blogged

«Torre de Babel», Bogotá, Colombia.

Pour commander le livre, c'est ici


To order the book, click here


Kurdes, de l'ombre à la lumière


Région autonome depuis 2003, le Kurdistan irakien, longtemps en proie à la guerre, est peu connu des occidentaux. À travers un travail inscrit dans la tradition de la photographie humaniste, Emmanuel Smague nous invite à découvrir un peuple chaleureux, au lendemain de son oppression sous le régime de Saddam Hussein. Il nous dévoile ainsi les multiples facettes de cet endroit du monde dont les habitants représentent la première richesse et nous ouvre les yeux sur une humanité réfugiée sur ses propres terres, celles de ses ancêtres. Le témoignage d’Emmanuel Smague renvoie les regards des Kurdes à nos propres indifférences, pour mieux les graver dans nos mémoires.


Parution en septembre 2009

Prix 20 €

Format 20 x 20

Couverture souple


Kurds, from darkness to light


An independent region since 2003, Iraqi Kurdistan, war-torn for many years, is little known among Westerners. Through his work in the humanist photographic tradition, Emmanuel Smague invites us to discover a warm people as it emerges from the oppression of Saddam Hussein’s regime. He reveals to us the many faces of this part of the world where people constitute the main wealth and he opens our eyes to people who are refugees on their own land -- the land of their ancestors. Through Emmanuel Smague’s testimonial, our eyes meet the gaze of the Kurds’ eyes lifting the veil of our indifference and indelibly engraving images deep into our memories.


Publication date: September 2009

Price: 20 €

Format: 20 cms x 20 cms

Soft cover

French language

Texture by me and SkeletalMess.

One of my best photos of 2010 was taken here, so I came back for another shot. May 2011.

Selfportrait 2009/Poem of the orchids/Texture courtesy of irisb477




.S'éveille-telle en lui

Déloge l'homme en lui


Un ange vole

Un ange vole




Se love-t-elle en lui

Furtive elle en lui


Un homme change

Un homme change



Parfait mélange


S'échange -t-il d'aile en elle

Un homme sombre change en elle


Un ange bombe

Un ange blonde



Doux... parfait mélange...


Sexe d'un ange


.(Guesh Patti: Blonde)

.(Peter Greenaway: The Pillow Book)

.(Poem on my back...says: "The most beautiful orchids grow on the bottom of the gorge, the orchids fragrance fills the forest." but I like your interpretations so...go ahead and tell me)


No more pics till Weekend. Tonight I'm heading off to another mountain in CH, this time with my snowboard (night ride).

(a broken leg looks good on Flickr!!!) (very glamour)


Panorama of the library in Stockholm ;)


More at my website.

Happy Cliché Saturday!


{day two hundred thirty-seven}

Now part of my library is digitized. That was so easy.

Book Off is a chain of used book stores in Japan. There seems to be one or more stores in every town of any size and they are usually pretty crowded at any time of day. Sometimes you can pick up some nice "coffee table" photography books for three or four percent of their original price. It is almost as cheap as looking at good photographs for free on Flickr. I must say though that it is nice to have a real paper photograph to look at once in a while.

DAY 25: Books


Some children today view reading as a boring chore, but experts encourage parents to recognise the importance of helping children to view books as another form of entertainment just like their other toys.


We have had children’s books around our home since our three year old Son was born. It started with cloth books and plastic bath time books and then things progressed to board books. Now though paper page books have come into their own and he just loves looking at books and listening while Mummy and Daddy read his favourite stories. Our little baby girl is similarly taking an interest in cloth books and we have no doubt that she will develop a great love for books, like her older brother.


Currently our little boy loves all the Disney stories in book form including Jungle Book, Bambi, Peter Pan and 101 Dalmatians. Annuals are another favourite including Bob the Builder, Postman Pat, Thomas the Tank Engine and Winnie the Pooh. Other books he loves include Ladybird books on a wide range of subjects including Visiting the Dentist, Going Swimming, Playschool and Busy Building Site. Having a large range of books available means that he doesn’t get bored and his interest in reading and books is constantly kept strong.


As today’s image hopefully shows, books come in all shapes and sizes, all with a great deal of colour. When you watch a child open a book, you can see straight away that their imagination is awakened and their minds appreciate hearing or reading the words on the pages come to life. As they learn to read the foundation laid during the early years bears fruit as children develop a lifelong love for reading.


Note: the set up for this image meant that the Bambi book was nearly a meter off the ground. There were a huge number of items keeping the books in place (wooden blocks, other books etc). We had one collapse where every book fell to the ground and we had to start again. Eventually we set the camera up with a deep depth of field, a direct link to the PC and we managed to get the required shot pretty quickly. This demonstrates that the time taken in setting up is rewarded.


This image is part of the The Things Children Play With 30 day challenge gallery.


Copyright © 2007 f2 Photography


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for an essay about a used book fair.

Books are the key of civilization.

Books are a light in the darkness.

Books are a source of inspiration.


Les livres sont la clé de la civilisation.

Les livres sont un rempart de lumière contre l'obscurité.

Les livres sont une source permanente d'inspiration.

Book: "Vintage Detective Stories"


thanks to kerstin frank for the texture . Bought these at the last fete of the year. As if I need more books.!!! However they do stimulate the creative juices. lol

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