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He sat there alone and called his mother. He could not fly and did not scare to me. After one and a half hours of our joint time, he took all his strength and flew away. It was such a little miracle to me ...

Juveniles although very likely to get 2 or 3 juveniles together this is the same bird you can tell as the flowers are the same - textured

Sometimes if you sit still birds will come very close. Sometimes they come too close !

An adult bird showing its beautiful breeding plumage. In the fall when I had all my past sightings they always had drab looking appearance. Ashbridges Bay Park, Toronto, Ontario.

Same bird, different pose. This taken just before he flew off, to who knows where.


Some sort of water bird

The Woodbine beach area in Ashbirdge's Bay Park has been flooded for a while due to high water level in Lake Ontario. This created a nice stop over spot for Shorebirds including this endangered Piping Plover. This year there's been quite a few sightings of this beauty along the lake - they are probably looking for a suitable beach area to nest. I missed the one that showed up there on Monday; however, when a different one was reported two days later I didn't want to miss the opportunity. Experts are still trying to find more info on this bird from all the bands that it is adoring on its legs. Toronto, Ontario

Taken at the Sevenoaks Wildlife Reserve, where is very close to the town centre. A great place to hang around when you want some wildlife experience but don't have a chance to go anywhere too far!

Black beauty from Nilgiri hills




The Eurasian oystercatcher (Haematopus ostralegus) also known as the common pied oystercatcher, or palaearctic oystercatcher,[2] or (in Europe) just oystercatcher, is a wader in the oystercatcher bird family Haematopodidae. It is the most widespread of the oystercatchers, with three races breeding in western Europe, central Eurasia, Kamchatka, China, and the western coast of Korea. No other oystercatcher occurs within this area.


This oystercatcher is the national bird of the Faroe Islands. / from Wikipedia



I've always had this funny feeling about reality. It just seems very feeble to me sometimes. It doesn't seem to have the substantiality that it's suppose to have.


Philip K Dick




the geek behind the curtain: shot from this afternoon, hanging out with little E, drinking green tea smoothies from starbucks. despite this being a half-way competent shot to begin with i just couldn't leave it alone. i sent it through Auto-DAP about ten times, picked my two favorites, and blended them in GIMP with the "real" digital bird photo underneath.


the bird itself was long gone.

You would think such a brightly color bird would be easy to get a shot of but he manages to evade my camera most of the time. This shot was taken earlier this year along the Mexican border where birds were being fed giving me a chance.

Gull @ Vico Equense, Italia

Scottish Birds - Pow Burn

This beautiful oystercatcher was watching us while sitting so close next to us - but we needed minutes until we saw him. Bird Watching in another direction. ;-D

We only came across the one secretary bird on our trip. I was pleased to see this amazing looking bird that has an Eagle like head on Cranes legs (1.3m tall) with a wingspan of up to 2.2m.


Numbers have dropped in the area and the bird is classed as Vulnerable.

Young Sparrow,has found some Naturally Sweet Bird Candy.

Anhinga anhinga


Anhinga - Amerikaanse Slangenhalsvogel - Doiklari (Suriname)


Canon 5D Mark IV + Canon EF 300mm F2.8 L IS USM + 2x TC

Scottish birds - Pow Burn

Song Sparrow,digging the Seeds out of the Ice.

Scottish Birds - Loch Doon it the very last sunlight of the day ...

This cactus wren thought he was the bird about town, standing atop the cactus crowing like the town crier. This is our Arizona state bird. Impressive to me how they can just land on those needles with no apparent discomfort.

È uma ave passeriforme da família Grallariidae.

Fonte: wikiaves

Northeast Toromon (Hylopezus ochroleucus)

It is a passeriform bird of the family Grallariidae.

Source: wikiaves

Common ringed plover (Charadrius hiaticula) and Little stint

Just returned from a 10 day birding trip to Florida. Visited many different locations, saw SO many "firsts", walked 5-8 miles everyday, met a few great photographers along the way. It will take me weeks to get through the thousands of images!


The nests were SO close together it caused more than a few fights between the different birds.

The bump on the bill and bright yellow around the eye shows that the bird on the left is an adult in breeding plumage. The pink on the bill on the bird on the right identifies it as a juvenile pelican.

Male Anna's Humming Bird,ready to Rocket off,to Somewhere.

A Female Redwinged Black Bird?

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