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Strokkur geysir (Iceland) going off. I hope everyone will be having a blast this forthcoming weekend! :)

Field of rape seed in full bloom. I cropped the image a bit, otherwise straight from the iPhone.

Onze foto's en meer kun je ook bekijken op

Don't use our photo's without permission. You can contact me at the above website's contactform. Two photographers standing on the peer photographed. The didn't know they were part of this scene and thought they were only registrering it, but in fact we are all part of the scene!



CANON EOS 7D + EF-S10-22mm F3.5-4.5 USM‎


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Boom. Went down to SD today, to do some shooting, had some delicious italian food got free oreo cheesecake. pretty good. hope everyone had a safe new years. rock on wayne.

Patrick Watson - The Great Escape

A journey into Space for a humble Lily ...!!

We just got back from three days in the Aspen area and had a blast at the Snowmass balloon festival!

breast cancer.


One from the archives for you Aurelia!!!

Vermilion lakes, Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada


October 3, 2010 • Taken by Lorien


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Considering the fact it's going to snow here in few days, and get down to the minus zone, I'm trying to post as many of the fall photos we still have stashed in the computer as I can. Darn, I'm so behind everything it's very frustrating, but I'm sure trying.


Anyway, this is a 3 bracketed photos (I'm almost sure handheld) combined to HDR. I'm off to visit you guys, and then - prepare for our board meeting tomorrow. Oy, the joy of volunteer work ;-)).

Storm above Budapest, Hungary. After i had taken the photo, that storm reached me...:)

It is still snowing and dusk is approaching as Soo Line train No. 421 blasts west through Brookfield, Wisconsin, on February 25, 1994.


Merry Christmas, everyone!

Sorrento - Vic



I'll be uploading two shots because I couldn't decide.

This was the day after the night before, when the rain / snow / ice / wind had blasted across the mountain-tops on Arran. Exposed rocks and outcrops were coated in wind-swept ice formations like this which really hint at the previous night's conditions! The mountain in the background is Caisteal Abhail, and the Witches' Step (Ceum na Caillich)

Marvel Legends Cyclops. From the Puck BAF series.

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Festival of the Cranes, Bosque del Apache Wildlife Preserve, New Mexico. Snow Geese and Red winged Blackbirds take to the sky.

Still a little color at Mayfield Park, Austin, TX. Sony nex5r and Voss 75/3.5 enlarger lens.

this photo was taken in badlands national park south dakota, first i know and took a couple shot of exact same spot but the sky just look so plat and i keep coming and learn about that place and the lighting change, deferent times of the days, and finally one day its was storm badly like what i wishing for and spend a couple hours to see what will be look like at sunset and wow the clouds color and green grass just make really great colors contras, and many technic used in this photograph from camera setting to multiple exposure to photoshop editing, for more of my work can be seen at:



Barn Swallow. (view large on black) After a brief stop on the water the Barn Swallow (note fhe forked tail), takes off in a flurry of water droplets making it difficult to get a sharp image. A familiar inhabitant of barns and other outbuildings, the Barn Swallow is easily recognized by its long forked tail. It was originally a cave breeder, but now the swallow nests almost exclusively on man-made structures. IMG_5660

The elevator in the Astronomical Clock tower in Prague

Not as impressive as the last time we shot here, but just as cold. Not sure the six hour wait for a WB Freeport sub M337 train was worth it, but since it might very well be the last snowfall (In 2012 the March 2 snowfall was the last) it was worth the wait. Thanks to Bill Meier for recon work on finding this drift.

Please do not reproduce, publish or otherwise use this image in any way without my prior written permission. © All rights reserved


90mm, f13, 1/250th, iso200


Strobist: white card behind bowl of milk containing blue food dye. Milk coloured with red food dye dropped into bowl. Bare 580exii and 430ex about 45 degrees left and right between bowl and camera. 580exii triggered via off-camera shoe cord. 430ex slaved. Rear curtain sync.


Etna's New South-East Crater explosion taken from Schiena dell'Asino, Mount Etna - Sicily.

Dedicate to My SweetHeart My Darling Meri jaan Meri Zindagi Mera Future mera sab kuch meri Mangetar(life partner) SAM(samyasin)


Shot take by Ali butt

Beautiful colours for a deeply depressing grey day like today.


The blast furnace bases at Ironbridge, Shropshire the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution

...from the past that is! I am posting this one from the archives to introduce my new flickr friends to my favourite flower, the Osteospermum.

Have a wonderful weekend!

My first night out....


This was taken on one of many bridges that crosses the Susquehanna River.

I had lowered the tripod so that I could shoot at rivet-level. That also brought me more level with the taillights and headlights.



Adding to Macro Monday theme: Fast!

Staroměstská radnice - věž, výtah, Praha.

Old Town Hall tower lift, Prague, Czech Republic.


This is NOT a HDR photo.


Please enjoy this shot in large on black.


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Blast Off - Disneyland 2013


Can anyone guess what ride im on ? I've always wanted to take this picture i had it in my head but just been lazy when i've been going to Disneyland hehe. But i was super stoked on how this picture turned out its so freaking cool! I love doing long exposured never know the results! I barely could get m tripod in the rocket and i thought the employee wasn't going to allow me to take pics because it always fell out haha! But im glad it didn't! Thanks for reading guys! Hope you had a great weekend!


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Created for 54th MMM Challenge


Image of the tree with thanks to Alaskan Dude aka Frank Kovalchek


Assembled, edited and created in GIMP, with some post-processing carried out in LR3.

Well, no photo can really do justice to the amazing (but short) fireworks display which inaugurated the official opening of the Burj Dubai. This is the only shot that came out decent, the other ones are a bit messy (you can't see the details of the building anymore).


I wanted to shoot it closer with all the fountains, but then I would have been too close to the tower, it would have looked too much distorted. And unfortunately, I did not have access anymore to my friend's apartment who used to live in the hotel (building to the left here) just in front of the Burj Dubai.


The true and definitive official height of the tower has also been announced, it is 828 meters (and not the 818 that I mentioned in a previous shot).


And last but not least, it's no more called Burj Dubai but Burj Khalifa (named after the President of the UAE, also Ruler of Abu Dhabi)...I wonder what happened...May be the 'price' to pay for Dubai to Abu Dhabi for the recent financial problems... ;-)


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