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Happy Blue Monday!


Experimenting some texture works with Topaz Texture Effects 2.


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The sea was a blue patchwork, so we decided that the only wise thing to do was sharing pizza and salad. Happiness in every mouthful.


(from atop a cosy pizzeria, down in the distance lies Taormina)

Gewerbegebiet MH Hafen

Blue sky .... ahh....... that were the days ....;-))

Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Heavens - Colors , Focus and Flowers



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In the Garden :-) Happy Weekend my Flicker Friends!

Canon EOS 300D - f/10 - 1 sec - 100mm - ISO 200

blue moon, afternoon moon, sky moon, washed out by the sun moon, scarred moon, seas and craters moon, always the same moon, december moon, not quite full moon, surprise me moon, silent moon, unobscured by clouds moon, dream moon, free moon, find me if you can moon, up all day moon, sleepy moon, moon moon.



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Frexy 325

_ _ _ __________________________________ _ _ _


- Mina Hair

- Maitreya Body

- Pink Fuel Skin

- Logo Head

a lone blue feather I found in my front yard

A Blue for the July Colour Festival

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bLue and a bit of white ;-)


It's a SOOC, the white is the corner of a house ;-) I wanted to find the letters L-O-V-E...... but only found the first two letters....

Here you can see the second letter 'O'.

Happy Macro Monday!

Blue blau azul blauw bleu

Blue Jay in a blizzard


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Lake just outside of the blue lagoon, Iceland

This juvenile Blue Jay has magnificant feathers that have grown in. He is one of three and I call them the "Three Amigos".

Just a blue heron standing in front of the water at Cameron Prairie.

A blue rose is a flower of the genus Rosa (family Rosaceae) that presents blue-to-violet pigmentation instead of the more common red, white, or yellow. Blue roses are often portrayed in literature and art as a symbol of love and prosperity, but which as a result of genetic limitations does not exist in nature.

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On EXplorer!!!!

Thanks dearf riends...

This is blue hour. Sydney City is a bit far away, started lit up. Red dot on the stick is not a lolly pop but Sydney Tower.


Jacaranda trees started blooming (purple flowers on the right-hand shore), spreading everywhere now.


From Gladesville Bridge over Parramatta River, NSW Australia


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HaPpY BluE MonDaY!!!!


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Blue tit, sitting in the late afternoon sun at my local park. Last warmth of the day, I hope he found a nice warm spot to roost for the night, very cold that night. BTW, we have Blue tits nesting in our nesting box on the Oak tree, first time!! Yay :))


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The blue wild flowers growing among brown leaves from last year.

Open your eyes and let me surround you...


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Blue flower 2

Tair 11a 135mm f/2.8 M42

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