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Black Sabbath - Children Of The Grave






Looking through the pictures of my archive I found this.

I took this photo in May 2014 and I didn't like it ...................

Today I changed my opinion.

Conclusion - store all your shots

because time inevitably changes us and our tastes

Taken for Our Daily Challenge - black.


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1. Red Calm, 2. ZEN - WAY UP or WAKE UP, 3. ReAction, 4. NoNameARt


early visit to the Lek on Friday, not fully commited yet but around 20 birds in attendance, however they disappeared about 20 minutes before the sun hit them, never mind plenty time.

Photographed at McNary Wildlife Nature Area, Umatilla, Oregon.IMG_1954

Better on black

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Model: Anika Ciupka Bandini

Make Up: Katie Björn

Attire: Benjamin Björn


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the Gothic revival straining tower on Lake Vyrnwy, the lake sits under some of the darkest skies in the UK..when it's clear that is!! It's that dark, you can't see the car when you're stood next to it

Black Out Days - Phantogram


Hair: Argrace - Arata - Black (resize)


Hairbase: Action - Hair Base 04 Veganic [Crow]


Eyes: Ikon - Promise Mesh Eyes - Grey


Ears: The Skinnery - Puki Mesh Ears


Earrings: Epoque - What a Stud Earrings - Obsidian


Skin: The Skin Shop - Tone 07 Face/Body Sky Athletic(bold), Eyebrows Dashing (Black), and Eyes Dash.


Coat: Scars - High-Necked Long Coat - Black

Because Swans are a little cliché!


Marbles reflecting in the black table surface.

Realizada durante el workshop en Islandia el pasado Noviembre en la playa de arena volcanica junto al Jokulsarlon usando el sistema LucrOit y un filtro HiTech ND de 10 pasos. Si quieres vivir una experiencia similar, vente con nosotros a Islandia el próximo Marzo. Mas informacion aqui: Workshop en Islandia ¡¡¡ULTIMAS PLAZAS!!!


Taken during our workshop in Iceland last November in the beach of volcanic sand near the Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon using the LucrOit system with a HiTech ND filter of 10 stops. If you want to live a similar experience, come with us to Iceland next March. More info here: Workshop in Iceland ¡¡¡LAST SPOTS!!!


Taken during wind gusts of 90km/h .... :) for some reason i always end up shooting on days with 100km/h winds... Not sure why.


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I am not sure where the blue on the back of the wings came from, (NOT Photo-shopped). I checked the images that Linda took on another camera and the blue is there also. I thought it may be breeding colors, but everywhere that I have checked it doesn't say anything about blue on the back of the wings. I also thought it may be picking up the color from the water because the sun was directly in his face. Bottom line here is I don't know, so if anyone has any ideas please let me know.

Check This Out

I found this duck to be my favorite with the unusual black spots on the head and bill.


Nathanael Greene-Close Park

Springfield, Missouri

Green County

Petra Messioptra

Vita's Boudoir - Black Plisse

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