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Photography by & © BP Fallon 2011. All rights reserved.

just in case you forgot what Gassy looked like in clothes...


bigger and badass-er!

Photography by & © BP Fallon 2011. All rights reserved.

The Boomtown Rats performing at Cambridge Junction on 3rd November 2014. :copyright:John Newstead (working with Simon Watson Photography)

September 16, 2012


Camera: Leica M Monochrom

Lens: Noctilux 50mm, 0.95, 0,125

Gordon Brown chats to development activists Bono and Bob Geldof at the UN, 25 September 2008; Crown copyright.

Mélanie Laurent, actress


"I'm supporting Kofi Annan's initiative and hope this song will be heard by as many people as possible in the world before Copenhagen. This campaign will help secure a better future for our planet and upcoming generations. The time has come.


Download Beds are Burning for free and become a Climate Ally:

Friday night was 80's night at the mighty Chilfest held in Tring, UK. The rain tried to dampen the spirits of the Boomtown Rats, but Saint Geldof seemed to be enjoying himself nonetheless

I don't care if Wall Street crumbles

I don't care if credit ratings tumble

I don't care if billionaires stumble

I don't care at all.


With thanks to Bob Geldof for inspiration

© copyright Trev Eales


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Somali refugees at a water outlet in Ethiopia. Band Aid's donation will help provide fresh water for refugees in Aw-Barre camp. / UNHCR / F. Courbet / December 2008


LONDON, United Kingdom, September 17 (UNHCR) – The Band Aid Charitable Trust set up by rock music legends Bob Geldof and Midge Ure in 1985 has given £55,000 (US$86,000) to UNHCR to help Somali refugees in eastern Ethiopia.


The grant will be used to construct a gravity-fed pipeline to provide a regular supply of fresh water to refugees in the Aw-Barre camp, which hosts some 13,000 Somalis who have fled their conflict-torn country. Some 30,000 Ethiopians living nearby will also benefit from the project.


The provision of clean water will have benefits for public health and personal hygiene. It will also have a positive gender impact as women and girls will no longer have to run the risk of being attacked or raped while collecting water outside the camp. They will also now have more time to spend on education or income-generation activities.


Claire Palmer, a fund-raiser for UNHCR in London, welcomed the collaboration and noted that "this project marks the rekindling of a relationship between UNHCR and The Band Aid Charitable Trust that began in the mid-80s when Band Aid supported UNHCR with funds to provide emergency humanitarian aid for Sudanese and Somali refugees living in Ethiopia."


The Band Aid Charitable Trust was set up to handle and allocate funds raised by the song, "Do They Know It's Christmas?," which was performed by a superband brought together by Geldof of the Boomtown Rats and Ure from Ultravox.


Led by the two men, the group featured artists such as Phil Collins, Sir Paul McCartney, Boy George, Bono, Paul Weller, George Michael, Sting and David Bowie. It became a massive charts hit. New versions of the song were released in 1989 and 2004.

Bob Geldof performing with the Boomtown Rats at Chilfest, Tring Hertfordshire.

© photo by Paul Wright


I often used to go to the Sunday night gigs at The Lyceum ballroom off the Strand and on one of those Sunday nights I bumped into Bob Geldof of the Boomtown Rats and Sex Pistols’ drummer Paul Cook. They were happy for me to take a few photos of them.


It was really great to talk to Geldof because he always seemed to have so much enthusiasm in those days, nothing like the grouchy old git he is now.


Paul Cook was quite drunk that night and didn’t say much. I think Bob Geldof and Paul Cook were quite close back then because later that year I went to the Boomtown Rats Christmas Show at the Hammersmith Odeon and saw Cook at the gig. He was standing next to a beautiful slim blonde girl who I later found out to be Paula Yates. Paula was Geldof’s girlfriend but no one had really heard of Paula in 1978.


The Lyceum

Wellington Street



Format: Fotopositiv

Dato / Date: 1981

Fotograf / Photographer: Henning Meyer (1946 - 2004)

Sted / Place: Brattørgata, Trondheim


Google Street View:


Facebook: Platebutikken Playtime


Wikipedia: Henning Meyer (1946 - 2004)


Lenke / Link: Løst og fast om 80-tallet (


Oppdatert / Update: 28.04.2014 (Fotograf identifisert)


Eier / Owner Institution: Trondheim byarkiv, The Municipal Archives of Trondheim

Arkivreferanse / Archive reference: Tor.Hxx.Bxx.F0172 [T0331] + F23298 (diapositiv)


Plater i butikkvinduet:


- Barbra Streisand: Guilty (utgitt September 1980)

- The Boomtown Rats: Mondo Bongo (utgitt Januar 1981)

- The Clash: Sandinista! (utgitt 12.12.1980)

- Elvis Costello and the Attractions: Trust (utgitt 23.01.1981)

- Eric Clapton: Another Ticket (utgitt 17.02.1981)

- Iron Maiden: Killers (utgitt 02.02.1981)

- Lars: Livet er for kjipt (LP utgitt 1981)

- Nazareth: The Fool Circle (utgitt Februar 1981)

- Phil Collins: Face Value (utgitt 09.02.1981)

- Rainbow: Difficult to Cure (utgitt 03.02.1981)

- Saxon: Strong Arm of the Law (utgitt 01.09.1980)

- Styx: Paradise Theater (utgitt 19.01.1981)

- Talking Heads: Remain in Light (utgitt 08.10.1980)

- Toto: Turn Back (utgitt Januar 1981)

- UFO: The Wild, the Willing and the Innocent (utgitt Januar 1981)

Bob Geldof visiting La Stampa newspaper on Saturday July the 4th on the G8 Conference occasion.

Leica M8 + Summilux 50mm f1.4 Asph.

Bob Geldof played a free concert in Warsaw.


[...]I don't care if you live or die, couldn't care less if you laugh or cry

I don't mind if you crash or fly, I don't mind at all

I don't mind if you come or go, I don't mind if you say no

Couldn't care less, baby let it flow, cause I don't care at all[...]

{The great song of indifference - Bob Geldof}


Indifference. Bob Geldof is a great sage, imho. <3



Model: Me

Photomanipulation: Me

Other details: Hueco Mundo



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The Boomtown Rats - Pete Briquette & Bob Geldof

Copyright - Harry Potts

Copyright © Chris Bailey Photography 2012

View On Black


"...Sì della famiglia io sono il ribelle

Tu vendimi l'anima e ti mando alle stelle

E il paradiso è un'astuta bugia

Tutta la vita è una grassa bugia... "


Piero Pelù live @ Peace 4 Kids

Found a colour version from the same shoot as posted last year.

Naming themselves Henry and Howard Coward, The Coward Brothers single 'The People's Limousine' was backed by T-Bone and Elvis' warble through Leon Payne's 'They'll Never Take Her Love From Me'... as well as writing the timeless classic 'Lost Highway, our Mr Payne wrote one of the sickest songs ever - brilliant if you like that sort of thing, which we do - 'Psycho' by Jack Kittell... also recorded by Elvis Costello...


Photography by & © BP Fallon 1985. All rights reserved


Photography by & © BP Fallon 2014. All rights reserved.

Tribute to The Wall


by Sandie Besso Photography

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model : Enzo Van Erven

special thanks to Stella

May 2013


Live rehearsal for The Boomtown Rats at at Hurtwood Polo Club in Surrey, UK. I took many shots but this one captures Sir Bob the best I feel.

Photo copyright David Wala For permission to use this image please contact me

Thanks to Marina for her permission. Please do not use.. Not a gig pic, but too beautiful not to post.

Southern Vectis 1105 (HW58 ARU) a Scania Omnicity, pulls into this bus stop along Yaverland Road, Sandown on the 28th of May 2015. A shot I had originally discarded, but I almost like it a little bit now....

A poster for a gig by The Ramones and Talking Heads at Slough College, on the 28th of May, 1977. The Boomtown Rats were also on the bill; I'd never heard of them before this gig! I got the poster about 5 years after the gig! I remember being shocked that they were charging £2 on the door (but Bob Geldof spent £2 on my market stall a couple of years ago, so I got my money back eventually!)!!

Photo copyright David Wala For permission to use this image please contact me

The Boomtown Rats performing at Cambridge Junction on 3rd November 2014. :copyright:John Newstead (working with Simon Watson Photography)

Mr Geldof (as he was then..) again. The focus could have been a bit sharper - not to mention the dust I'm getting on these scanned prints - but I've always liked this shot.

The Rats were guesting on Marc's show - their first-ever British tv appearance.


Photography by & © Kevin Cummins 1977. All rights reserved.

Victorious Festival 2016

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