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Many thanks to all who take the time to view, comment and fav my images.

Have a great day everyone!


Blue illuminated bridge in Szczecin (Stettin) - Poland

Blue sky .... ahh....... that were the days ....;-))

Thank you in advance to everyone that comments and/or faves my picture. They are all immensely appreciated.

This is blue hour. Sydney City is a bit far away, started lit up. Red dot on the stick is not a lolly pop but Sydney Tower.


Jacaranda trees started blooming (purple flowers on the right-hand shore), spreading everywhere now.


From Gladesville Bridge over Parramatta River, NSW Australia

In the Garden :-) Happy Weekend my Flicker Friends!


Thanks for visit, comments and awards

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A Blue for the July Colour Festival

Blue Jay in a blizzard


I would like to thank everyone who has taken the time to view, fave or comment on my photo. It is very much appreciated.


Thank you for your kind comments and faves

"Blue Bayou"


I feel so bad I've got a worried mind

I'm so lonesome all the time

Since I left my baby behind on Blue Bayou


Saving nickels, saving dimes, working 'till the sun don't shine

Looking forward to happier times on Blue Bayou

I'm going back some day come what may to Blue Bayou

Where you sleep all day and the catfish play on Blue Bayou


All those fishing boats with their sails afloat If I could only see

That familiar sunrise through sleepy eyes, how happy I'd be


Go to see my baby again

And to be with some of my friends

Maybe I'd be happy then on Blue Bayou


I'm going back some day, gonna stay on Blue Bayou

Where the folks are fine and the world is mine on Blue Bayou

Oh, that girl of mine by my side the silver moon and the evening tide

Oh, some sweet day gonna take away this hurtin' inside

I'll never be blue, my dreams come true on Blue Bayou

Blue flower 2

Tair 11a 135mm f/2.8 M42

Namur belgium



Happy Macro Monday!

primrose drop refraction.

The blue hour on Narrow River. Amazing colors. The clouds offer up a different display every day. I lived on this river for 16 years. My daughter still lives there, so when I visit her it's where I get to stay. Every sunrise is spectacular as is sunset. Only time I get sunrise pictures because I just have to get up & walk out the back door. Not an early bird, but I do enjoy the opportunity to see a spectacular sunrise whenever possible. This was a surprisingly bright early evening shot. It's a title river which is about a 15-minute kayak ride to one of the most beautiful beaches in Rhode Island. Pretty state with a very large coastline considering it's tiny size. If you love beautiful beaches definitely put Rhode Island on your vacation destinations list

On EXplorer!!!!

Thanks dearf riends...

Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Canon EOS 300D - f/10 - 1 sec - 100mm - ISO 200

i got a nice sheen on the drop today.😊

Blue Butterfly Bush/紫蝶花/ブルーエルフィン



Lake just outside of the blue lagoon, Iceland

Standing withered (dead? )trees in the blue water ...


Location :Shirogane Blue Pond , Biei- cho ,Hokkaido Prefecture ,Japan


北海道美瑛町 白金青い池


The blue color of the pond has not been fully explained but is attributed to the presence of aluminum hydroxide in the water :)

( Of course it was not a chemical pond..)


|HaPpY BLuE MoNdAY| and a wonderful week my friends :))**




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Thanks for all of your visits and friendships.They mean a lot to me xoxoxo


Blue Pimpernel grows among weeds and on the edges of cultivation. These flowers open between 8 a.m and 3 p.m but remain closed during humid and wet weather.

"Czary i dobre życzenia... otulają ziemię"

(piekny komentarz, dodany ponizej przez Anie / a beautiful comment added by Ania)


The blue hour after sunset.


Another older, almost forgotten photo.

Taken at the Sweetbriar preserve annual fair on Saturday,

Please see the link and more info,

This photo of the same bird was taken 2014 with my D80.

blue moon, afternoon moon, sky moon, washed out by the sun moon, scarred moon, seas and craters moon, always the same moon, december moon, not quite full moon, surprise me moon, silent moon, unobscured by clouds moon, dream moon, free moon, find me if you can moon, up all day moon, sleepy moon, moon moon.



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