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Bird - Indian Roller

Bird - Hummingbird

In the forrest, close to the big Humboldt Falls off the Milford Sound road, this bird just sat and posed until I was done. Great colours!


Please no use without my express permission.

P1480834 - Citrine Wagtail - Breeding plumage - Size - 19 cm

# 326 - 30 Sep '18 - 19:35 (14:05 GMT)


Citrine Wagtail {Motacilla citreola (Calcarata - subspecies)} - Sapi La or Sapi Valley - Ladakh - Jammu and Kashmir - Western Himalayas - India - 4370m (14337 ft) Altitude.


Also Know as - Yellow-headed Wagtail, Yellow-hooded Wagtail.


WONDERFUL FACTS - The longest gestation period...

The largest of all land animals have the longest gestation period of all living mammals.

Yes, the gestation period of Elephants lasts for 18 to 22 months. That’s nearly two years. Among the two main species of elephants – African and Asian, it changes by a few months.

For an African Elephant, the gestation period is 22 months where the Asian Elephant’s is between 18 and 22 months 🐾

Happy birding 🐧

happy easter everyone!

Bird Watching just a casual observer in the tree, not sure of the species, found in North Carolina.

P1310149 - White-throated Kingfisher - Size - 27 - 28 cm

# 291 - 09 July '18 - 15:45 (10:15 GMT)


At - Barnighad - Uttarakhand - Western Himalayas - ~1000m (3280 ft) Altitude.


White-throated kingfisher (Halcyon smyrnensis) - also known as the white-breasted kingfisher is a tree kingfisher, widely distributed in Asia from Turkey east through the Indian subcontinent to the Philippines.


DO YOU KNOW - A rhinoceros' horn is made of hair 🐾

Happy birding ️🌺

The ruddy turnstoneruddy turnstoneruddy turnstone (Arenaria interpres) is a small wading bird, one of two species of turnstone in the genus Arenaria.

Great Egret, Alligator Breeding Marsh and Wading Bird Rookery, Gatorland, Orlando, Florida

Not sure who was watching who here. This beautiful little bird worked very hard to build it's nest in a palm tree just near our hotel room at La Romana in the Dominican Republic. (It is, apparently, a 'Yellow - Faced Grassquit' (Tiaris Olivaceus). Thanks to Pete Withers for the identification).

P1455225 - Whistling School boy - Size - 33 cm

# 255 - 20 Apr '18 - 10:15 (04:45 GMT)


Himalayan Whistling Thrush - is a whistling thrush present in the mountains of Central Asia and Southeast Asia. It is known for its loud human-like whistling song at dawn and dusk.


also know as - Blue Whistling-thrush or Himalayan Blue Whistling Thrush (Myophonus caeruleus)


Seen at - Chinde - Himachal Pradesh - Western Himalayas ~2100m (7000 ft) Altitude.


Happy birding 🐾

Friendly little bird

Finches discussing seed allocation

Hokkaido the paradise of wildlife photographers !


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One of the 30 kinds of Humming Bird found in the Monterverde cloud forest.

A male Tufted Coquette from Trinidad.


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bird - Kittiwake Flamborough Head

In 2002 I had a passion for photographing birds. I spent $15,000 on camera equipment before deciding, after only about 6 months, that I was no longer interested in photography. The purchases included the new Nikon D1x digital camera ($5,000). Since I’m such a nice person, I’d be willing to sell that camera for just $3,000 if anyone is interested (Seriously, I recently saw one offered on eBay for about $300).

Its habit of investigating people and everything else in its home territory, and quickness to discover bird feeders, make it one of the first birds most people learn.

A Robin warms her nest (I'm assuming this is a female)

It is this time of the year here in Quebec city where a lot of birds are passing by from their wintering territories to go north. One of the prettiest of the small birds we can see is the common redpoll. This one is a male showing off it's breeding plumage.

I keep thinking these are pigeons from a distance. Damn my colour blindness

Out The Bounds

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"Red birds. So startling! So noticeable, so eye-catching! Is the northern cardinal, Cardinalis cardinalis, the state bird of seven out of fifty because it’s so familiar and recognizable or because it is exotic, unbelievable that something so bright would allow itself to be seen by mortals?"

-Mary Oliver

I hope you like it.

Rainbow lorikeets often travel together in pairs and occasionally respond to calls to fly as a flock, then disperse again into pairs. Rainbow lorikeet pairs defend their feeding and nesting areas aggressively against other rainbow lorikeets and other bird species. They chase off not only smaller birds such as the noisy miner, but also larger and more powerful birds such as the Australian magpie.

Female Cardinal taken on a VERY cold day in February. All the birds were fluffing up their feathers to keep warm.

The day this image was taken was the last day that Dunbar allowed me to take his image. He hides if I go out and he is there and he keeps his distance if I'm already out when he arrives. Good for him I suppose. Although, it sure does make me continue to miss his friendly father. Friendly to me that is... He was a big bully to the other birds. This one is not as big of a bully, he allows everyone to visit in peace so long as they keep to the northern portion of the yard while he guards the southern portion.

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