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Val Gardena novembre 2007 :copyright: Tobia Scandolara



Contax T2 & Ilford XP2 400.


No EXIF data because it's an analogue film camera.

blackandwhite - Sea shell on St Annes Beach

blackandwhite - Blackpool south shore



Dorothy and Timothy, the Journey begins here, the journey ends ............


Part of the Nightmaresanddreamscapes(R) series


This chap was taking advantage on the centre of Athens being closed to traffic for a Marathon

These guys seem to work very hard for their money busking round the small cafes in the foothills of the Acropolis.


blackandwhite St Anne's Pier

Each lily flower has six stamens - the male reproductive organs. These stamens are made up of thin stalks, often referred to as filaments, having anthers or organs that bear the pollens at their tips. The color of lily pollens differs from light yellow to deep brown. The difference depends on the species and hybrids of lilies. At the center of the flower, there is a pistil - the female reproductive parts. The pistils are made up of the ovary at their base - the place where seeds are formed, an elongated style and a stigma having three lobes at the tips - the place where the pollens get fixed.


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The conversion gives it an almost x-ray feel I think

blackandwhite - boat waiting for the tide

Amazing clouds over Sydney at the end of my summer holdiay a few weeks ago and right as I hit the harbour bridge after a day in Balmoral - the photographic gods were smiling on me on that day. You can see Luna Park on the lower right. It looked like a terrific storm was about to hit - after a very hot day - however these clouds were just too cool for school and decided to float on by over Sydney.

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blackandwhite photo of Taz my Cairn Terrier on the beach

Coming off the Waterloo and City line at Bank station.


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2 shots combined and used nix silver pro 2

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