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The rays coming down looked absolutely heavenly!


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EXPLORE # front page

First rays of the rising sun....View from Fanafjellet, Bergen , Norway

In Topanga, Los Angles, California looking down at LA

I am not actually in the blue mood~ so don't worry! Just the title for this photo.


Have a great day/night my dear friends!


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Sand Island, Hawaii


I'd like to announce to everyone that I have recently published my Facebook Fan page lol! So aside from here, I will be uploading my photo on facebook. I hope to see you there.


Thank you very much!

hi everyone:)

just dropping by to post one to let you know i am alive :) lol

oversuperbusy right now and i really can't wait to go out shooting soon:))

the days are getting really long know and the light when it is not snowing is sometimes supergreat:)

hopefully i will be able to take a few days of vacation soon, and maybe head out to Lofoten? just love Lofoten:))


and hey - it's my birthday today:)) 37 years old and stuff:)) man i am getting old lol, but i guess we are not older then we feel we are, right??


anyways, have posted an image like from this evening before with alot of bluetones, and this time it is getting pinkish:)) but i think it came out cool:)


a longexpo using hoya ndx400 and Lee filters 0.9 and 0.75 soft grads stacked together here:)


anyways thanks alot for stopping by and for leaving comments and faves, i really appreciate it:))


take care:)


Johnny :)


Another attempt at converting a dusk shot to a night shot.


HSS everyone. PP info: I started with a base image from my churches set, was the 16bit tiff image without the faux sunburst. Took the exposure down, highlights up. Toned with a cyan tint, expanded the tree on the left and cloned more of the setting sun highlight out. Added the moon in from another image. Dodged areas I thought would get hit by moonlight. Added the mist. Tweaked curve and levels.

From Marstrand, at the Swedish West Coast. A dream of a archipelago...

© Marie Eve K.A.




Thank you forFRIENDS! group, Thanks for the inviting BEST OF LAVENDER and PURPRLE Gallery on FRIENDS! and EXCELLENT PHOTOGRAPHER.



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Explored May 18, 2010

Highest Position #89


As part of bringing back colors to my stream.


Nikon D90 | Tokina 11-16mm @ 11mm


Have a great Tuesday everyone.

Morning mist gives way to a blue haze over Findhorn Bay. A lonely boat, the Susan Ann takes centre stage.


All rights reserved - :copyright: Moraypix Photography


Polaroid 4x5 film 64 expired - Wista field DX 4x5 camera

لا نيبْ ندمان على كل ما فاتْ

أخذت من حلو الزمان ورديَهْ

This is a alpine panorama nearby Riddance valley. It is over 1500m, the day was spectacular not wind and nice mountain scenery. I saturated the colours, increased the contracts. Comments are welcomed

Castle Dürnstein in the Wachau, austria.

inspired by this song "Daydreaming"


this week = worst week of my life (photography wise, at least). i tried about 5 different ideas, and they all were beyond terrible and i felt like if i posted them i would have to hide in my closet and never show my face to the world again because i would be too embarrassed and ashamed. so this is my i-need-to-take-a-picture-as-fast-as-i-can-before-it-gets-too-dark photo. there's my week for you; preeeetty lame!

except tomorrow i leave for vacation to LA! so i won't be posting a picture until later on in the week again.

before and after of last week's photo was requested, so there you go :)



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Oliver, concentrating and playing on his keyboard. I couldn't resist taking some photos when I noticed his bedroom window was creating a nice back light.

A Tulip for you from Royal Adelaide Show my dear friends!!!


There are a lot of variety of exhibition... and you can always found this tulips growing beautifully in the show!


Have a great week ahead my friend!!

Thank you for visiting my stream. I appreciate it. Have a great day :)

Thanks to everyone who views this image for your generous comments,faves & adding to galleries.

Your support is much appreciated.


I discovered this lovely barn wood scene while traveling the northern Ontario back roads looking for photo opportunities.The old wagon wheel.old broken ladder & rooster really caught my eye.

The Rivers Run Wild ! Largest Salmon Run in North America

“When we love and believe in something from the bottom of our soul, we feel stronger than the world and we are imbued with a serenity that comes from the certainty that nothing can conquer our faith. This strange force makes us always make the right decisions at the right time, and we are surprised at our own capacity when we fulfill our objective.”


~Paulo Coelho


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Ice reflections at dusk, along a frozen shore, Long sault, Ontario.

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So here's another shot from heybrook bay, this one taken well after the sun had set and most of the colour had gone but I wanted to try and get something a bit different. I also really wanted to get some nice sea mist in the shot so a 10 second exposure gave me that. I was also pleased that once I got home and got the photos on my computer that the rocks were really shiny so that gave an added little bonus effect.


Technical Details:

Shutter Speed: 10 seconds

Aperture: F16

ISO: 100

Focal Length: 15mm

Filters: Hitech 0.9 Hard Graduated Filter

A load of fun in Lightroom 3 :P


Enjoy and thanks for looking :)

Any comments or favs are greatly appreciated :)

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I'd like to make use this opportunity to wish you and yours a wonderful happy and warmly Christmas time!


I'd also like to thank all random and regular visitors of this stream for watching my photographic work. Without your time, efforts and energy my work wouldn't be exposed to a wider audience like you. Again, thank you very much dear visitor!


And... I'm sorry I haven't been in touch with your lately very often - or not at all - because of tight business-related design-production schedules this time of year. My promise to watch your work more often still stands!


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emily d'emic and caroline d'emic.


one with nature/monochromatic assignment


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trying star trails. i will keep trying them and will surely produce a better one next time :-)

Jun 12, 2010 #71 EXPLORE!



Jun 12, 2010 #16


I am very tired in the office is hot and I have to work today


Good weekend to all !


I unfortunately have to work :(

West of Scotland as the Blue Hour works its natural magic.

Majestic Sunset view from The Empire State Building, NYC


Nikon D3100 + SIGMA 10-20mm F3.5 EX DC HSM


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Flickr Explored Photo - Mar/27/2012

Found some more poppypics in my archive :-)

This image has driven me mad. I used quilling paper that kept uncurling as I was trying to photograph it... Grrrrr!


My 100x Macro Project so far...

Please view today's 'holiday fungi' image if you have time..thanks...this is just an extra for the Retread group.


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The original can be seen here


The answer to Monday's 'What Is It' is in the comments of the image

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