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On my way to work yesterday my car went out of gas becouse the meter is off ( new/old car). So when i was waiting for a collige of mine to pick me up i took some shots of neerby trees,,,, this is one result,,, The hairy thing in this one i´m not sure what the hell i is, but the weather has been changing and i think some of the leaves are starting to come out,,, but i liked how it came out, like a bizzare aliens wig :))

It was so cool going to the Smith Oaks Rookery for the first time. I had never seen anything like it. I had seen my first Roseate Spoonbill a day before in South Padre Island but never up close like this. It was funny watching these clumsy birds try to balance on top of these tiny branches as they collected nest material. What interesting and strangely beautiful, charismatic birds they are! I have always wanted to see one. They were nesting beside other birds, such as Tricolored Herons, Great, Cattle and Snowy Egrets and Neotropic Cormorants. There were hungry alligators waiting for any young bird that unfortunately dropped from the nest. Purple and Common Gallinules, Anhinga, White Ibis and Little Blues were also present. This park was really birdy and I was able to see some beautiful Prothonotary and Cape May Warblers and Yellow-billed Cuckoos. Too much for the senses to handle! I really didn't know where to look! All the birds in the rookery were in gorgeous breeding plumage and the sounds the Snowy Egrets made were the strangest I'd ever heard. The best moment was watching two Spoonbills clap their bills together affectionately. I got a few photos of that magical encounter.


Thanks to Houston Audubon for running and preserving this great place.

lyrical Bizzare : Feeling (Skirt Part) <- love the high waisted full length skirt and has great specular texture.

Top : PalomaSnow (Feather Bustier)

Zibska : Ingzi Coal Makeup , Zinovia Hair, Imogen Collar

No.7: AeroWings Lashes

Essences - Emma Ivoire Brunette (from TDR)

Dead Apples : Phantom Eyes (Snow)


Soundtrack :


Notes : Imogen collar is available thru the 08 Jan at L'accessories then will again be available at the Zibska main shop mid February

The Ingzi eyeshadows pack of 11 velvety colours is available at The Gallery Gift Shop until the 14 Jan [ater which it will be available as a regular release.


I used W/L settings (On Firestorm): Phototools Mavi Light (with light direction jig)

with pose from Del May (Do not disturb group gift)


I'll admit that I am fascinated by effects of cold weather, especially ice. So Vatnajokull National park in Iceland is like a giant playground for me.


I spent most of my trip in this area as the best of the weather was in this area as well. This is the black sand beach next to the Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon. The lagoon itself is a fascinating place. The icebergs slowly make theirway into the sea and eventually wash on the beach to melt slowly.


This beach is very popular both by the tourists and also by the photographers as you can get up close to the icebergs - each one with a bizzare shape. The colours and textures of these ice pieces are simply amazing.


I was fortunate enough to witness some nice light here as well and managed to capture several images here. This first one is actually the last image I got from this spot.


This is also my last post for 2013, so have a great 2014 everyone!


You can see more of my photography at:




A bizzare night, we found the stadium of the city of Bologna, totally opened and totaly empty, so me, August, Lorenz and Lollhausen started immediately shooting.

Thanks August for helping on many shots!

a view from a small hill called "Muenchshofener Berg" ...... cold and sunny winter morning.......



One of my all time favourite bands are M People from the early 90's. Heather Small has one amazing voice! Their best selling album was one entitled 'Bizarre Fruit' This got me thinking of them when I purchased this apple from a local shop.


Nice to see some shops have gone away from selling 'perfect' fruit and veg ;)


Day 104 done bizarrely! ;)

I was in a wild camping trip in Snowdonia this weekend. I spent a couple of nights up on Glyderau range. Conditions were simply incredible. There were snow all the way from the valley level and after 600m - 700m, snow turned into ice. At the summit of Glyder Fach, everything was covered in a thick coating of ice. Glyderau range already have some bizzare rock formations, and combined with the ice and snow, it looked like something out of a sci-fi movie.


The warm light from the sunrise gave a golden yellow color the icy rocks. It looked like they were glowing within!


You can follow my photography at:




One thing I find in common in Asian cities such as Taipei, Hong Kong or Seoul, especially those influenced by Chinese or Confucian culture, is that the street or building layout somehow seems a little messy, perhaps even downright bizzare at times. You will often see a tall modern building standing right next to a old low level residental house.


Yet, from another angle, this very uneven look is what give these cities their very soul.

floral close up


! All material in my gallery MAY NOT be reproduced, copied, edited, published, transmitted or uploaded in any way without my permission.

Please don't use this image on websites, blogs or other media without my explicit permission. :copyright: All rights reserved !

Love this new dress from Lyrical Bizzare ! (Burning)


Matched in this image with

Agrace Saki (White)

Maitreya Stilts

[KD] Valkyrie Mask Gacha

and petals prop from Uncertain Smile.

How to ruin a perfectly good photo ... try to do photoart with a mouse...Yikes!

Is that enough colour for you SV? Can I go back to building my monochrome stuff now?


This is is just a renovation on the one in my last scene, rebuilt to make the legs stronger.

In Oslo, outside the Opera House, a new ICM (Intentional Camera Movement) and SOOC (Straight Out Of Camera) except for crop and signature


© electronicxs 2012

On wet, rotten Red Oak. Always good to come across the Myxo's.



Dear pets. Be afraid when Linus walks into your room, because he will cause chaos and wreck havocs to your hearts. Yes, he's sadistic, and he's a freak, he's a weirdo. Above all, this charming man, this handsome devil is going to gain profit from your dramatic distress. No he doesn't owe you anything, so please please please let him get what he wants. Sorry, stop him if you think you've heard this one before or if you think that joke is not funny anymore.


How to break little hearts


1. Introduce a third wheel to a couple


2. Create a bizzare love triangle, illustrated by this 3 cute little lovebirds (modelled on lovebirds I know)


3. Prevent them from forming a ménage à trois


4. Watch and observe how one of them will fall in love with one of the couple


5. Innitiate false hope


6. Dash his/her hopes


7. Watch and record reactions, jot down


8. Enjoy Schadenfreude


9. Write a story, a book, a movie, or a self-help-guide on the heart broken


10. Enjoy even more Schadenfreude when you are making profit from their little broken hearts


11. Enjoy a head laugh


12. Prepare to live in hell


P.S. Lovebirds are based on birdies I know; the story is *purely fictional, really.


This sick, disgusting, sadistic advice is brought to you by Linus & The Feel Good Factory.

Azoury : Succubus Heel

Lyrical B!zarre : Stage (Top)*

* Note - Lyrical does full perms templates giving you complete artistic freedom with your looks. In this image, this top is retextured with my own texture.


Other Notes : Opofish (akan datang/coming soon)

Dress : Poison (Lyrical B!zzarre)

Headdress : Blossom (FINESMITH)


ieQed : Rose Sandals

Lark : Eyemask + Arm Wraps (from Enchanted - Stamp Rally Prize)


Nails (My own stuff)


Taken @ Lyrical Bizzare's Store Sim in Jasmine.

i'm about to go put a lot of pictures on private

because i don't like them

so if most of my stream disappears thats why



oh well


did i ever mention i like clouds

because i do



have a lovely friday

omg its friday

these days are going by so fast

its bizzare


meh tumblr and meh formspring

Tommorow, when the year begins a new

May yours be a blessed 2014 too


<3 D


Dress: Fated by Lyrical Bizzare

Jewels : FINESMITH for Ice and Fire Hunt. (Till 2nd Jan)

Hair + Skin : Yazimoto - Tableau Vivant, Renee.


For Emulation #39 at My Face Is My Canvas


I had a dream once that I lost my eyes. Not so much lost them as much as they were pulled out of my head. Every so often I have these bizzare dreams, not quite nightmares as I never seem to be freaked out while they're happening, where terrible things happen. I should look them all up. Last night I had a dream that I crashed my bike...I'm hoping it's not a bad omen!


I also had a funny dream last week about some of my friends on Flickr. I can't remember everyone that was in it, but I know Ali was and that a group of my flickr friends were secretly millionaires from winning the lottery and they were keeping it a secret which for some reason made me so sad that they were lying about was weird...


TOTW: Nightmares

My Face Is My Canvas

Featuring Miss Aniela..It is so much fun photographing her because she is so aware of the camera and how she looks in front of it, and what it is like to work behind it as well. I told her about this image, told her to look off into the distance, and she fell so naturally into a pose. I had another person in this but in the end felt that it was too distracting and cluttered so that detail didn't make the cut.


I have really been trying to push myself lately and shoot things that perhaps I would not have a bit ago. I have been trying to shoot the sky and gain more knowledge in that area.


This was hugely inspired by a Snuggle Fabric Softener commercial I saw when I was a child. It featured a woman next to her house on top of a hill hanging her super soft laundry on the clothes line. I remember thinking how badly I wanted to live there. I thought it looked like the nicest place on earth, and I still feel that way. However, I've always enjoyed thinking about that commercial in a darker, more ominous this is the result of those visions.


Miss Aniela's title would have been: "Waiting for Teddy" :-D


Assistance by Christopher John Hills V and Kathrine Stapleton.


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Jura – Les Prés d'Orvin

It was a cold windy spring night and the winter came back in the mountains of the Jura and 'sugar-coated' the whole landscape with a thin white cover.

During the day the spring sunshine melted the snow in the plains (background) away. So this bizzare picture occured.


(47.1588, 07.1530); [120°]

Hiking up to the top of Eureka Dunes in the remote northern part of Death Valley.

A 100% real photo. No Photoshop involved. Taken with a Pentax 645 medium format camera.

Model/Photographer: Gabrielle OHare


Skin: Miss Gemini - cStar

Hair: Dolly - Curious Kitties

Nails: N9 - Red Mint

Horns: Aries - Avatar Bizzare

Legs: Goat - A and S Visions

Wings: Unseelie - Soul Distraction

Outfit: Fleur du Mai - Montagne Noire

Fangs: Heartsick

The Catsskill Mountains and the tranquil waters of Callicoon Creek, under Stone Arch Bridge, in Sullivan County, New York hardly seem like a place for a bizzare and gruesome murder, but in 1882, the bridge was in fact the scene of what came to be known as the "Hex Murder".


The victim, George Markert was a farmer, he was accused of placing a curse on his ex-brother-in-law Adam Heidt, also a farmer. Heidt claimed that the curse caused him great pain and suffering, both to him and his farm. Adam Heidt believed that the only way to break the curse was to kill George Markert.


One cold January night, as Markert was crossing the Stone Arch Bridge, his nephew Joesph Heidt shot him 5 times in the head, clubbed him with his own cane and dumped his body off the bridge into the icy waters of Callicoon Creek.


Joseph Heidt was convicted of the murder sentenced to life in prison at Dannemora. He served fifteen years of his sentence and lived out the remainder of his life without incident.


The judge also convicted Adam Heidt of the murder, but believing him to be insane, he sent Adam to the state hospital for the criminally insane at Middletown where he died "of chronic melancholia" in 1897.


Over the years whether the product of overactive imaginations or something beyond the grave, haunting tales have been told of the ghost of George Markert walking the bridge at night.


This photo was taken late in the afternoon of of a cool damp October day in 2012. My son Shane and I were guests at Barnstorm 25, The Eddie Adams Workshop, while the students at the workshop were out shooting their assignments, we were driving around the towns of Jeffersonville and Liberty, New York stopping and taking photos and had stopped to take some photos of this beautiful picturesque stone bridge, not knowing the history. It wasn't till the following day after returning to the Stone Bridge that we learned about about the Hex Murders, when fellow photographer Gary Sprague found a sign on the other side of the bridge that told of the grizzly murder that took place here 130 years before.

At Yesterday's sunset


Yuga Kurita Photo Exhibition

"Tales of Fuji | New Era"

Aug 2 (Sat) to Aug 15 (Fri)

Island Gallery, Tokyo

Lyrical Bizzare Templates - Frosty

For KV Winter Fashion Month

Watch how I made this photo here on the NEW Episode of PhotoForge!!

What would you do... If I sang out of tune.....How Bizarre, How Bizarre! Actually this is a real shot taken at the Oregon Zoo, A ride for the kids...


(Created Cut and Paste Scene - Photo Art)

This is especially for all you George fans out there asking about him, he got a bit woofity when I told him.

Actually finished and posted on BZPower some time in late 2008. These days, I think it looks more like some bizzare yellow suit of medieval armour than a human, but I'm still rather proud of it.


I still haven't taken it apart yet, so I hope to get some new, decent-quality pictures up in the next few days.

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