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the early spring sun, slowly rises through the large weeping willow tree, rising over the town and wilton lodge park. hawick, scottish borders, scotland.

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Nikon AF-MICRO-NIKKOR 2,8/60mm

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the morning star starts to ride high over whita hill. and starts to heat a cold - early summers morning up, just wish it was hot enough to incinerate those irksome biting midgies for good, as seen from the becks walk. langholm, dumfriesshire, scotland.

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an old dying and decaying ash tree, (fraxinus excelsior) prophers-some of it's woodland wisdom and advice, on to a naturaly regenerated young beech tree sapling (fagus sylvatica) starting out on it's long woodland journey of life, in the clear felled wood on the top of the whitshiels banking. langholm, dumfriesshire, scotland. view large

LeicaM4, Summicron-M 50mm III, Ilford HP5plus 800ASA, XTOL1+1

Exploring the last photographs of my last camera.


Shot at one of the streets of people's republic of Bangladesh.


Thank you in advance for your kind Visit


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Sunrise through the dune brasses at Rehoboth Beach Delaware.

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this very old drystane dyke runs downhill for about half a mile towards the longfaulds near potholm. between the castle hill, and wrae hill, a ton of stone per yard, there must have been plenty of blood-sweat and tears, carting this little lot almost a 1000ft up and over the hills all those years where the dyke leaves the picture is very-very steep - almost vertical. the photo was taken from the top of a very old style not long after day break. with the sun behind me, hence the shadows on the ground. langholm, dumfriesshire, scotland. view large


January 7, 2010

I'm not exactly sure how I managed to get to this point but I did. I started off with one idea but it didn't really work out. I wasn't liking how I looked (since I had, again, just rolled out of bed) and the sheet was all crinkly. I need to iron it today...


So I decided to give this a go. I remember seeing it done at least once while surfing flickr, I'm sure it's been done tons of times. It's not very original or creative but it'll do. I'm just in a meh mood today. It's cold and I feel icky and tired. I have to pack everything up tonight as mom and I are hitting the road tomorrow for Illinois. Not sure if I'm excited about it or dreading it. Hopefully I can still get a decent picture tomorrow...I doubt it but I'll try.


I'm off to take a shower and get packing. Hope everyone is doing well!


View on BLACK it looks pretty sweet :D

View on WHITE it makes it look more sifi!


EDIT: OMG...I just learned that my bear picture made it to explore but was dropped. The date it gives me is July 8, 2009 and was #492. I don't know what dropped means, must have just been old or something? But it's strange to know I made explore without knowing it until now......


TRF: Only 9 days until Garry's 22nd birthday and 19 until my 19th!

sunrise over terrona hill, as viewed from the woodland along the becks. langholm, dumfriesshire, scotland.

Negra sombra:, Luz Casal con Carlos Núñez, sobre un poema de la poeta gallega Rosalía de Castro.



Negra Sombra


Mentiría si dijese que todo era luz en su vida. Había días que la negra sombra se instalaba en el centro de su pecho, y como un agujero gravitatorio absorbía irremediablemente toda expresión de luz a su alrededor. Como si de un sumidero se tratara, una espiral, un torbellino de formas y colores eran atraídos implacablemente hacia ese monstruo invisible que todo se lo comía, insaciable ser que habitaba desde siempre en su interior, que había nacido con ella y que moriría con ella, y que despertaba en los momentos más inesperados, sin motivo aparente, sin aviso previo.


Ella cohabitaba con aquella negra sombra con resignación, como el que llega a un acuerdo en un matrimonio de conveniencia; sabía que habría días que tendría que convivir con él, y otros en los que la dejaría tranquila y podría disfrutar del viento y el calor y la luz del sol sobre su rostro, que era lo que más la satisfacía de este mundo.


Pero, tras tantos años juntos, tampoco renegaba de él... Era —decía— como en las noches más oscuras del año, los únicos momentos en los que podía apreciar las estrellas más distantes, el oscuro firmamento que hacía más bellas si cabe, las constelaciones de su particular universo. Era —decía— un retiro de este alocado mundo, en el que sosegar la marcha, hacer un alto en el camino y saber qué estrellas brillaban realmente a su lado, las que iluminaban su camino, y las que se había extinguido, aunque su luz siguiera llegando todavía a sus retinas.


Eran, en fin, como decía ella, esos momentos para aclimatar las pupilas para, cuando vinieran los días llenos de luz y de color, saborear más lo que la vida le regalaba.


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apocolyptic sunrise, over the muckle toon. taken through a double glazed window, looking south over the town. langholm, dumfriesshire, scotland.

There will always be shadows.

See her at full pelt in the video:


Making a rare but welcome appearance on the South Devon coast is replica LNER Peppercorn A1 Pacific number 60163 'Tornado', seen climbing Churston Bank with the 'Cathedral's Express' from Staines in West London to Kingswear. From Goodrington Sands station the locomotive was given the assistance of a banking engine, which came in the form of the Paignton and Dartmouth Steam Railway's own Class 25, which took the train to Kingswear whilst Tornado was removed at Churston to go round on the Turntable.


Bad luck for anyone hoping to get a shot of her at Kingswear! :P


60163's life began oddly enough not in 1948 like the rest of her sisters, but in 1990, when the original blueprints for the A1 Class were found in a skip at the National Railway Museum in York. After a fundraising campaign throughout the 1990s by the A1 Preservation Group, the money was eventually available to put together the 50th member of the class. Painstakingly, each individual piece was put together by hand, with boilers imported from East German steam locomotive manufacturers who had been building and maintaining locomotives behind the Iron Curtain till the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991. All other components were meticulously crafted over a span of 19 years until in 2008, 60163 worked for the first time under her own steam. In 2009 she began work on mainline tours, and was named by HRH Prince Charles and HRH Princess Camilla as Tornado, in honour of the RAF Fighter Jet and the Squadrons that they served.


Since then she has been both the celebrity and the sinner. As one of the worlds newest steam locomotives she found her way onto the car show Top Gear where she raced a Jaguar and a Vincent Blackshadow Motorbike from London to Edinburgh with avid railway hater Jeremy Clarkson at the helm. Amongst enthusiasts she has received a mixed reception, with many not considering her a genuine steam locomotive and refusing to so much as take notice of her. But for me and the vast majority of others, I love this locomotive, to me it is one of my favorite engines.


Since being out-shopped in fictitious LNER Apple Green, the locomotive's livery changed to British Railways Brunswick Green in 2011, and now wears the short lived BR Express Blue that was worn in the early 1950's, though was quickly removed due to bad wearing and due to protests by the former Great Western Railway management of the Western Region.


Long may this beauty continue to serve the railways as one of the most fantastic steam locomotives of our time, and of course we must also thank the men and women who devoted so much time and effort into creating such a magnificent machine! :D

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