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WIP shot of a terrain setup I am making, primarily to play Malifaux ( I was just laying them out to see how much more I need to make, thought I would take a WIP shot. Malifaux needs a fair bit of terrain to keep things balanced between ranged and melee types. I figure I need about 5-6 more buildings plus a few more wall sections and some more crates etc to scatter around for cover.


The base is a couple of sheets of foamcore, hinged together with duck tape so it folds in half for easy storage. This has the basic stone tiling all over. The roads are then seperate bits of card stuck on with tiny bits of blutac, as are the buildings.


Its slightly narrower and longer than the "standard" 3' x 3' Malifaux board, more like 2'6" x 3'6". I have a vague plan to turn it into a dockside area using water to one side with some little piers and boats.


The whole thing is currently Dave Graffam ( stuff, his models are all pretty easy to make, pretty cheap but great quality, I can highly recommend. Nice thing is that a lot of the pdfs are multi-layer, allowing you to make several versions of the same building that look totally different.


Saw this while I was in Tesco the other day and just knew it had to be photographed. Very strange and eye catching to see something so iconic in a different colour to what you're used to. A bit of a balancing act with no aid from glue, blutac, wires, strings, smoke, mirrors or photoshop and here it is, coke life!


Strobist... 580exii lastolite strobo with barn doors camera right bounced off white foam board camera left 1/16 24mm. 580exii lastolite ezybox speedlite camera left bounced off white foam board camera right 1/8 24mm.

Sterling Homecare seem to have withdrawn from this branch. Pity they didn't tidy up before they left.


Blu-tac on glass never works that well in the long run.


- - - - - - - - - - - - - -


This is my 5th photo to make Explore. Doing well!

Messing about with Blu-Tac and a saucer of water.

My daughter "Elizabeth 10" came to work with me today. An produced these two out of "Blu Tac"

The various shots I took to create the final submission for my 'Still Life' studio assignment at City of Glasgow College.


I had the combs attached to a light table using blutac. One studio light was placed behind the table with a blue gel over the bulb. Then another light was placed to the right hand side.


The other half of the project is found here:

Materials I used:

Bristolboard A3

Faber Castell Pencils H, HB, 2B, 8B

Kneadable eraser and BluTac

Tombow Mono Zero erasers (it would have been impossible without them!!)

Tissues and a big fat tortillion

51 hours over nearly two months! (It’s actually a record for me!)

Another day at the office.

I loved drawing this one, though it took me over more than a year to finish it.


Materials I used:

Bristolboard 33 x 22cm

Faber Castell Pencils H, HB, 2B, 5B, 8B


Tombow Mono Zero erasers

tissues and tortillion

totally 25 hours work (finished June 2013)

This month Lugnuts has a "Lemons or LeMans" challenge.


Initially I wanted to build a lemon, such as the Tucker Torpedo, Chevrolet Corvair or Delorean or even a second Edsel, but none of these ideas really got me excited, as I feel I have been building too many cars that are too similar lately. I'm no fan of race cars in general, but I started looking into Le Mans racers, hoping to find a challenge there. As you can see, I've made my choice.


The Porsche 935 was a racing version of the famous Porsche 911 and between 1976 and 1982 almost completely dominated its racing class. The example I'm building is the Sachs Porsche, which went on to become first in its class and fifth overall at the 1980 Le Mans race.


Obviously there is a lot I still need to do. The rear of the car is completely unfinished, but when done will have a large spoiler. It is a race car, so it won't have much of an interior, but I do want to have some interior details and I want to spend some time on making the engine look good. Finally I will have to make a fair few stickers with race numbers and various sponsor names.

Tried out a new 77mm ND1000 filter. As I was to lazy to go down to the beach, I shot it with my 70-200 lens that only takes 67mm filters, BluTac FTW

Started off well, then the cloud sort of ruined it a bit. Also need to fix that slight movement from the tripod, should try using something other than blutac to hold the camera in place...


Created with Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.

Things I used:


Bristolboard A3 (actual size is 20x20cm)

Faber Castell Pencils H, HB, 2B, 8B

Staedtler Mars Lumograph 8B

Kneadable eraser and BluTac

Tombow Mono Zero erasers

About 200 tissues

19 hours of babysitting time ;)

Arctic fox playing in the snow

The various shots I took to create the final submission for my 'Still Life' studio assignment at City of Glasgow College.


I had the combs attached to a light table using blutac. One studio light was placed behind the table with a blue gel over the bulb. Then another light was placed to the right hand side.


The other half of the project is found here:

First shot on Flickr with my new lens.

- Sigma 10-20mm F4-5.6 DC HSM


For this shot, I stopped on a dark sideroad, mounted the camera on top of the back seat (with BluTac) and set the self timer for 10 continuous shots.


----- ----- ----- ----- -----


I forgot to shoot in RAW and so the white balance was wrong :(


& becuase I took the first photo on the dark sideroad, the rest of the images were over exposed:(


*Though a lil' PP made things beter :)



Camera Set For Tungston Light.

Coin Proped Up With Blutac With Flashgun At Top Of Coin.



acrylic paint, collaged butterflies reproduced in various sizes, pins, candle wax, tissue, blutac and fairylights

120 x 100 cm

a little messy yes. I hoard.

In the afternoon I escape to my new office. Here is my desk.

I'll be in this office until sometime just before Christmas when the new building opens.

Unflipped and cropped, the marble is resting on some blutac at the very edge of the lake.

My son's blutac sculpture

This assembly is quite similar to the "Three Sevens Triskelion" [previous model] - the difference being the Sevens are reversed and adjusted closer together.


Each of the 3 modules are folded from 5x1 rectangular Kami [25cm x 4.8cm] and assembled without glue. The assembly is not very stable and I had to use Blutac to hold the model down for the photoshot.


This is one of the many logos of the Tau Gamma Phi Triskelion. -


The logo is quite similar to the Trefoil Knot or the Valknut Symbols which I posted earlier -

Trypophobia - Fear of cluster of holes, bumps, patterns, creases, indentations. For example, lotus seed pods, crumpets, cross section of bone marrow, coral reefs, honey combs, etc..

16 days to go and I REALLY have run out of things at home to photograph.


Lucky for me blutac man came to the rescue

My blu tac penguin with parasol and drink.

One of our students makes a different model out of blutac everyday - this little robot is fully articulated, and was so cute I had to photography him for my '11th hour' photoblog

expressed through a 30 second blu-tac figure, sitting on a computer screen.

It was a slow day at work.

*** Comments Gratefully Received ***

I notice from my stats that the images of the Pano Head get the most hits of all my images.

I cannot understand why so let's hear it from your angle. Many thanks. Barry



This is my home made panoramic head.


Basically (not beautifully) constructed from 12mm polycarbonate, a substantial L bracket, sliding flash bracket, bullseye bubble level and various nuts and bolts.


It has two vertical axis points, one for the SD10 (as here) and one for my E1+grip.


Apologies for the poor focussing (no excuses)

thanks to tom for this dog (in a box)

Materials I used:

Bristolboard A5

Faber Castell Pencils H, HB, 2B, 5B, 8B


Tombow Mono Zero erasers

Tissues and tortillion

a bit more than 13 hours

pca130 Almost Repetitions


I've been wanting to see if this were possible sooc for a while. The angle is the difficult bit, that and controlling the edge reflections on the blades. It proved impossible to eliminate all the edge colours with the method I used but I'm still pleased with the result. The contrasting stripes in the handles etc were an added bonus I'd not conceived of. As well as sticking fluorescent paper out of shot to a board perpendicular to the tabletop I had to surround the scene with a roll of white wallpaper to minimise dark reflections off the sides of the handles.


EXIF: 1/10sec at f11, 24mm distance with a D40x with an 18-55mm Nikon kit lens.

Extra things used: tripod, pillowcase, drawing board, roll of wallpaper, blutac, three colours of fluorescent paper, scissors, lots of time to spare on a day off! Straightened and cropped with DxO 5.1


Taken 13.11.2010

I've just ordered some 6x4 prints (47x1p at Snapfish = BARGAIN) from my Empire and Garden set. I have an idea of what I'm going to do with them but first I need someone to give me a heads up on how to stick pictures up on wallpaper without damaging the paper. I hear 3M has some velcro hangers so I guess I could buy some of those and test them out? My Dad is against blutac on his amazing wallpapering skills so I need an alternative which won't damage the wall.

This one was in colour but was taken on a pretty overcast day so felt it was better in B&W with some minor edits (contrast). I love black and white. When I sent this one home and I was still in NJ people asked why I was playing on the road. I wasn't, I was stood on a little island (albeit probably not meant for taking pictures)

Walk past this display on the way to work in the morning, though a little mokeying round might liven it up

It took SO long to get this picture, it's not even funny! (Notice the candle had completely melted by the time this one was taken. THAT'S how long it took) I desperately needed a photograph of a candle for my art GCSE exam, so i set about trying to get a photo in good lighting so that the flame was nicely visible.


It took ages before i got a decent one, and even then i'm not too happy with it but it's not too bad :)


Notice how i had no cake to sit the candle in so i had to resort to using blu-tac :( Not quite as tasty...

Not quite as vibrant as the other one, but I like the shape...


I was dicking about today in the office as most of my clients didn't show. The results are here for all to see. Thank you clients!

Blu-tac on Brick Lane.

Our hero's nemesis, whose name I can't remember.

Blu-tac Man delivers the final blow, a two-footed flying kick.

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