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First thing I said was "Electric MonkeyLove."

Spray paint on 250gsm BFK Rives, signed and numbered. 22x15", $75 + $5 s/h


Limited hand sprayed edition of 10, produced on commission for Bikehugger. Now available for purchase here:


Riding to dinner then a movie for my birthday date.

Santa Monica, CA

New shoes with a new icon to designate the technical apparel and shoe line. It resembles a techno number 3, also M shapes, and is show with the Mavic oval.


The shoes shown here have a Salomon influence with lots of attention to detail. The jackets, jerseys, and shorts all share Ackteryx influences with many nice touches and details.


As we learned at the party, the clothing isn't under the Adidas brand and without that umbrella over their head, the design team really did their home work. Producing a very technical, thoughtful, and performance-oriented line. They've got the lightest shoe on the market and it's surprisingly light in the hand.


Summary: It's shoes to match the most mac daddy Mavic wheel.


Crazy Tandem Car Rack spotted in Olympia WA Aug 2nd 2008

Before time trial bars, custom builders would make you a TT bike like this. They were called "funny bikes" and had discs in the back with little wheels in the front.

Ride this bike into the sunset and your nearest pub. That's what it wants to do.

My prediction: every ProTour prolouge TT bike will move to this group

Attended Specialized 2013 Global Press Launch in Snowbird Utah. A week of road, cross, and MTB riding.

Brand is often misunderstood, confused and further distorted on Twitter and elsewhere. It's not complicated. It looks like this poster from 1900. Buffalo Bill is coming to a town near you. You know him because he's famous. What he does needs no introduction. It's implied by his brand.


Saw this poster in the American Experience film about Cody. He defined stardom as we know it now. Famous for being famous.

This version of Trek's urban bike is for the Japan market. Note the dropbar, flip-flop hub, wide pedals.


RideCivil™ is a Bike Hugger gift to the cycling community. You are free to remix, re-use, and share the RideCivil artwork as a flyer, shirt, jerseys, socks, thong bikini, tattoo, or whatever works.


The RideCivil mark and artwork are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported.


The artwork was created by Drew Carlson and distributed by Bike Hugger.


300 DPI, PDF version available for download here.


The Swiss military surplus bicycle photographed here is known as MO-05. Amazingly this single speed bicycle remained virtually unchanged from its introduction in 1905 and the design was in service for nearly 90 years.

A caption she offered above and I def asked her first before taking the photo.

Joey Mullan clips and then rag dolls the barrier during a heat of the Single Speed Eliminator race. That was spectacular and Bro flew about 10 feet in the air. After writhing aroiund in pain for 10 minutes he was OK!


Related post with video on Bike Hugger:


Photo: First three Jaxon Suttlemyre from


Attended a media event with Spesh about their new Tarmac and rode in the Santa Cruz Mountains

A Globe Roll with top-tube brake set up for the media event. See this comment below for more details on the photo. Bike Hugger attended the Globe Launch. This is one of the many bikes we saw.

Interbike 2009 trade show.

Yode rides over the Willamette river.

The Swiss military surplus bicycle photographed here is known as MO-05. Amazingly this single speed bicycle remained virtually unchanged from its introduction in 1905 and the design was in service for nearly 90 years.


Created with fd's Flickr Toys.

"That's one for the ladies," she said. And note that white is the new black.

Attended Interbike in Las Vegas, the Bike Industry's biggest trade show.




A camera bag from Chrome that's changed how we travel with gear: compact, minimalist, and messenger style.


Mark V's a competitive guy and he was having none of it, that I had a supremely pimp CX bike this year from Parlee.


Behold the Ming Tran, a Redline Conquest Carbon team and stylized by Mark.


Ming Tran is an America-destroying skateboarder:

Not shown: Luke Wroblewski, DL Byron. Photo by DL Byron.

Reynolds 520, Single-speed with flip-flop hub, Sugino Messenger, Weinmann rims, matching grips and saddle.

Prototype for mounting a bike frame to a wall. A new product we're working on for 2011.


Set in place.

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