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The studded winter tyres wouldn't fit inside the summer almost-180-degree mudguards so they had to come off. I put an old MTB crudcatcher on the front.


On the back is another MTB mudguard that wouldn't fit in the proper place, but instead is zip-tied on top of the rack (so the lever bit will still lever). And, taking inspiration from BikeHacks, there's a water bottle cut in half to fill in the gap by the seat post. It works very well.

Hacked together from an empty Alpen cereal box and an old DHL envelope.

Wed 19/05/2010 15:36 190520105930

On the corner of Tottenham Court Road and Oxford Street, with a gaffered cardboard mudguard.

Hacked together from an empty Alpen cereal box and an old DHL envelope.

Once the piece was cut to size, I trimmed away the destroyed, frayed edge of the fender and installed the replacement piece with zip-ties. I LOVE zip-ties.

Quando tentei aperfeiçoar o protótipo, fiz caquinha e perdi o protótipo (na verdade porque notei um erro no corte inicial)

Dando um trato no visual. Faltou lixar as rebarbas

Da para regular a altura, aproximando mais do pneu

First draft of part of a set of 3D-printed adapters to attach a Topeak trunk bag to a generic seatpost clamp beam rack. Fits rack perfectly after thumbing a few burrs off the inner surface. I still need to re-measure/re-shape the guide rails that grip the bag - they're slightly too narrow.

Partindo para a segunda tentativa ;) desistir jamais!

Isso ficaria escroto! Então desenvolvi o protótipo 01

This is not the donor bicycle . I repaired it and gave it away . This is an example .

Turn right, go left.

I changed my winter tyres for summer tyres today, which means I can also put back my proper mudguards that have good wheel-splash coverage.


One good thing about winter cycling is you don't really need mudguards as sub-zero snow doesn't get you wet. The only problems are in the seasonal transition times when there may be ice/melted snow/rain.


Unfortunately the chunky winter tyres and their carbide studs don't fit inside the mudguards. A halved water bottle attached with zip ties makes a good compromise.

Depois de 20km de estrada e ruas esburacadas cheias de água de chuva, o resutado foi ótimo

Quick n dirty bike hack saddle bag with a syringe needle bin and a couple o zip ties. (the Biohazard symbol makes it look dangerous :) )

Made from some bits and bobs that were lying around and an old film canister. There's a metal seatpost shim inside the canister for extra strength. The canister lid gives enough of a ridge to prevent the Dinotte's O ring from slipping off.

Custom bike trailer spotted in Nangang, Taipei.

- Taken at 9:44 PM on October 29, 2009 - uploaded by ShoZu

DIY white tail on my Pashley... but with a difference: Instead of paint, I've used the retroreflective plastic from a road cone I found at the roadside.

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