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Blind trust in the knowledge of the Berbers and their dromedars while a sandstorm.

(Captured with Lumix DMC-FX07 out of an underwater box. Nevertheless the camera had to be repaired afterwards. Dust particles of the Sahara are getting everywhere!)




Blindes Vertrauen in die Berber und ihre Dromedare während eines Sandsturmes.

(Fotografiert mit einer Lumix DMC-FX07 aus einem Unterwassergehäuse heraus. Nach dieser Expedition musste die Kamera dennoch zur Reparatur. Saharastaub kommt überall hin!)

10 Years " Wasteland"


"Change my attempt good intentions

Crouched over

You were not there

Living in fear

But signs were not really that scarce

Obvious tears

But I will not

Hide you through this

I want you to help them, please see

The bleeding heart perched on my shirt


Die, withdraw

Hide in cold sweat

Quivering lips

Ignore remorse

Naming a kid, living wasteland

This time you've tried

All that you can turning you red


Change my attempt good intentions

Should I, could I

Here we are with your obsession

Should I, could I


Crowned hopeless

The article read living wasteland

This time you've tried

All that you can turning you red

but I will not

Hide you through this

I want you to help


Change my attempt good intentions

Should I, could I


Here we are with your obsession

Should I, could I


Heave the silver hollow sliver

Piercing through another victim

Turn and tremble be judgmental

Ignorant to all the symbols

Blind the face with beauty paste

Eventually you'll one day know


Change my attempt good intentions

Limbs tied, skin tight

Self inflicted his perdition


Should I, could I

Change my attempt good intentions

Should I, could I"


Some fast moving, late afternoon light hits the bluffs and sea stacks at Blind beach in Sonoma County. There was a small break in the cloud cover hovering right out from the mouth of the Russian river, with the light moving around so fast that you just had to set up a composition and wait a minute or two to get the light you wanted, then shoot fast, because it's only going to last a second. Didn't get it? Wait another minute and it will do it all over again!

Being blind to the world is not the right decision to make, since there's a lot of people that depends on you to turn their lives more easier and happy. pearls is represents people, butterfly that covering my eyes is my obstacles going insane in my mind. Also i am impressed with my progress in photoshop and about the techniques i am using.

another sunset impression for Sliders Sunday. HSS!

much better seen Large on black. Hit L...

The faction fighting had come to a head. The Blind Dark Monks from under the Pier had split from the Blind Light Monks from the top of the Hill, and hostilities had commenced. Luckily, although they were highly trained in martial arts, injuries were rarely suffered, as they couldn't see where they were swinging their weapons......


created for: Surrealart challenge "soldiers & warriors"


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Some might fear uncertainty

But shouldn’t we be grateful for it?

Isn’t that uncertainty that pushes us towards the unknown?

The one that pushes us to explore new paths, new directions ?

The one that really makes us feel



So Long– Lonesome



I really like the composition of this one and got lucky given I only had to trip the shutter 1 time today. This is not cropped. The reason i like this composition so well is these bushes line the entrance to the parking lot of my workplace. there are 2 rows of about 30 plants in each row. I have worked here for over 6 months. 4 times a day, 5 days a week for 6 month i drive past these bushes and today is the first day I noticed them.

Blind - "Hercules & Love Affair" - Play this track here.


¿Whats this iPod Shuffle set all about? Read about it here


New York based DJ Andy Butler (assisted by Kim Ann Foxman) is behind 'Hercules & Love Affair'. This single "Blind" featuring guest Antony Hegarty (lead vocalist in Antony & The Johnsons) and was released March 2008.


Andrew Butler, began his musical career at 15, DJing in a Denver leather bar run by a hostess called Chocolate Thunder Pussy. He then moved to Brooklyn, in order to attend Sarah Lawrence College. According to Butler: "I’ve been writing songs since childhood. I made music for dance performances in college (where he studied under Corky St. Clair), like a remake of Gino Soccio’s ‘Runaway’ done in the style of Kraftwerk.

I am so glad thats cleared up then!


A new album is apparently immenent, which explains why I have been playing this track recently.

Almost made me go out and buy a triangle, that lead out.




The Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) was founded by Thomas Rhodes Armitage, a successful doctor who suffered from eyesight problems.


In 1868 Dr Armitage founded an organisation known as the British and Foreign Society for Improving Embossed Literature for the Blind. This later became the British and Foreign Blind Association. In 1875 Her Majesty Queen Victoria became the organisation's first patron.


The organisation received a Royal Charter in 1948, and changed its name to Royal National Institute for the Blind in 1953. RNIB's vision is of a world in which blind and partially sighted people enjoy the same rights, freedom, responsibilities and quality of life as people who are fully sighted.


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( )

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Tampa, Florida - November 2007

Friday's Flower......


Wishing everybody a happy Friday & sunny weekend.....:))


This window is in my garage.........


and. a. spell





© Κατερινα. All Rights Reserved.

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Never thought that I'd say wish I didn't love you ever since the first date, when you got close.

my heart would just stop, thought me and you together would end up on top.

You changed me for better for worse

I know I was caught up alway's put you first

I never once thought you would be triflin but o I was blinded...


I was open before I was open before but now I know...

That love made me blind so I could'nt see all the lies you told were right in front of me

Since love made me blind you made a fool of me

You made it look so perfect when it wasn't meant to be

Your love made me blind.


I gave all of my trust didn't think being faithfull was asking o much but I'm good glad that I know now I was fooled but fate let me see how they say every tear has it's reasons, every smile has it's own season

Never once thought youd be this triflin but o I was blinded...


Jason Derulo♥

[dani] Blind Warrioress


"Warriors are not born and they are not made.

Warriors create themselves through trial and error,

pain and suffering, and their ability to conquer their own faults."


Wordpress: Dani's Dreams Blog




Blogger Items:


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Lumae :: Adore - Eione // Anemone


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Wrap: Storybook - Zephyr Carnival Lootbox - RARE

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Eyes: Catwa - Animated Eyes & Tears

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Head: Catwa - Catya Bento

Body, Hands + Feet: Maitreya - Lara V4.1


Makeup + Piercings:

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Lipstick: Lumae :: Adore - Eione // Anemone Default Lip

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In Scene:

Pose: //Secret Poses// Model Pack 8 (Pose 1 pictured)


Taken at Lost Unicorn


blind people who can see, but do not see..

( Jose Saramago)


Zibska Outfit

for SCALA's My Bloody Valentine

event 02 - 17 Feb.

Blind Lake in Austria shot with

Sony A7rII + Zeiss Loxia 21mm 2.8 @ 8.0 + NiSi 70mm Filter System (Polarizer + GND 0.9 Soft)

Best defence also known as Blind defence. Agree? This group of Weaver Ant trying to defence their territory when i was there taking macro with the full Blast of my Flash. They keep coming up, and my flash do the same, Later they stop attack and ignore me, i guess they already Blind....LOL


Do not stand against the Thunderstorm!!!!!


12.12 project

The theme for May was silence

Most of the time, the word silence conjures up visions of quiet dreams bathed in blue and moments of solace when I can feel at peace with myself. Had I thought of using colour film, I would probably have tried to convey that feeling but since I had decided to use black and white film, my thoughts drifted back to someting darker. I then started to think of silence as a passive refusal to see things and acknowledge others and decided to portray it as a blind prisoner trapped within herself. Hopefully, the butterfly, being ephemeral, is bound to disappear and whatever was locked inside can be set free again .

In my garden this summer

Blind Pilot playing the Newport Folk Festival on July 28, 2017.


:copyright:Timothy Patrick Boyer, 2017.

A blind girl studies brail at the Blind School for the blind, on the World Disabled Day in Jammu. 3rd December observed as a World Disabled Day.

the truth is not all you see...

A blinded dead tree in the desert, sorrow is just a part of the story.

I have found that seen in the desert of Wadi El Rayan, Egypt, Western Desert.

When Valeria flies through the mists on the back of her crow, her eyes begin to cloud over and before long she finds herself to be blind.

As she relaxes into the rhythm of the crow's beating wings and soaring breaks, the vision of the bird seeps into her mind.

She is the bird and the girl. She can hear both of her heart beats at the same time and feel the motion of her wings.

The beauty of flight...



Lati Yellow Lea Monster House wearing a coat from YlangGarden



I know, i know, i'm addicted to the grey clouds... :D

I have a recurring dream of being able to fly, but it's a much darker scene at night with really high trees and i'm afraid of being seen by someone as i soar uncomfortably close to the branches.

Sylvi being the blind angel that he is. :)

In my garden i found this Caterpillar, he was sitting in the Dill and he like lt. When i checked the pictures at the PC i msaw the Blind Passenger.

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