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This cactus wren thought he was the bird about town, standing atop the cactus crowing like the town crier. This is our Arizona state bird. Impressive to me how they can just land on those needles with no apparent discomfort.

A frenzy of birds at the edge of the Intracoastal Waterway in the Aransas National Wildlife Refuge near Rockport, Texas. Black Skimmers, gulls, and cormorants are in the mix.

In my opinion a very beautiful bird.

Not sure what this bird is called but it was in our backyard one day this month. I'd never seen it before and haven't seen it since. It must have been just passing through. It's color was so bright and I liked the patch of orange on the upper chest. Any of you bird experts have any idea what it is?


Sorry I haven't been on flickr much lately. Our 12 year-old grandson has been ill with a partial paralysis of the left side of his face which was diagnosed as Bell's Palsy. I spent hours with he and his parents at the emergency room a few days ago. He is now being treated with medication and is improving.

Bird - Darwin Finch. Galapagos, Floreana

Bird. green violetear Hummingbird at Savegre in Costa Rica

Its habit of investigating people and everything else in its home territory, and quickness to discover bird feeders, make it one of the first birds most people learn.

Some birds around our house during the first big winter storm of the season.

Bird on small dried plant leaning into the wind Spring 2016 Allen texas USA

bird - Kittiwake Flamborough Head

a bird with a broken beak

Where is Alfred when you need him?


Northern Gannet (Morus bassanus) at Bempton Cliffs

I first spotted this sparrow on January 30 and uploaded a photo then showing its beak. I was hoping if it's something stuck on the beak it would have come off by now. Sadly, it's still there. At least the bird is still alive and appears to be healthy. It didn't stay long enough for me to observe it eating (or trying to). I wasn't out for very long either so I don't know if it came back to the feeder later. UI also didn't get a good picture, but I wanted to post an update on her condition.


Nikon D7200

70.0-300.0 mm lens, f/4.5-5.6

f/7.1, 300 mm (450 mm equivalent)

1/250, ISO 800


A bird almost universally considered “cute” thanks to its oversized round head, tiny body, and curiosity about everything, including humans. The chickadee’s black cap and bib; white cheeks; gray back, wings, and tail; and whitish underside with buffy sides are distinctive.

I have the hardest time getting bird shots. They see me and fly away immediately. This little guy stuck around for a while, but had his back to me . He finally did turn around and I got 2 shots of him.

I don't get many decent bird shots, but I got a new lens today! I hope I will be able to improve my bird photography.



I just can't pass up a shot of these graceful birds!

Saw this pheasant between the wooden slats and plastic netting of a fence.

Some Black Skimmers flying in formation in the Aransas National Wildlife Refuge. This is right off the Intracoastal Waterway.These birds are interesting as the only species that has a lower beak longer than the upper. They use tis to skim just below the water to scoop up small fish.

You looking at me? I know it looks like an egg!

Bird chirping at my flat's window.

After sorting the garden this morning and filling al the feeders all the birds came down including this beautiful Goldfinch showing off all the beautiful colours!

I stopped by the rookery at Dover Park, in Fairfield last week to see if anything was going on, boy was it! The kids were out running around, chasing & fighting with each other on top of the trees and making the parents life a living hell as they demanded food! It was so active and noisy like a 'birding warfare' was happening...great entertainment ...I'm sure it won't last much longer.

see u 2morro....take care.....

Bird: Tiger Shrike

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