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Shot at frankfurt zoo, where the sparrows have no fear and are used to being handfed.

Catching up as I read and write!


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So here is another capture of the woods we visited. I liked how the sun made those bold shadows very artistic i think?? What does everyone think about the contact pages? for me, nothing new!

Hope you all had a stunning weekend! catching up right now!


Textures by Kim Klausen, Distressed Jewell, & Lennaberm-anna, with underpainting by me

I went back to the same woods to try this again, without a tripod this time.... much easier, and I guessed it wouldn't matter using a higher ISO since I was going to blur half the picture. I was lucky to have the chance to go on a sunny afternoon before all the leaves have gone, its totally grey outside now :( This is the same woods where yesterday's robin lives :o)

En enero no debería haber ningún animal suelto en el parque natural de Urkiola.

Las ovejas se van después del estudio fotográfico al que las hemos sometido.

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Uno de los días maravillosos en Saibigain. Inolvidable por el gran momento que captamos. Desde la silueta del monte Lekanda hasta donde está Aurelio habrá unos 20 km y parece estar cerca de nosotros esa gran masa de monte. El Sol estaba entonces escondiéndose por detrás de Lekanda.


Estaba amaneciendo. CONTRASTE entre el Sol que salía por detrás de Anboto y la niebla que subía desde el valle. La luz da de lleno en la niebla.


Caminando entre niebla desde Zabalandi hacia el valle de Pol-pol. Bonito lugar para soñar y disfrutar de la paz y la soledad.

Poema de mi amigo rafael-angel:


Las siluetas noche eran,

remanso equino de apacentamiento

do las nieblas esteran

con hielo arropamiento,

yacija de sol para el nacimiento.


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Textures courtesy of leschick and SkeletalMess.


Try viewing on black too.

Had to drive inland away from Lake Superior to get some fall colors....well worth the drive I'd say; a quick stop in Comment one to capture the yellow, wish I could have gotten down on the forest floor for a different perspective....


"Isn't it strange how the leaves can change,

From green to orange and gold.

Isn't it queer how the leaves disappear,

When the wind is high and cold...." The author is....?


Enjoy the end of your week, m'friends......Pat...xo

Thanks for stopping by:)


We still have color here....I need my camera when I'm walking!

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Museo del Vaticano.

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Thanks to all for your wonderful comments,faves


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Thanks to all for your wonderful comments,faves


Please don't use this image on websites, blogs or other media without explicit permission. NO MUl. INVITATIONS in your commenTs, Tks


Autumn in the woods.


Some people asking how this is done, I've said in the comments but I'll say here as well:


Add a duplicate layer in photoshop, give it a lot of motion blur at 90degrees, and then erase the parts you don't want blurred, ie the foreground. If anyone needs/wants more details send me a flickrmail :)

better on black :-)

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Isnt it pretty - I thought so - the sun was shining off some parked cars and I noticed the bokeh through my lense - it's saturday and time for a flower! I will be on and off all week - I am playing my squash tournament which starts on Monday. I am already set to play the number 1 seeded - it should take her about 10 minutes to see me On tuesday I have the number 4 seed..... ok 12 And on wednesday I get a chance at maybe someone around my level - it's going to be fun!


As always everything welcome - I am up to page 500 on the tagging at mywinners - I have it running on a separate computer - and my some of the images are just stunning! If I see something I like I stop the tags running and take a quick look - I think this is why it's taking so long.


Still masses of Iceland photos not uploaded!


Our final day on the island before flying out early the next morning, was a very full one, this being the first of a number of sights we raced around.


I fell in love with this place - as I was pretty sure that I would do from seeing some wonderful shots of it here on Flickr. I could have gladly spent hours wandering and snapping since the weather was fabulous, if still windy. But there were many kilometres and other sights to cover, and I would have had a very bored daughter into the bargain!


So we spent just over half an hour here gawping at the beauty of the place (39 shots to prove it!).


Lightroom and Fullscreen are recommended (as always!).

Prints available under this Link

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Some experiments with the Nik filters.:)


Sunset was long past by the time we got to the beach, so 503 seconds was easy to achieve.... probably not necessary!

One place we stopped in the fields for breakfast and to walk Molly. Been going through my archives and I thought this looked pretty.

This is processed with a migraine - which is slowly disappearing. Sooooo if those yellows are a bit vivid..... just put it down to migraine.

What awful things are going on around us. Those terrible riots in england and wow there's no money left! BUT I heard that petrol prices would be going down - see there's always a silver lining.


Feel free to offer tips or ideas - could have probably done another crop on this and taken out the sky..... but my migraine wouldnt let me!


Whatevers, as always, on my way to visit your streams.


♪ ♪ ♪


EXPLORE Worthy, TWO Of A Kind #3 - FLOWERS (Art from 2012)

Credits: Poppies / Brushes

Textures: My own

My Flickriver

Looks better pressing L

Thanks for your visit and comments.


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"Merci pour vos commentaires et vos encouragements !

Thank you for your comments and encouragement!"...:)

Buen fin de semana para todos amigos.

Happy week end my firends.

Buon fine settimana a tutti cari amici.

Sol, amanecer,

niebla, noche,

vida, silencio,

luz y tinieblas...

¡Buenos días, Tolo!


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Just playing with ps, Berlin ducks at baltic sea ;)


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Water reflections at sunset


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El clima esta tan cambiado que la naturaleza no sabe que hacer,

en casa las glicinas florecieron y estamos en otoño,como sigue

haciendo calor, las plantas están mareadas-

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