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A young man stopped me and asked me to take a shot of his own creation - this special bike!

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At the top of Richmond Hill, some time ago, watching the sunset...

Enjoying nature park De Schammer in Leusden near Amersfoort.


Where two railroads intersect...both are still active but only one now carries bicycles.

The Kalhaven State Bike Trail.



Although I don’t ride a bike, well not at least for 40 odd years, there is something satisfying about a bike. It’s solid, reliable (mainly), an art form, it has a place in our society, an environmental champion, a pleasure and a serious competitor.

There aren’t many things in life that fulfil those criteria, there will always be those detractors but for me the bike is a hero.


Only a part of a red bike. It just befuddles me how a bike can end up in a forest with no front tire and seat.

errrr....a pink bike, outside a Christmassy gift shop in Leighton Buzzard, Beds. England

A new bike hanger! 100% hand made.

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IMG_2231.CR2 (Av: F8.0; Tv: 1/256 sec.; ISO: 160; FL: 35.0 mm)

IMG_2232.CR2 (Tv: 1/1328 sec.)

IMG_2233.CR2 (Tv: 1/49 sec.)


Fusion F.2 (HDR; Mode 1)

"Is that a new bike?"


"Well, it either is or it isn't."


"What happened to your old one?"

"Lost it."

"How did you lose it?"

"Dunno. Just lost it."

"Did someone take it?"


"Who took it?"

"Big boys."

"Where did you get your new one?"



I give up.

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