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Bike Happening Sept '09

Bike happening December '09

The first Thursday of every month in San Luis Obispo is bike night, a.k.a the Bike Happening. This month was prom-themed, in celebration of the Bike Happening's 10-year anniversary. Here, Grant F. poses with skate-bike v1.0 (the unholy union of a toddler's bicycle and a skateboard).


SB-600, camera left, bungeed to a signpost, SB-25, in frame at rear camera right. Both triggered with Yongnuo RF-602s.


Scorgan 52 Week Project

Week 45 - Blended


Nikon D90


1/200 sec

ISO 200

Nikkor 12-24mm f/4G AF-S DX @ 16mm


Edited in Aperture 3.0

We had a little pumpkin carving party at my house Saturday night. I'm kind of hoping mine will last the rest of the week so I can show it at Bike Valet and at the X-Ball.


Added 10/27

OKAY, NEXT YEAR... there will be a pumpkin carving contest at Mitchell Park in SLO.

Riders struck pots and pans during the ride. These bikes had oil lanterns.

Bike Happening January 2010

A few examples:


T-shirt Ninjas

Diapers (Poopy)

Cod Pieces


Flower Power

Old Themes

Your Favorite BH Theme yet

Time warp

Anything that Dangles




Skin Paint


Magic Markers

Robot City

Knocked up Nuns

Two Girls One Bike

20's Prohibition

Road Kill

Dead Republicans

Star Wars

Cocktail Party


Scuba Suits & Snow Boots

Age of Aquarius


Fashion Faux Paux

Horned Animals

Cowgirls and Tin Cans



Anything goes but Clothes

Saran Wrap




Ah Natural

Mullet-off Cock-Tail

Bath Robes

Noisy Spokes

Weird Science


Breast Awareness Month

Chinese Fire Drill

Plastic Overkill


Petting Zoo with Dildos

Charge of the Spatula Brigade


What happens in Wal-Mart Stays in Wal-Mart

Pots and Pans

I caught it in Mexico

Body Hair

Turtle Necks and Sweater Vests


sorry your blurry

Bike Happening Nov. '08

Bike Sumo is where you roll into the circle and keep your hands and feet on the bike at all times, and try to dismount or make your opponent "dab".

The Bike Happening theme tonight is "Pot and Pan & Coffee Can, a Hobo's Drum Circle"


I have great plans for tonight.

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