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A bizzare mixture of light on a summers evening over Preston Marina, an approaching thunder storm with lightning, a rainbow and sunset all at the same time.

For Emulation #39 at My Face Is My Canvas


I had a dream once that I lost my eyes. Not so much lost them as much as they were pulled out of my head. Every so often I have these bizzare dreams, not quite nightmares as I never seem to be freaked out while they're happening, where terrible things happen. I should look them all up. Last night I had a dream that I crashed my bike...I'm hoping it's not a bad omen!


I also had a funny dream last week about some of my friends on Flickr. I can't remember everyone that was in it, but I know Ali was and that a group of my flickr friends were secretly millionaires from winning the lottery and they were keeping it a secret which for some reason made me so sad that they were lying about was weird...


TOTW: Nightmares

My Face Is My Canvas

Featuring Miss Aniela..It is so much fun photographing her because she is so aware of the camera and how she looks in front of it, and what it is like to work behind it as well. I told her about this image, told her to look off into the distance, and she fell so naturally into a pose. I had another person in this but in the end felt that it was too distracting and cluttered so that detail didn't make the cut.


I have really been trying to push myself lately and shoot things that perhaps I would not have a bit ago. I have been trying to shoot the sky and gain more knowledge in that area.


This was hugely inspired by a Snuggle Fabric Softener commercial I saw when I was a child. It featured a woman next to her house on top of a hill hanging her super soft laundry on the clothes line. I remember thinking how badly I wanted to live there. I thought it looked like the nicest place on earth, and I still feel that way. However, I've always enjoyed thinking about that commercial in a darker, more ominous this is the result of those visions.


Miss Aniela's title would have been: "Waiting for Teddy" :-D


Assistance by Christopher John Hills V and Kathrine Stapleton.


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Hiking up to the top of Eureka Dunes in the remote northern part of Death Valley.

A 100% real photo. No Photoshop involved. Taken with a Pentax 645 medium format camera.

>> God created men first, because you always need a rough copy before you create a masterpiece - A Woman.

The Catsskill Mountains and the tranquil waters of Callicoon Creek, under Stone Arch Bridge, in Sullivan County, New York hardly seem like a place for a bizzare and gruesome murder, but in 1882, the bridge was in fact the scene of what came to be known as the "Hex Murder".


The victim, George Markert was a farmer, he was accused of placing a curse on his ex-brother-in-law Adam Heidt, also a farmer. Heidt claimed that the curse caused him great pain and suffering, both to him and his farm. Adam Heidt believed that the only way to break the curse was to kill George Markert.


One cold January night, as Markert was crossing the Stone Arch Bridge, his nephew Joesph Heidt shot him 5 times in the head, clubbed him with his own cane and dumped his body off the bridge into the icy waters of Callicoon Creek.


Joseph Heidt was convicted of the murder sentenced to life in prison at Dannemora. He served fifteen years of his sentence and lived out the remainder of his life without incident.


The judge also convicted Adam Heidt of the murder, but believing him to be insane, he sent Adam to the state hospital for the criminally insane at Middletown where he died "of chronic melancholia" in 1897.


Over the years whether the product of overactive imaginations or something beyond the grave, haunting tales have been told of the ghost of George Markert walking the bridge at night.


This photo was taken late in the afternoon of of a cool damp October day in 2012. My son Shane and I were guests at Barnstorm 25, The Eddie Adams Workshop, while the students at the workshop were out shooting their assignments, we were driving around the towns of Jeffersonville and Liberty, New York stopping and taking photos and had stopped to take some photos of this beautiful picturesque stone bridge, not knowing the history. It wasn't till the following day after returning to the Stone Bridge that we learned about about the Hex Murders, when fellow photographer Gary Sprague found a sign on the other side of the bridge that told of the grizzly murder that took place here 130 years before.



Jim Rhodes was sick and tired of playing nursemaid to Tony Stark's sorry, drunken ass. Did the Man think he was the only one to come out of the 'Nam with nightmares? Rhodey had been there too..and you didn't see him crawling inside a bottle everytime some little thing went wrong. Goddamn hard to be a bodyguard when the boss was his own worst enemy!


"Invincible Iron Man"! What a load of bookoo bull.


He'd just about had it up to his armour plated butt playing corporate flunky; a flying Mr Fix-it kitted out in Stark's admittedly hardcore War Machine armour....


Here he was jetting his way across the damned ocean on his way to smooth over Stark's latest drunken blunder. For Christ's sake, while wearing the Iron Man armour he'd crashed into a Goddamned civilian airliner! Splashed it too!


What the hell Tony!?


Sure, boozehound or not, he'd still been enough of a hero to use his repulsors to cushion the fall of the most of it on a nearby at least there were survivours. Then he'd wobbled off into the skies. Talk about hit and bloody run.


Later, he sent Rhodey back to 'Deal with it.'


Just how was he supposed to do that anyway? Stark had already made the problem 'go away' at the corporate level. He'd shovelled a shithook load of money onto the weird little private foundation that turned out owned the island.


Why send Rhodey at all then? Tony had muttered something about, "Insurance" and sent him off without so much as a by-your-bloody-leave.


Helluva thing.


He just knew none of his other ol' 'Nam buddies put up with this kinda crap. Betcha damn ass they were all pulling in big money flying commercial heavies themselves; none of this covert para-military shit for them, no sir!


Christ. With his luck maybe one of them had been piloting the bloody Oceanic plane...wouldn't that be a kicker!


Easy Jim.


Coincidences that big just don't happen.


As the clouds slid by Rhodey thought about his 'Nam bros.


A-Number One pilots all. Austin, MacReady, O'Niell, Colonel Blackhawk...even that Looney Toons madman Murdoch and his tech Sgt. with the Bad Attitude, Bosco Baracus. (Awesome mechanic!)


Hell, they'd never believe what old Rhodey was up to nowadays....


Shoot, all Rhodey wanted to do, all he'd ever wanted to do really, was fly.


Leastways he could still do that.




I could easily have called this one "Rhodey's Ramble!" or indeed, "All Rhodes Lead To Chrome".


I promised myself I'd do a flying pic with an Iron Man figure and after doing the night shoot with Galactus I wanted to do something daytime outdoors. It was time to show the impact that "Irony Man's" drinking was having upon his friends, and I'd only just got the War Machine Marvel Legends figure so 'figured' the mojo was right...


In the Iron Man saga, the long suffering James "Jim" Rupert Rhodes was a U.S chopper pilot in Vietnam who helped rescue Tony Stark from the jungle after the latter had his 'Origin'. After the war, Tony hired Rhodey as his pilot and bodyguard. At one stage Rhodey started wearing Stark's War Machine combat-optimised armour, which led to Rhodey's character getting his own spin-off book...


Rather than photoshop the figure against a skyscape, I just took Rhodey outside, placed him on a piece of wire (later digitally removed) and took shot after shot until I got the right angle on the light and the right cloud and sky combo in the background.


Oh, I'm afraid I had to use that silly arse socket that's built into the figure for its flight stand to fit into. Sorry Rhodey!


The thruster burn and camera flares (all six of 'em!) are all photoshopped, and I've also done a little work around Rhodey's eyes to highlight them more.


Funny, the sky started out socked in with grey clouds, not particularly good flying weather! I was actually okay with that, it suited Rhodey's bitter mood and the text. Then, the sun came out and sang to me and War Machine looked so damn fine in the light that I went for the Knight In Shining Armour look instead.


Turned out 'ol Sol knew what I wanted better than I did. The soaring lightness is a wicked contrast to the text and underlines Rhodey's hellwithit, least I'm flyin' summation. Now that's Irony, Man!


Well I finally had time for Flickr today. This shot was taken a few days ago, but I only had a bit of free time only now to upload it due to a ever increasing demand on my time.


The photo itself is a somewhat bizzare one taken under rather bad circumstances. Just when I finally had the chance to go down to the rather somewhat isolated Sungei Boloh Wetland Reserve, it had to rain rather heavily of all times.That meant that I could only shoot for a short while for a first visit.


Up till now, I am not sure why the buildings on the Johor side of the Singapore strait are slanted to one side for some reason. I was not able to get it upright despite adjustments, so I decided to leave it that way. I would suppose that would add to the mystery of the photo, along with the rain that kinds of grain the photo too.

I think I'm going to really enjoy TOTW's "monster" theme this week!


I think it's hilarious that Scott no longer questions that bizzare things that I do. I trudge down the hall with a potato masher, camera, and desk lamp piled in my arms.

"For my photo!" I say

"Mmmhhhmmm" he replies, most likely thinking I'm turning into a crazy nut.


One more week left of this project, I feel like it's a combination of New Years and graduation. Part excitment, part anxious, part wondering about what to do next....we'll just see I guess!



TOTW: Monsters In My Head

TRP: Story Poople

How to ruin a perfectly good photo ... try to do photoart with a mouse...Yikes!

Bird silhouettes, another one of my favourite subjects :)


© 2007 s0ulsurfing - Jason Swain


license this image from the getty collection



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What do you do when rain clouds threaten to put a damper on riding and running season? Why you devise your own system of staying dry!


This setup was actually hilarious to take photos of, every time I would get my umbrella out, someone would come shooting down one of the nearby trails and give me the most bizzare looks....I can't blame them, although I'm getting used to people thinking that I'm up to something when I shoot in "public".


oh and yes, I normally do wear a helmet...protect that noggin kids!


On wet, rotten Red Oak. Always good to come across the Myxo's.

This lone Cottonwood tree has grown up in the midst of a rocky desert landscape


There maybe others in the bizzare Alabama Hills near the Sierra Nevadas' Mt Whitney( the tallest peak in the contiguous 48 states). But, I have not seen them, except along a creek that flows down out of the Sierras toward the town of Lone Pine.


My guess is that a seed was blown here, or an animal may have carried here, but here it stands strong and growing in the most hostile of environments.

These last few might be temporary...=] I'm not quite sure about them. also, this one makes me uncomfortable for some reason.

Captured off the South Devon Coast stealing a rock from the beach


Yes it's seaweed!

I don’t normally tweak my HDR images to this extreme (at least not any more!), but I couldn’t resist this one. The South Florida sky was turning some pretty bizzare shades of gray and black that afternoon. Of course, its easy to go overboard on the processing!


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This photograph was taken in Norris Geyser Basin in Yellowstone National Park. As the approaching storms created a threatening atmosphere, the bright blue glow of the hot springs created beautiful sight that captivated the onlookers. Except for the colors within the hot springs, the bizzare white landscape around this hot springs combined with a heavy cloud cover make the photograph look like a B/W image.


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This is especially for all you George fans out there asking about him, he got a bit woofity when I told him.

What would you do... If I sang out of tune.....How Bizarre, How Bizarre! Actually this is a real shot taken at the Oregon Zoo, A ride for the kids...


(Created Cut and Paste Scene - Photo Art)




Can any body top this, for a garden feeder find! could not believe my eyes, taken through the kitchen window.


THANK YOU, Hope your weekend is going well my dear friends, please leave a comment, will return the visit very soon, if not already done so...............God bless......Tomx.

Experimental Game:

1.a horizontally cut orange slice

2.a plastic crystal-like plate

3.a glass made base

4.a led light

1+2+3+4 and voilà, an orange X-ray…


"Eschew the ordinary, disdain the commonplace. If you have a single-minded need for something, let it be the unusual, the esoteric, the bizzare, the unexpected."

- Chuck Jones


"Anything that exites me for any reason, I will photograph, not searcing for unusual subject matter, but making the commonplace unusual."

- Edward Weston


Thanks a lot for your inspiring support, my friends. Have a magic weekend...!

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Somewhere in our universe, on a strange, insignificant planet, a foreboding, semi-translucent black monolith flickers like a ghost stuck between two worlds. In the distance, a looming planet, partially illuminated by a nearby star, takes on the sinister appearance of a crazed grin, as if anticipating what you are about to discover. Step a little closer to the monolith for a better look, and you realize it is not a solid piece of material, but rather, an eerie doorway, or portal, to another dimension--a galactic wonderland where reality is bizarre beyond your wildest imaginations. Incidentally, a sentient being crossing over the opposite way, from the other dimension to ours, thinks the exact same thing about our apparently "normal" universe.

Perhaps Life is much stranger than we thought...


All images © 2017 Daniel Kessel.

All rights reserved.

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Thanks my dear friends.


An ideal place for making a rest in a shadow and taking photos. I was impressed a lot of these wonderful rocks ceated by wind and weather.

ODC Theme: Bizzare

Taken 20 Feb 2013


That's one confused bird...sharpened, layered, cropped and preened for Flickr.




The blue tones of this morning shot in White Pocket near the Arizona, Utah border really makes the reds and oranges in the sandstone really pop and accentuate all the truly bizzare textures in the stone.

I really cropped this photograph way to much. I never dare to photograph myself this closely in fear that it will look so ugly/bizzare I would pass out.


I havn't really wanted to edit the photograph I took yesterday. It's soooo. boring. But I will do soon. Boring to not have them in my set.


So many great shots from today.

and..... I'm not really starting the 7 deadly sins, I just though it was a nice concept.




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