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In the early morning, the water looks gorgeous.

Ah, what a sight! This one goes into my sunrise collection :)

It's been raining. Fresh drops on green leaves...

Dawn breaking. We reach at about 5 in the morning.

The rains didn't let up. And it was cloudy most of the day. But it didn't dampen our spirits :) This is early morning.

From the railbus, which was going at about 25 km/hr!

The clouds adding to the effect.

After a cup of tea, we head out to the water, where we spent most of our time :)

The reservoir is a brilliant place. Water, water everywhere. Broken tree stumps giving the whole scene a dramatic effect. And small islands dotting the water. Breathtaking. Especially covered in a sheen of mist.

If you haven't ridden in one, this is your chance. It's antiquated, bumpy and loads of fun. And need I mention, SLOW!

A view of the reservoir where we descend into the water.

From base camp, we are instructed to march to the top of the hill where there is a small cottage like structure. That's where we are to dump our luggage. The view from the top.

The one on the top right is where we camped the night.

Suman and Adel share a joke on the top berth.

Anuja, Roopa, Tulsi and Sathish finish the last of our water supplies.

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