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Nach dem Murphy's, der Bionade und dem Ursprung, dem Heineken nun das nächste Foto aus der Reihe "Kronkorken".

Shot with Canon Eos 400D + Canon 18-55mm

training days at the publishing house usually end at a bar close to the office over glasses of bionade and chats about work. we've been there several times these past few months, but until tonight, i'd never noticed that there is a small globe farm above the cafe's main door.


a globe farm! there's something extra special about a whole group of fragile, glowing little planet earths huddling together that makes me outrageously happy and a tad sentimental, too.


i've wanted to have a globe farm for years, specifically since the mid nineties, when i first read douglas coupland's 'shampoo planet' whose main character had one and coined that term in the first place.


one fine day, i will have one, too.

*referring to the Royal Air Force of course

My next bottle try. This is the crown cap of a famous limonade in Germany. It's called "Bionade" with the taste of elder. Yummy.

Au marché de Noël (Toulouse)

Waiting for my train at the station was pretty boring,so I decided to snap away on people passing by..

Bionade ad? :)


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PLEASE do not put my photos on weheartit

i had no idea the wings were beating so fast. even at 1/1000 of second they are still just a blur.

If I remember correctly I exposed this for 20 sec and took away the two bottles after 10 sec.

Dans mon sac (d'avril), il y a...

A new German organic lemonade with quince flavour!

They looked so lovely and colourful that I made a whole series...

In Real Life JABRA KOSTOLANY is a model and in Second Life the most attractive business woman in advertisement. She possesses 3 islands. Bionade Island in Dyonisus is the most populair. There she will welcome you ...

Meine Freundin kommt heute Abend zum "Weiberabend". Ich habe ihr ihre Lieblingsleckereien gekauft. Nichts für mich!


My girlfriend's coming tonight to the "girls night". I bought her her favorite "goodies". Not for me!

Als ich heute nach Hause kam, hatte ich diesen leckeren Geruch in der Nase. Erst konnte ich nicht genau bestimmen, woher er kam, doch dann dachte ich: Lecker, das riecht wie ein winziger Grill. Und ich hatte Recht. Die Danbos brutzelten ein paar Goldbären in der Küche. Sah so aus, als hätten sie das etwas länger vorbereitet. Und es war verdammt lecker!


When I came home today I got that wonderful smell in my nose. First I couldn't really say what it was but then I thought: Yummy, this smells like a tiny barbecue. And I was right. The Danbos were grilling some gold bears in the kitchen. Looked like they had prepared this a long time. And it was so delicious!

I just discovered Bionade here in italy and I love it!

visiting bionade

Luminance HDR 2.2.1 tonemapping parameters:

Operator: Fattal


Alpha: 0.74

Beta: 0.9

Color Saturation: 0.9

Noise Reduction: 0.15


PreGamma: 1.15


→ zur Tarnung eingenaeht in ein Boxerbalg ("Stella von und zu Stollbersch")

A good burger + lychee Bionade = life.


//Canon AE-1 Progam

//50mm f/1.8

//Lomography 100


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Bionade Schleichwerbung

io nel frattempo non smettevo di bere cappuccini.

Quite a free, personal interpretation, sure enough ...


Some You Tube background footage on these two conflicting British youth subcultures of the 1960s can be found here. Worth the view if only to listen to The Who's Substitute.

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