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Bird - Indian Roller

You looking at me? I know it looks like an egg!

beautiful Thursday to all.....

Bird: Mugi Miki.

Humming Bird

Monteverde Cloud Forest

Costa Rica 12/10/2008

see u 2morro....take care.....

Bird: Tiger Shrike

I'm back after recovering from taking thousands of pictures LOL of my in-laws that were here visiting from Germany. I had my first day back in the field today after about three weeks and of course it was cloudy,raining ,cold and windy. I did manage to get a few bird pictures like this Kinglet that was hanging around with something in his beak.

or in this case thin ice on top of a mound of snow. Freezing rain was covering the birds and the snow on this particular day.


Acrocephalus scirpaceus

It's name in arabic Sabri


It's predator that eat small birds .

My pictures are not a copy of "reality".


They have been modified to convey a feeling or a message.


Therefore do not bother to comment that they are: "too light", "too dark", "too saturated" etc.



Not sure who was watching who here. This beautiful little bird worked very hard to build it's nest in a palm tree just near our hotel room at La Romana in the Dominican Republic. (It is, apparently, a 'Yellow - Faced Grassquit' (Tiaris Olivaceus). Thanks to Pete Withers for the identification).

At Butterfly Palace, Branson, MO

I had to move the ISO upto 1600 to get this shot due to the focal length and poor lighting conditions on a dull & damp late October day.


Pentax K-3

Sigma 18-250mm


Aperture ƒ/6.3

Focal length 250.0 mm

Shutter 1/200

ISO 1600

Happy Bird In The Bokeh Fence Friday ;)

Bird - Marbella sunset

Small bird in the aviary at the Oregon Zoo.

Thanks to everyone who takes the time to view, comment, and fave my photo.

Bird - Little Owl (Athene noctua) portrait

Turbary Woods Owl And Bird Sanctuary Preston Lancashire

These birds are so much fun to watch in action on the beach.

Day five of bird week.


Firstly I'd like to thank everyone for their concern. I just have a minor concussion. It's nothing serious. Just going to have headaches, dizziness, and nausea for awhile. I'll still be going through my contact list and commenting but the comments will be slightly generic for awhile (which is very difficult as you all have such beautiful stuff!). Thanks again everyone for your concern!


This is another South American bird at the aviary.


I'm trying not to bore you all with the robin shots I got last Saturday morning, but I'm rather pleased with some of them. This guy was looking rather inquisitive.


An album with all my robins -


All my bird shots are in this album:-


All your favourite pics which have 100+ faves (without being in explore) are in this album:-

same bird, same tree, different day. Another foggy, rainy, cloudy day today, seems like its the only time this bird will give me a shot.

A baby, tiny hummingbird. LOL

I think he is more orange then yellow.

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