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Time out for some fun...

camera: polaroid sx70

film: impossible px100 BW

they look good huh? just one night though...

I had a frantic call from a customer yesterday morning saying she urgently needed some boobs for that evening! So I spent yesterday afternoon making nipples lol...


Vanilla Buttermilk Cupcakes with vanilla buttercream, topped with flesh coloured fondant. Shaded with powder colours


Available to order from, Worthing West Sussex

Hey, I was drunk, and there was pizza, and my bra was feeling friendly. "Combs" is an inside joke.

My SL version of one of the funniest wallpapers I've seen.

Nat's birthday present - a face full of boobs. Isn't what what we all want on our special day?

Admit It, ladies, you all play with them, it might as well be a fact. And any men reading this will never know how much fun it is to wash, feel, pinch, caress or shake your own boobs ;P


PS....I don't know....I grow tits for a couple days and I get almost 3000 views??? Maybe I should make me a female avi?

Anyone local interested in doing some "nature" shots with me???

** Serious inquiries - must have photos

ich habe ein kleines Element eingesetzt damit der Text passt..-))

life drawing, charcoal and chalk

It may be time for a new boob tattoo. Maybe something smaller?

Typos FTW!


Pose is from Olive Juice "Tarissa yell" or something like that...Yay! Happy Boobing!

Ved vei 711, øst for Hvammstangi (øst for Hrutafjördur)


Approximate position on map.

im yours...


Note to myself: Smoking before a show is bad for you. probably that's why they want to add a third girl...

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