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Some sort of water bird

This beautiful oystercatcher was watching us while sitting so close next to us - but we needed minutes until we saw him. Bird Watching in another direction. ;-D

The Rock Pigeons are back for their yearly spring stop. Very shy birds. But this one was more curious than than the others


You looking at me? I know it looks like an egg!

Chaos ensues when the feeder gets empty.

Eurasian Eagle Owl (Bubo bubo). Captive. Nictitating eye lid closing. Photo taken at Turberry Woods bird of prey centre

2015-08-24 14.01.27 PS


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Thanx for Viewin, Favin, and Commentin on my Stream!

Male Anna's Humming Bird,ready to Rocket off,to Somewhere.

Here's another bird image I captured during my visit last week to the Hunter Wetlands Center (Shortland, NSW; Australia).

This Yellow-faced Honeyeater perched on a branch with an uncluttered background, allowing the opportunity to get some nice bokeh as well as the bird - hope you like it!!

Thanks again for any comments, views or favorites - greatly appreciated!!!

Have a fantastic day and weekend everyone!!!

A male Tufted Coquette from Trinidad.


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Some birds around our house during the first big winter storm of the season.

Not sure who was watching who here. This beautiful little bird worked very hard to build it's nest in a palm tree just near our hotel room at La Romana in the Dominican Republic. (It is, apparently, a 'Yellow - Faced Grassquit' (Tiaris Olivaceus). Thanks to Pete Withers for the identification).

Primavera, las nuevas crías son alimentadas por su madre

Humming Bird

Monteverde Cloud Forest

Costa Rica 12/10/2008

She is after the berries of the Whitebeam tree in front of our house.

It was the first time i saw this bird

Rainbow lorikeets often travel together in pairs and occasionally respond to calls to fly as a flock, then disperse again into pairs. Rainbow lorikeet pairs defend their feeding and nesting areas aggressively against other rainbow lorikeets and other bird species. They chase off not only smaller birds such as the noisy miner, but also larger and more powerful birds such as the Australian magpie.

In my opinion a very beautiful bird and I love this ones white bib.

This bird said, "Hey, hey you! STOP CALLING ME CUTE! I'm ferocious, not cute!" lol

see u 2morro....take care.....

Bird: Tiger Shrike

A frenzy of birds at the edge of the Intracoastal Waterway in the Aransas National Wildlife Refuge near Rockport, Texas. Black Skimmers, gulls, and cormorants are in the mix.

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