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Looks like the exhibition is underway in Tokyo so I can show off Team Sibley's girl for this year. I love the makeup that Paul and Melissa did, and the styling in these photos. I forgot that we had to do an outfit for a petite as well so Melissa whipped up this stunning glittery number for her.

Base doll- CWC Limited Edition:Prima Peach


Please consult Blytheboyjp about the order of my customizing.

Info & orders:

@nai Blythe


Blythe is Cool. :D

My Blythe doll family - 275 dolls.

(Including 2 Middies and 2 that belong to my daughter.)

I also have approx 35 petites, but will photograph those another time.

Now I have to put all these away...

Base doll- Velvet Minuet


Please consult Blytheboyjp about the order of my customizing.

Info & orders:

@nai Blythe

Blythe Punkaholic custom by Me

I love daisy.

Always when I start see them I do know it's going to get spring. When they disappear I know it's autumn and not so fare it will be winter.

Blythe Tagged!

1. What is your favorite doll from your personal collection? My personal collection has been severely depleted recently! I only have one doll of my own, an untouched Enchanted Petal, so it must be her hehe :)

2.Favorite BL release? Mondrian! Preferably matte and boggled :)

3. Favorite EBL release? Hmmm.. I can't say I have any strong preference ^.^

4. Favorite SBL release? I am currently enamoured with Enchanted Petals hair :)

5. Favorite RBL release? Soooo many hahaha :) I'll always love Tarts and Tea, but I may have to say Heather Sky as my final choice!

6. Favorite FBL release? I would say Vanilla, because white hair is so versatile!

7. List your 3 favorite customizers for Blythe.

Picara- The Queen of Blythe! Responsible for my Blythe crossover ♥

Effluo/Delayed Chaos- I love her style, and her illustrations are amazing ♥

Angel-Lily- Breathtaking, beautiful, colourful girls ♥

8. List your 3 favorite clothing designers for Blythe.

Um...I'm not a designer girl, but I like Sugar Mag stuff, and I am fascinated by Moshi Moshi's teeny perfection...but I think Jia Jia is just mind bogglingly amazing!

9. What would you like to see CWC/Takara come out with in the near future? I don't really buy stock girls brand new, as I tend to customise them...but I would like a cheaper tanned or darker skinned girl :)

10. How did you get into Blythe? I started on the gateway drug that is Pullip...I think I was rather nerdily searching for Evangelion on ebay a good few years back and one popped up! I went onto Dal, then dabbled in BJD's before realising my true love is the kooky weirdness of Blythe :D

11. What do you collect other than Blythe? Cameras! Although none of them fancy, mostly film, mostly vintage or reproduction. I also have an Instax that I adore. I seem to be collecting a lot of fabric nowadays, as well as Dunnys, and japanese style dolls (momiji/kimmidoll etc)


custom blythe


Feel free to tag yourself everyone!

Base doll- Save The Animals

@nai with La.TOMO weft


Please consult Blytheboyjp about the order of my customizing.

Info & orders:

@nai Blythe

Arbus waiting on the word to dispatch...

Base doll- CWC Limited Edition:Prima Peach


Please consult Blytheboyjp about the order of my customizing.

Info & orders:

@nai Blythe


A third eye opens, to an unseen world.


vintage doll eye, vintage flower, mounted on hair pin, securely packaged in its clear plastic case.

Custom beasica Blythe My Little Candy para Ana Dias, feita por mim: rosto fosco, sombra refeita, gloss nos lábios, pálpebra degradê de duas cores com brilho.


Blythe My Little Candy basic custom to Ana Dias, made by me: matte face, glossy lips, new eyeshadow, new gradient painted eyelids.

My Rosey triplets bein' too cool for school (or the Blythe meet!).

I added to the graphic I already had made the FBL and the RBL+ molds. (wich is the latest mold released. Hi Ho is the first doll made using this mold)

Please remember there are also other face molds like BL, EBL.

I just don´t have any doll with those molds made before 2003.

Dolls modeling are: (from left to right)

a Fake Blythe (imitating Christina the bride´s make up), Cousin Olivia, Ice Rune, Slow Nimes and Hi Ho Marine.

Blythe, Baby's Breath ★ Copyright ⓒ Lee Seung Eun All rights reserved ★

*** updated ***


... loose fitting version without darts....

Blythe, Happy Harbor ★ Copyright ⓒ Lee Seung Eun All rights reserved ★

As I read one I was tagged too!!!


1. What is your favorite doll from your personal collection ? I think my favourite is my first girl, Mizuki.She is a Hello Harvest and I found her so beautiful!

2. Favorite BL release?I have a Sunday Best,but I think Kozy is ultra cute!

3. Favorite EBL release?I love Cinnamon Girl!She’s an amazing doll!

4. Favorite SBL release?I love My EP so much, but it’s quite difficult to choose!!!

5. Favorite RBL release?AHHHH.I have many girls in mind!Once again,I love Hello Harvest,but it’s impossibile to ignore Tailor Gibson and Welcome Winter!

6. List your 3 favorite customizers for Blythe. Otto Kinder,Anai and Michele from Blythe Planet.

7. List your 3 favorite clothing designers for Blythe. Wererabbit (of course!),La boutique de Lupi, Poupée Mécanique

8. What would you like to see CWC/Takara come out with in the near future? I would love so much to see a really black girl or it would be such a surprise to have a mohair gilr….maybe in PAM color!

9. How did you get into Blythe? I met Blythe in a tiny dolls convention. Charlye and Teddybalokky were there with their girls…I guess the first one I saw was a Rainy Day…It was pure love!!!Few days ago I was waiting for my first….From that day I haven’t stop buying Blythe and now my family it’s quite big!!!

10. What do you collect other than Blythe? Yarns,knitting needles, buttons, diary, notebooks,fabric,My Child dolls,


Okay, if you have read this, you're tagged!


For quite some time, I've wanted to redo this picture of a line of rainbow-hued Blythes. I use this picture not only on my blog, but also as the header for my Etsy shop and on my business cards. When "rainbow" appeared as today's Blythe a Day theme, I knew the time had come to finally do it! (I've uploaded the old picture next to this one in my photo stream if you want to see it.)


The pictures look similar, but there are two main differences: all the dolls in this new picture are completely stock (because I realized that I prefer the stock Blythes, and that is now the focus of my collection), and their outfits and stands better reflect the rainbow theme. Also, I have become a better photographer and photo editor since the first picture! This new one is brighter and just overall BETTER than the first! I took care to arrange their hair, arms and legs, and to line them up more carefully than I did the first time. I've come to see how important little details are, like making sure their hair is out of their face, and they are looking at the camera.


My Blythe collection has grown quite a bit since I took the first picture, so I was able to use a different doll for every color...except orange. Cloud 9 Bowl is so perfect for that little slice of the rainbow that she had to make a repeat appearance.


Here are their stock names, from left to right:


Cinema Princess

Cloud 9 Bowl

Mrs. Retro Mama

Prima Dolly Amaryllis

Simply Sparkly Spark

Curly Blue Babe

Prima Dolly Violet

Petite Blythe with her new miniature Blythe Dolls still in boxes

From a doll meet at my house today!


I didn't take pictures of my dolls... so all these belong to other people.

Meu atual SONHO!! Para mim, a MAIS bonita de todas as Blythes!!




ou melhor, PRECISO! rs

Craudinha e Maxine.

Pela cara de Maxine, acho que elas não esperavam por esta foto!

Blythe Case Bizacco disponível

Base doll- Primadolly Encore Aubrey


Please consult Blytheboyjp about the order of my customizing.

Info & orders:

@nai Blythe

~Blythe Ferry was a ferry across the Tennessee River in Meigs County, Tennessee. In 1838, the ferry served as a gathering point and crossing for the Cherokee Removal, commonly called the Trail of Tears, in which thousands of Cherokee were forced to move west to Oklahoma from their homeland in the southeastern United States.


While the ferry no longer exists, the ferry site is now part of the Cherokee Removal Memorial Park, which was dedicated in 2005 and was still under development in 2007. The park comprises a section of the Hiwassee Wildlife Refuge, which is managed by the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency.

The Blythe Ferry site is situated along the eastern bank of the Chickamauga Lake impoundment of the Tennessee River, just south of the mouth of the Hiwassee River. The site is located near a point where Meigs County, Rhea County, and Hamilton County meet. Tennessee State Route 60, which formerly crossed the river at the ferry, connects the area to Cleveland to the east, Dayton to the west, and Decatur to the north. The unincorporated community of Birchwood is located just to the southeast

Blythe Ferry was established by William Blythe and his Cherokee wife, Nancy Fields, around 1809. The ferry was an important river crossing on the "Great Road" between Chattanooga and Knoxville. Blythe sold the ferry in 1825, and the Blythe family would make the trek west with the Cherokee in the 1830s.[1]


In 1836, the Treaty of New Echota was ratified, transferring all Cherokee lands east of the Mississippi River to the United States. The treaty called for a general relocation of the Cherokee Nation to the Oklahoma Territory. In 1838, President Martin Van Buren ordered General Winfield Scott to round up all Cherokees who had not voluntarily made the trek to Oklahoma and commence a forced removal. By the Fall of the that year, some 9000 Cherokee and 300 Creek had been imprisoned in stockades in Bradley County, a few miles to the east. It took several weeks to move the entire contingent across the river, with the last detachment crossing on November 12, 1838.[2][3]


Blythe Ferry operated until the mid-1990s, when a bridge was built spanning the river immediately downstream. The ferry site was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1982


Texture by: Lenabem

and ippicy


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My sister has just made this gorgeous blythe inspired necklace, using the shapes on the enchanted petal box.

Yea! My first Blythe structured bib cap! I love it!

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