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Model: Doris


*new title - thanks A, katrin and tess for ideas :)

Storms will come and go in life, but its how you come out on the other end that matters.


1 Einstein/alienbee-e640 into a small litedome softbox camera left

Manfrotto Tripod

Composite Image: done with 3-7 layers

A few layers of rain and a few layers of clouds.& adjustment layers.

Would like to Thank Fellow Flickrer Michael Herb. I got the idea and inspiration from his photo. It really caught the essence of what life for me has felt like the last few months. Please check out Micheal's work and website. I also scored this great cloud background from his site


If you like my work then please feel free to checkout my site and pass it along to a friend who may like my images.


White text on a black shirt:


”I’m a miracle

a big miracle

and I thank you for that”


At 10th Avenue Studios

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This is my freestyle for week 3 because I have a feeling since this week is finals I'm not gonna have a lot of time to upload except for the theme one at the end of the week hopefully! I really don't like the lighting in this photo at all. :(

Black Hipster in New York


Photo :copyright: 2017 Rob Castro







© 2013 Lyn Randle

Please do not use this image without my permission.

White Jean Jacket – Diesel

Black Shirt – Giordano

Jeans – The Gap

Boots – Espirit

This lamp has been sitting on the floor of my bedroom with a busted lampshade for several months. I've been meaning to get a new lampshade but have also been contemplating doing a series with the lamp. Photo series wins out so I will try to come up with some different ways to use it in pictures.

When my original photo plans fell apart last autumn, and with just a few hours to go before the sun disappeared completely, stunning Chris stepped in for one of my briefest photo sessions in some of my favourite woodland. Full set

More of my work can be found at the following-






Am I still alive,

Or has the light gone black?


People will say that you're never as good or as bad as you think but when people say nothing it leaves you to wonder.

Please NO adding Favourites without comments. You risk being BLOCKED

Please NO adding Favourites without comments. You risk being BLOCKED

December 6, 2008: Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron spotted out shopping for furniture for Vanessa's house at Design Within Reach in West Hollywood, California today.

Credit: Star Pix/ Ref.: infusla-34


This picture took way to much time to do. My editing thing kept crashing. So im pissed bout that. Im happy though cause I redid my room today. And it looks better and so yea

Wolverine The Nebraska Fan

Shot right out of the venue after a high-end cosmetic brand hair trends demonstration. I just started building my Flickr profile and it seems I had to do this much earlier :) Follow me for more fashion and portrait shots. Thanks.

So I got my boots on, got the right amount of leather

And I'm doing me up with a black colour liner

And I'm working my strut but I know it don't matter

All we need in this world is some love

There's a thin line between the dark side and the light side baby tonight

It's a struggle gotta rumble tryin' to find it

Been a long road since those hands I left my tears in.

Bigger, On Black.


Sooo... was going for an Edie Sedgwick kinda thing... how could I NOT, with this new hair???? I think I may do it again and use more opaque black tights and a striped sweater, and maybe lose the softbox to create a large shadow... but overall, I kinda like these. : ) I think she was absolutely adorable. I also think her life story is a very sad one. Factory Girl is one of my favorite movies, but I am not sure it portrays things as they actually were. Edie had a lot of problems BEFORE she met Andy Warhol... but the life she led once their relationship blossomed probably didn't help. At any rate, her style is just damn sexy and fun. Gotta love it. ;)


Tuesday's Truth: I went through a period where I did a lot of drugs. It was right after my best friend passed away, right after high school. I had another friend, whose father passed away. I think it was an escape for us. We didn't have to think about anything except having a good time, leading this life-style. And believe me, we did! Haha. But it's not worth it. It's really not. I'm ashamed at the way I treated people, and how it reflected on my loved ones. And it was very dangerous... at one point we had to drive a friend who OD'd to the hospital... ew. So glad I have moved on from that to better things. Those few years of my life are a lesson learned...


Do you feel like this sometime? For me, time simply goes too fast these days... and I don't have the time to do all I want to do and even if I like it, this 365 is quite more demanding than I thought. I am not thinking of quiting but I need to find a process to get shooting faster. I guess, the more I do practice and the more I will achieve good results in less time but it might just be wishful thinking. Anyway, here is another one that shows my state of mind for the moment. It will pass.. i am sure. :P


See you tomorrow flickr friends! As usual, your comments are like my cold beer after hard work. ;-)

old-skool from end of '08

Therefore you can`t expect anything great today! ;)

Custom Wall for Premium Football's Myspace page

Los Angeles, CA - Rachel Bilson is such a cutie. The "New York, I Love You," actress was out early to run some errands. Rachel made sure to feed the meter so that she didn't get a parking ticket. ..GSI Media September 2, 2009..Steve Ginsburg.310 505-8447.323 423-9397.323 656-2486.Keith Stockwell.310 .

Wish you all a very happy and a fantastic new year!

I have started my "Project 365". A few artist inspired me to start this project, would like to thank them:



Aaron Nace

K / Karen


Do watch it and have fun!!


Used my Holga pin hole lens for the Canon EOS. Haven't quite mastered it, so had to do a little slidering for the contrast.

You make the most beautiful ghostly figure in the world...




No textures added.. Taken behind the scratched glass on our building's main door

with a 3G iPhone and edited with Camera Bag for desktop (Instant and Lolo styles)

Model/MUAH: Gina Martino

Lighting: Ashlei Lou


Check out the rest of the photos from this set here.


580exII fired into 22" beauty dish on camera right, with YN622 transmitters. 5D Mk II with 85mm 1.8.


Amanda Hamilton




...our friend Rick, and a robotic banana. Ok... ready? It started out just like any normal day. We knew of a game and we were gonna play it. Then, out of nowhere our friend Rick called and said "Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down, Never gonna run around and desert you!!!!!" Did I mention his last name was Astley?=)


HA! Take that Sarah! And... any other innocent bystanders that just got Rickrolled. I made the mistake of doing this once before and introducing Sarah to the concept. Two problems with that. First, she LIKES 80s music. So she went online right then and bought the fracking MP3 from Amazon. Secondly she thinks just randomly playing it with me in the room constitutes Rickrolling me. I keep telling her she has to TRICK me into playing it. So now the score is 2-0.=D


On another note, what's with all the "barefoot dancing" searches all the sudden? I've seen a lot of those in my stats for this shot. With all the barefoot modern dance and belly dancing shots I'm surprised this one even shows up in those.

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