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In the forefront there is a huge mansion which looks more like a white dirt in this huge plateau. This is, I suppose what is big data is meant and the setting is in Guizhou, one of the poorest province in China both in terms of output and natural resources. The government improved the transport network there and designated it the centre of all big data, as the place is largely 3K metre above sea level, and is so cool that it saves a lot of fuel in cooling down the relevant machines. Btw, this is also the birthplace of the boss of Huawei, Ren Zhengfei, even though I'm not sure where his house arrested daughter in Canada was born.




崔岩光 Cui Yan Guang, one of the best Chinese sopranos ever :

Home, Sweet Home

在銀色的月光下 ( In the Sliver Moonbeam )

Piacer d'amor


Schubert's Ave Maria

漁光曲 ( Ode to the Fishermen's Lighting )

Schubert's Wiegenlied

Auf Flügeln des Gesanges

Mozart's Magic Flute

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You can never have too much Data.



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Big Data Institute, University of Oxford Old Road Campus in Headington. Oxford Flickr Photowalk.


Parece que la etapa de crecimiento exponencial del Big Data ya ha sido superada y que ahora nos encontramos ante una nueva era de consolidación en la que, aunque ya no se suman tantas compañías al carro de los datos (principalmente porque la mayoría ya se han adentrado en esta tendencia), los proyectos que se llevan a cabo son mucho más estratégicos y orientados al negocio.

Al menos así se desprende del último estudio sobre el tema hecho público por la firma de análisis Gartner, que destaca que tres cuartas partes de las empresas a escala global están invirtiendo o van a hacerlo en tecnologías relacionadas con los grandes volúmenes de datos en los próximos dos años. Se trata apenas de un 3% más respecto a los datos de 2014, lo que pone de manifiesto esta ralentización en el ritmo con que se aborda el Big Data en todo el mundo.

En lo que sí comienza a notarse un cambio positivo es en la especialización del análisis de los datos. En concreto, Gartner publica que un 70% de las compañías que han invertido en Big Data lo han hecho para analizar datos relacionados con la localización, mientras que un 64% busca categorizar y estructurar texto libre.

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Big Data

Explanation 1

The phrase “big data” is often used in enterprise settings to describe large amounts of data. It does not refer to a specific amount of data, but rather describes a dataset that cannot be stored or processed using traditional database software.

Examples of big ...

Big Data Institute, University of Oxford Old Road Campus in Headington. Oxford Flickr Photowalk.

MIT cognitive scientist Deb Roy exemplifies the power of Big Data in his latest TED Talk: harvesting big insights from "the largest home video collection ever made" to understand the process of how a child learns language.


In this example, Deb Roy's team captures every time his son ever heard the word water along with the the context he saw it in. They then used this data to penetrate through the video, find every activity trace that co-occurred with an instance of water and map it on a blueprint of the apartment. That's how they came up with wordscapes: the landscape that data leaves in its wake.

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Posting early as I’m back to full time work from Monday!


This is the tip from a well worn USB thumb drive, which in its entirety is around an inch tall. It’s shot under LED torchlight and I played around with reflecting different colours onto the right side to create depth. After trying several coloured cards, the colour I liked best was the skin colour of my hand!



Theme “Less than an inch”

This is the era of Big Data. Are you user of Big Data that is benefiting from it? Or rather you are just part of the Big Data?


The Chinese character in the scene is the word "Big".


Happy Sunday!


Fuji X10 compact camera

In-camera B&W with yellow filter film simulation

Chicago - die "L" ist das Bahnsystem der Stadt. Die Brown Line fährt einmal um den sogenannten Loop, das Herz Chicagos. Einfach mal eine Runde drehen und sich inspirieren lassen.

Explore, Dec 3, 2013 #462

Googol is in de wiskunde een aanduiding van een getal met de waarde 10 tot de100ste macht. Dat wordt uitgeschreven als:

10 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000.

De naam is in 1920 aan dit getal gegeven door Milton Sirotta (1911-1981), toen 9 jaar oud, neefje van de Amerikaanse wiskundige Edward Kasner. Kasner publiceerde het concept in zijn boek Mathematics and the imagination (Wiskunde en de verbeelding). Hij verzon het getal om het verschil te laten zien tussen een onvoorstelbaar groot getal en oneindig

De internetzoekmachine Google is vernoemd naar dit getal. Larry Page, een van de oprichters van deze zoekmachine, was gefascineerd door wiskunde, en de verwijzing naar het getal googol weerspiegelt zijn missie om alle informatie ter wereld toegankelijk te maken. De naam is uiteindelijk 'Google' geworden als gevolg van een spelfout van Sean Anderson, destijds een studiegenoot van Page, en medebedenker van de naam.


De 2092 maakt reclame voor de digitale werkplaats van het internetbedrijf aan de Prinsengracht-niet te verwarren met het brievenbus adres van de firma aan de Herengracht....


Kruising Bilderdijk/Kinkerstraat.


Meer kleurige Combino's vindt je hier:

Architectural detail at the University of Oxford Old Road Campus, Headington, Oxford.


Taken on the Oxford Flickr Photowalk 4/10/18.

Rose Bruford College, Sidcup, London, UK.

Die digitale Welt

Oxford University Old Road campus, Headington


Instax Square Black and Lomo'instant Square camera


Taken on the Oxford Flickr Photowalk 4/10/18.

Big Data Institute, University of Oxford Old Road Campus in Headington. Oxford Flickr Photowalk.

Big Data Can Generate Big Brainstorms


High Order Bit

Tuesday, 10/18/2011

Location: Grand Ballroom

Ken Goldberg (UC Berkeley and Hybrid Wisdom Labs)

University of Oxford Old Road Campus, Headington, Oxford.


Taken on the Oxford Flickr Photowalk 4/10/18.

Made for a challenge on Fb. Iphone 5, sparkmode, Leonardo, decim8, two decimenations ;p blend into one, icolorama, matter.

Technical note: this is a stack of three images (so that all the planes are in focus in spite of the small DOF of each capture). No other photoshop treatment.


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