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This one was a bit messy to do :o) It took me several attempts to get it right with the camera on self timer which I thought would be easier than using the remote and having to coordinate that with pouring the sugar. The spoon is stuck to the top of a jar with blutac.

Flash through softbox from camera left directly in line with the spoon, I think this was 1/64 power.


Explore #38

The side of a shop in East London, presumably used for posters and other notices.

Macro Monday, a small metal cat on round mirror with blutac mouse.

2 sparklers + blu tack + bottle of mandarin liqueur = awesome fun

WIP shot of a terrain setup I am making, primarily to play Malifaux ( I was just laying them out to see how much more I need to make, thought I would take a WIP shot. Malifaux needs a fair bit of terrain to keep things balanced between ranged and melee types. I figure I need about 5-6 more buildings plus a few more wall sections and some more crates etc to scatter around for cover.


The base is a couple of sheets of foamcore, hinged together with duck tape so it folds in half for easy storage. This has the basic stone tiling all over. The roads are then seperate bits of card stuck on with tiny bits of blutac, as are the buildings.


Its slightly narrower and longer than the "standard" 3' x 3' Malifaux board, more like 2'6" x 3'6". I have a vague plan to turn it into a dockside area using water to one side with some little piers and boats.


The whole thing is currently Dave Graffam ( stuff, his models are all pretty easy to make, pretty cheap but great quality, I can highly recommend. Nice thing is that a lot of the pdfs are multi-layer, allowing you to make several versions of the same building that look totally different.


Lauren was just about to chuck this lightbulb in the bin, as it had just popped. I had an idea to try to make the bulb look lit.......with the obligatory splash!


It took quite a few shots to get this, with lots of extra cleaning! Aligning the bulb was also tricky, as it was balanced on a blob of blutac, and needed removing and cleaning between each shot! I'm quite happy with the results though, and may make further investigations into the possibilities!

Saw this while I was in Tesco the other day and just knew it had to be photographed. Very strange and eye catching to see something so iconic in a different colour to what you're used to. A bit of a balancing act with no aid from glue, blutac, wires, strings, smoke, mirrors or photoshop and here it is, coke life!


Strobist... 580exii lastolite strobo with barn doors camera right bounced off white foam board camera left 1/16 24mm. 580exii lastolite ezybox speedlite camera left bounced off white foam board camera right 1/8 24mm.

personally, I don't care how old my sandwich is, as long as it's been freshly cut

I've never tried super macro before, this was new to me!


I simply attached my 50mm 1.8 lens (with aperture held open with blutac) backwards, to my 105mm MACRO lens.


I then shone a torch at a bug and snapped at a ⅓ of a second.



Messing about with Blu-Tac and a saucer of water.

Materials I used:

Bristolboard A3

Faber Castell Pencils H, HB, 2B, 8B

Kneadable eraser and BluTac

Tombow Mono Zero erasers (it would have been impossible without them!!)

Tissues and a big fat tortillion

51 hours over nearly two months! (It’s actually a record for me!)

My daughter "Elizabeth 10" came to work with me today. An produced these two out of "Blu Tac"

Plastic cutlery illuminated with an LCD monitor photographed through a polarising filter, The 'Food is a lump of Blu-Tac illuminated with a laser pointer

Processed with Silver Efex Pro 2


Oxford, UK

unexpected flip trick

I loved drawing this one, though it took me over more than a year to finish it.


Materials I used:

Bristolboard 33 x 22cm

Faber Castell Pencils H, HB, 2B, 5B, 8B


Tombow Mono Zero erasers

tissues and tortillion

totally 25 hours work (finished June 2013)

Tried out a new 77mm ND1000 filter. As I was to lazy to go down to the beach, I shot it with my 70-200 lens that only takes 67mm filters, BluTac FTW

Things I used:


Bristolboard A3 (actual size is 20x20cm)

Faber Castell Pencils H, HB, 2B, 8B

Staedtler Mars Lumograph 8B

Kneadable eraser and BluTac

Tombow Mono Zero erasers

About 200 tissues

19 hours of babysitting time ;)

A DockPlus for the iPhone along with some blutac to hold the Pebble charger

This is one of the things I wanted to draw ever since I saw the photo... which means for years!


It was very interesting to draw an instrument, especially such a beautiful one like a violin. And yes, I had to use a ruler as a little help

The whole drawing was a bit more timeconsuming than I expected and some parts of it were very boring to do (background)


Materials I used:

Bristolboard, actual size 33x24cm

Faber Castell Pencils H, HB, 2B, 5B, 8B



Tombow Mono Zero erasers

Tissues and tortillion

totally 26 hours over several weeks


The beautiful ref is from


Thanks for looking!


Camera Set For Tungston Light.

Coin Proped Up With Blutac With Flashgun At Top Of Coin.

The various shots I took to create the final submission for my 'Still Life' studio assignment at City of Glasgow College.


I had the combs attached to a light table using blutac. One studio light was placed behind the table with a blue gel over the bulb. Then another light was placed to the right hand side.


The other half of the project is found here:

First shot on Flickr with my new lens.

- Sigma 10-20mm F4-5.6 DC HSM


For this shot, I stopped on a dark sideroad, mounted the camera on top of the back seat (with BluTac) and set the self timer for 10 continuous shots.


----- ----- ----- ----- -----


I forgot to shoot in RAW and so the white balance was wrong :(


& becuase I took the first photo on the dark sideroad, the rest of the images were over exposed:(


*Though a lil' PP made things beter :)





acrylic paint, collaged butterflies reproduced in various sizes, pins, candle wax, tissue, blutac and fairylights

120 x 100 cm

One of our students makes a different model out of blutac everyday - this little robot is fully articulated, and was so cute I had to photography him for my '11th hour' photoblog

I have been forced out of my comfort zone and will be doing a wedding on Friday so I thought I would practice an old favourite. No flash here but a spotlight in the right top corner that gave me the shadow I needed. All I need now is the Brides wedding ring instead of this old timer. Must try and do something about the very thin pages of the Bible and the text of the previous page showing through.

If you try it, use a small bit of Blutac on the bottom of the ring to keep it in place.

This is a quarter of one of my walls in my room. The wall next to this one is only half full, the rest is blank so I can use it as a backdrop if need be.


I'm about to leave for a party at the Custard Factory. I should be stumbling home at around 5am, so tomorrow's picture may be taken super early. Woo.


My hair looks shite.

Taking time out one day, photographing the space just up and outside the bedroom. One of just 30 shots, all pretty much trying to capture the cobweb in the upper right corner.


Lighting is a problem, standing in the break between that coming in from the bathroom on the back. Shadows emerge as a result and the prospect of turning on the fluoroscent light pings.


Strategically placed mirrors on the floor would have made things a lot easier to shoot.

a little messy yes. I hoard.

Date: 03/09/2012


Theme: Kneadable


Materials used: BluTac, Needle


Techniques: Needle used to shape detailed sections. The rest was molded by hand.


Difficulties that arose: Handling the object became a difficulty as it started to lose it's detail everytime I'd move it or transport it somewhere, so I needed to retouch it again. I had to attach another piece of blu tac to the back so that it would be stable.


A problem also arose from this as the blu tac stand would get in the background of the photo and I would need to move the camera in order to place the trunk infront of the stand, blocking it from sight.


At first I had the tree infront of a solid white background, but when I looked back on the pictures the shots looked plain. Although the tree was in high detail and well photographed, the background was lacking and looked dull.


Also, with the camera that was available to me, it was difficult to get close up shots without the tree blurring, which was a let down because the tree had a very high level of detail.

the blutac penguin enjoys it's natural habitat

(7/30 50mm Manual Month) I've had the idea in my head to make an image of a smoking pair of boots for a long time.


It's really wet and windy here so I just wanted proof of concept today really and I think it will make a good image with the right conditions.


I don't think the composition works here, but I was limited by space in my hall with the boots on my doorstep and of course the 50mm lens! I shall confess that I cropped the top out of this one slightly as I caught the piece of card attached to the flash I was holding in there, but this was the best shot of the smoke. Otherwise it is exactly as it was shot, no further editing.


The smoke is from incense sticks standing in my boots with blutac.


Strobist info: Two Yongnuo YN560s, first one on full power standing on the floor pointed right at the gap between the boots and the second one I hand held above and to the front at about 45 degrees with a piece of card under the flash to stop light spill onto the boots themselves.


I shall be doing this again, hopefully tomorrow if it isn't windy.


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..Take one cereal box & unfold, draw a Witch as you like, using a sharp knife & scissors cut out your Witch - a fine spray of black paint is advantagious. With your remaining card cut out a small crescent moon, using Blutac a-fix your Witch to a cocktail stick then push into a small hole on your 'moon card' to leave her about one inch forward. Shine a LED torch onto a white surface just behind the cutout moon - 'CLICK' your Witches Brew is ready! (Adjust levels & add stars on a Software of your choice. Thanks very much to Derek Fiechter for posting on YoutTube this great piece of music he's written - PLEASE PLAY & 'LIKE' as desired. Happy Macro Monday to all on Flickr.. Alan;-) HMM..

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RAWR! Here is Nessy.

Another attempt at Module 6 of the 2012 DSLR Skills Course.


Greative lighting - using rear curtain flash on a moving subject.


I collected (pinched) a few ball bearings from my local car mechaninc (from knackered wheel bearings etc.) in the hope that they may "come in handy" for a photography project sometime and guess what - they have !!!


I placed a large sheet of black card on the kitchen worktop then arranged the balls in a triangle shape (snooker table style)


I setup my Nikon D7000 and 35mm lens on a tripod - focused manually using "live-view"

Set the on-camera flash to "rear curtain" and manual power of 1/16.


Natural light from kitchen window and overhead strip-lights.


The lens was set to F5.6 and exposure to BULB.


I also setup a short bit of card folded in half to form a "V" and rested one end on a large lump of blu-tac to form a ramp to roll another ball down and into the other bearings.


As I let the ball go I pressed the shutter button and once it had hit the other balls I released it - this then fired the flash.


This is actually the very first shot I tried using this setup and I'm very pleased with how it came out.....


The final exposure time was 1 second / F5.6 and ISO 100


Levels tweaked slightly (and desaturated) in Camera RAW then converted to JPEG and cropped in CS5

For new parents and party animals...I was the former once and the latter once. Now I’m neither but I still need it.

Avoiding reflections in products and holding things in place with blutac.

August 2016.

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