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This spectacular diver is a non-migrant who will range over 93 miles in search of food. They can snare flying fish from the air and dive 98 feet in pursuit of prey. Females lay only one egg every fifteen months and both parents care for the chick. They can live over 20 years. Texture by Kerstin Frank art.


Trivia: In September 2016, a male red-footed booby was inexplicably found washed up on a beach in East Sussex, UK, 5,000 miles from its nearest usual habitat. It was the first of its species ever recorded in the UK. The bird, named Norman, was exhausted and malnourished. He was brought back to health before being transported by plane to join a flock of boobies in the Cayman Islands in December 2016.


my favorite bottle opener.....

A red-footed booby. This bird is only the second bird sighted in New Zealand, and the first mainland bird. It arrived here a couple of days ago and I managed to get to see it today.

procrastination time!

can't even get over this hair.


pose by vestige at fi*friday

Fortunately no one was injured. I don't normally take photography seriously, but I feel it's important to call attention to bra drying injuries, which have become a 'silent epidemic' here in the states. Let's be careful where we leave these things, ok?

Boobys Bay.... Not very often I'm completely satisfied with the my way pictures turn out in terms of my vision, light, balance, flow and contrast. But with this one I think it works, and quite like it. :) Hurrah for that !

San Benedicto Island - Mexico


6 Clubs Comp Digital

no I havent had implants, these are falsies made by proactive prosthetics, useful for drawing attention away from my face!

big puffy cloud boobies. what do you see?

Friday Night Quickie.

This is my friend Brandons BMX bike, supporting Boobies!

Nazca Booby - Espanola, Galapagos

In a ;crane' grab machine at Great Yarmouth.

Masked Booby on Ascension Island.

Masked Boobys on Boatswain Bird Island off Ascension.

13 month old Olivia loves her booby :) Look at the expression on her face! Pure love!

Nazca Boobies that is, with a swarm of Storm Petrels in the background.

Genovesa island, Galápagos


Kodak Panoram No. 1

Kodak EPL

cross processed

VHD Daring Black & Peach Lingerie with appliers (75L in The Boobies Planet Round25 starting May 12th!)

will include: both sheer & opaque Lolas Tango appliers (sheer shown); stocking applier for Slink feet; and, appliers for: Phat Azz/ Cute Azz, Sking Brazilia, Perfect Bum, Ghetto Booty, and [Banned]. for each of the five looks (each set of appliers is in its own bag that you simply add and click to unpack; feel free to delete the others).

This ensemble also includes the

click-to-resize sheer black lace & peach chiffon flexiprim miniskirt as shown as well as a small multitude clothing layers in two layer options each (upper and lower).


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Please do not add notes; they will be deleted. Comments are great, though!

Unlike their bigger cousin the Blue-footed Booby, the Red-footed is quiet happy perching in trees - although they still seem too big for the size of the vegetation available in the Galapagos. Although both the white and brown morphs of the Red-footed Booby occur in the Galapagos - the brown morph seems to be the most common.

The ugliest of all halloween costumes.. I give you Ruth !!!

FZaPP Necklace Scur Mesh (For Boobies)


Hello ladies and gentlemen!

Soon I Will be have more time for SL with many News for all I'm still very busy with my life in RL but today gave me an longing to build on SL so I brought a new for you to use with BOOBIES.

is a beautiful necklace MESH that are available in the colors: black, silver and gold. Soon we will have more surprises!


And to match this necklace I'm with makeup Pink Acid Oceania Primitive Face Paint & Lips - Night


I hope you like! the Scur Mesh Necklace (FOR BOOBIES) is now available in store FZaPP.

Im adding this to a bunch of groups to see how many views I get JUST because its some boobies.

Booby's Bay in Cornwall, a lovely tranquil place to watch people and their dogs...then turn your attention to the waves

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