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Sunrise is the signal for me to sleep,

sunset is the signal for me to get up.


so what you think of this? sunrise or sunset?





2009印度旅拍系列 - 3 models合照篇 - Pahud Presents

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預告一下,這是上周末在動物園拍的, 目前手上還有不少臺灣的films還沒掃完,等臺灣的掃完之后就來上這系列了。




[預告] Emilie / in the Zoo (上海動物園) - Pahud Presents - 博客大巴


photo/ alex


model/ wang yitong


《YOHO! 潮流志》1月上期有介绍我和宝丽来研究所喔,大家快去买!


抢先看 生活摄影师 卷


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During London's Switched On event the London Eye was left on overnight and I managed to bag this shot.


There's quite a few different light sources. You've got the fairy lights on the trees. The trees are yellow since they're lit by the sodium vapour lights behind me. The London Eye itself is lit pink and down this path, which is wet and reflecting the blue fairy lights, is an enclosure (it's glowing pink follow the path between the trees, see note) that houses the anchor points for the support cables of the Eye where I took this photo. They placed all sorts of words inside such as "Love" (which I photographed), "Valentine", "Be Mine", etc, etc in celebration of St. Valentine's Day. All these lights combined together make up this bright and colourful shot that was taken at around 3 in the morning!


Number 17 in Explore on 21st February 2008.


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這一系列是我們在Pushkar的沙漠裡面拍的,因為夕陽馬上下山了,相機ISO開到1250-1600, 這對S5pro來說已經相當吃力了,不過我跟Emilie都很喜歡這幾張照片。


Emilie in the desert, Pushkar, India - Pahud Presents

photo/ alex

model/ beibei

based on jaime m's photo:



(3rd Roll)

Kodak Gold 200

expired on 01 Dec 2004.


We are the good children: 我們都是好孩子.

I love this old-fashion cup, love it, and love the gift's sender.


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photo/ alex


model/ wang yitong

photo/ alex


model/ wang yitong

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