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This one was a bit messy to do :o) It took me several attempts to get it right with the camera on self timer which I thought would be easier than using the remote and having to coordinate that with pouring the sugar. The spoon is stuck to the top of a jar with blutac.

Flash through softbox from camera left directly in line with the spoon, I think this was 1/64 power.


Explore #38

Macro Monday, a small metal cat on round mirror with blutac mouse.

Messing about with Blu-Tac and a saucer of water.

Materials I used:

Bristolboard A3

Faber Castell Pencils H, HB, 2B, 8B

Kneadable eraser and BluTac

Tombow Mono Zero erasers (it would have been impossible without them!!)

Tissues and a big fat tortillion

51 hours over nearly two months! (It’s actually a record for me!)

Plastic cutlery illuminated with an LCD monitor photographed through a polarising filter, The 'Food is a lump of Blu-Tac illuminated with a laser pointer

2 sparklers + blu tack + bottle of mandarin liqueur = awesome fun

Processed with Silver Efex Pro 2


Oxford, UK

Washers Held Upright With Blutac.

Small Lamp With Blue Gel Attached To The Right Hand Side.

Small Lamp With Red Gel Attached To The Left Hand Side.

Flash Gun With Yellow Gel Held Under Side Of Glass Top.



acrylic paint, collaged butterflies reproduced in various sizes, pins, candle wax, tissue, blutac and fairylights

120 x 100 cm

One of our students makes a different model out of blutac everyday - this little robot is fully articulated, and was so cute I had to photography him for my '11th hour' photoblog

Date: 03/09/2012


Theme: Kneadable


Materials used: BluTac, Needle


Techniques: Needle used to shape detailed sections. The rest was molded by hand.


Difficulties that arose: Handling the object became a difficulty as it started to lose it's detail everytime I'd move it or transport it somewhere, so I needed to retouch it again. I had to attach another piece of blu tac to the back so that it would be stable.


A problem also arose from this as the blu tac stand would get in the background of the photo and I would need to move the camera in order to place the trunk infront of the stand, blocking it from sight.


At first I had the tree infront of a solid white background, but when I looked back on the pictures the shots looked plain. Although the tree was in high detail and well photographed, the background was lacking and looked dull.


Also, with the camera that was available to me, it was difficult to get close up shots without the tree blurring, which was a let down because the tree had a very high level of detail.

the blutac penguin enjoys it's natural habitat

RAWR! Here is Nessy.

i seem to have had a visitor at my desk...

I made an elephants head out of blutac and uploaded it. My friend bought me some more blutac for my b'day so I could make more animals so I made a penguin which she called Percy :)

Unflipped and cropped, the marble is resting on some blutac at the very edge of the lake.

My daughter "Elizabeth 10" came to work with me today. An produced these two out of "Blu Tac"

Naughty shot taken surreptitiously in work of a monitor

For Blutac animals in their natural habitat group

Trypophobia - Fear of cluster of holes, bumps, patterns, creases, indentations. For example, lotus seed pods, crumpets, cross section of bone marrow, coral reefs, honey combs, etc...

A DockPlus for the iPhone along with some blutac to hold the Pebble charger

who is Chanelle Hayes and why is she so popular?

"Well I once caused your cells to shimmer

And you once caused my cells to shimmer... the darkened lonely corners

Where we place our drive-thru orders

And we go

all the night without love,

Without love."

- Elvis Perkins


Meet my work laptop. We're okay friends, but we'll never be BFFs. At 5 pm on a Friday, I found my fingers fashioning this heart out of a mound of blue tack, over and over again. I wasn't concerned about it. It helped the phone calls. They sounded like real messages, real people at real desks, fingers real busy.


Part of the 'Lovehearts Abounding In Nature' project.

The idea of this shot was planned way ahead of the shoot, new i wanted to try and show audiolines coming in / out of his ears but when he dropped the headphones over his eyes I knew it would give a different spin on it. Its my first time at manipulating a photo with brushes and I'm pretty pleased with the way it came out. Any criticism would be greatly apprecaiated (be kind tho!) The background was a cheap black & silver wallpaper that we bought for the shoot and stuck to the studio wall with blutac, lit it with two gelled speedlights at full power, elinchrom Dlite with softbox to camera left and my buddy Eddie K booming an sb800 overhead camera right. Dodge and burn High pass filter and a crazy amount of brushes layers in post! Seemed to remember seeing something similar a while back but couldn't put my finger on it. Looking through my favourites I realised I owe the inspiration for this shot to the fantastic Matt Coughlin who never ceases to amaze me. Anyways enjoy!

This mysterious statue looks like it might be artwork from some exotic and long forgotten civilisation, but it was actually formed in several minutes from Blu-Tac last Tuesday.


Time keeps on slipping: 27 identical photocopies (presented blutac’d to wall), 1188 x 1470mm, 2016

Blutac Man in TV Hell as a Soundwave.


(Blutac Man created by Spunfunkster. Source Image by Hardboiled. Soundwave generated using CoagulaLight. Picture captured via Spectrogram.)

A raw image of my blu tac dalek

First shot on Flickr with my new lens.

- Sigma 10-20mm F4-5.6 DC HSM


For this shot, I stopped on a dark sideroad, mounted the camera on top of the back seat (with BluTac) and set the self timer for 10 continuous shots.


----- ----- ----- ----- -----


I forgot to shoot in RAW and so the white balance was wrong :(


& becuase I took the first photo on the dark sideroad, the rest of the images were over exposed:(


*Though a lil' PP made things beter :)



blutac man being speared!


Mouse mat + blu tac+ ear ring= 5 minutes entertainment.

It took SO long to get this picture, it's not even funny! (Notice the candle had completely melted by the time this one was taken. THAT'S how long it took) I desperately needed a photograph of a candle for my art GCSE exam, so i set about trying to get a photo in good lighting so that the flame was nicely visible.


It took ages before i got a decent one, and even then i'm not too happy with it but it's not too bad :)


Notice how i had no cake to sit the candle in so i had to resort to using blu-tac :( Not quite as tasty...

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