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He sat there alone and called his mother. He could not fly and did not scare to me. After one and a half hours of our joint time, he took all his strength and flew away. It was such a little miracle to me ...

Fantail flycatcher from another angle. Shows off the fan rather well.

An adult bird showing its beautiful breeding plumage. In the fall when I had all my past sightings they always had drab looking appearance. Ashbridges Bay Park, Toronto, Ontario.

Some sort of water bird

This beautiful oystercatcher was watching us while sitting so close next to us - but we needed minutes until we saw him. Bird Watching in another direction. ;-D

It was a busy day at the feeders today and I got lots of practice taking bird shots. The 250mm is the longest lens I have, not so great for bird shots. But, the feeders are right outside the big bedroom window so I am close. This is one of my best bird shots yet in terms of sharpness and detail. The bokeh is actually the pond. Thinking that I need to rig up some big branches with some beautiful lichen to get those awesome artistic shots that I see.

Black beauty from Nilgiri hills

You would think such a brightly color bird would be easy to get a shot of but he manages to evade my camera most of the time. This shot was taken earlier this year along the Mexican border where birds were being fed giving me a chance.



I've always had this funny feeling about reality. It just seems very feeble to me sometimes. It doesn't seem to have the substantiality that it's suppose to have.


Philip K Dick




the geek behind the curtain: shot from this afternoon, hanging out with little E, drinking green tea smoothies from starbucks. despite this being a half-way competent shot to begin with i just couldn't leave it alone. i sent it through Auto-DAP about ten times, picked my two favorites, and blended them in GIMP with the "real" digital bird photo underneath.


the bird itself was long gone.

Male Anna's Humming Bird,ready to Rocket off,to Somewhere.

Primavera, las nuevas crías son alimentadas por su madre

You looking at me? I know it looks like an egg!

Another image from a birding session earlier this week at Hunter Wetlands Center (Shortland, NSW; Australia) with long time friend and fellow flickr tog Joe Micallef.

Hope you like this - check it out LARGE on Black!!!

Thanks again for any comments, views or favorites for this or any of my other images - always very much appreciated!!!!!

Young Sparrow,has found some Naturally Sweet Bird Candy.

Beautiful bird in nature . Awesome Sunny light on the bird which makes it look better


2015-08-24 14.01.27 PS


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