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Near a bicycle lane I've discovered a vast amount of Fly amanita's (40-50 specimens).

Flinders Lane, Melbourne

The pleasure of cycling in the countryside.

A cold winter day during our photowalk.

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Life is movement, Cease endless movement.



Found this colorful scene wandering the back lanes of Monterosso al Mare.

Love Potion Number Nine

I held my nose, I closed my eyes, I took a drink


I didn't know if it was day or night

I started kissin' everything in sight

But when I kissed a cop down on Thirty-Fourth and Vine

He broke my little bottle of Love Potion Number Nine

~ Leiber / Stoller (The Searchers/The Clovers)


Just a little fun trip down memory lane!


The city of New York under the leadership of then Mayor Michael Bloomberg and his master plan in 2008 made huge strides in turning the city into a bike friendly city by adding 350 miles of designated bicycle lanes throughout the city and the Citi Bike program. In fact this year in the October 2014 issue of Bicycling Magazine where they gather their biennial ranking of the 50 Best Cycling Cites AKA Americas Best Bike Cities 2014, New York City ranked #1 moving up from #7 in 2012. The Citi Bike bike-share program is now the nation’s largest has an annual subscription of 96,000 members. Throughout Manhattan, below Central Park, it easy to find a bicycle station such as the image I’ve captured here outside Chelsea Market with the distinct Blue Citi Bike logo. As a cyclist, I can only concur it is a joy to cycle in New York.

cyclist on the side lane of a railway bridge, going back home from the work. crows has surrounded asking for leftover food as people passing by talk and eat with friends on this railway bridge.


though, this scene is very common and natural there, here 3 images are mixed well to create the right atmosphere.


see some others with bicycle @


see my rural india @

Kersendijkje next to Cannenburgh Castle

Vaassen, gelderland


Vaassen (Dutch pronunciation: [ˈvaːsə(n)]) (Low German: Vaossen) is one of four villages in the Dutch municipality Epe. Vaassen is situated between Apeldoorn and Zwolle, on the eastern edge of the Veluwe in the province of Gelderland and has 12,719 inhabitants (2008). Vaassen was an independent municipality up to 1 January 1818, when it merged with Epe.


Vaassen's most remarkable historical building is the 16th century Cannenburgh Castle, once home to the knight Maarten van Rossum.


A bicycle in Pontocho, a small pedestrian lane near the old town of Kyoto, Japan.

Flickr seems a little faster today, although everything else seems to be broken!




So after a quick check, I can confirm that not all my contacts shots are showing up on my contacts page as reported in the Help Forum. Flickr seems to be firing on all cylinders again.

A relatively new piece of art on Hanbury Street.

I-5 Bike Bridge in Springfield on a hot afternoon. Playing around with a ND filter.

VIDEO of installation is here

Thanks for the link Eupalinos!


Original shot I took in Secondlife on 1st comment

Thank You Kass, DrBlythenstein and Kit Lane for all these three cuties, lovelies!!! ;-)


Wish you all a very nice autumn weekend


Thanks for your visit and comments, I appreciate that very much!

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Regards, Bram van Broekhoven (BraCom)


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More in the good old red bags series!

#50: yet another bike on the street shot along the picturesque flinders lane!


Explored!: #323

The Old Town, Stockholm, Sweden

Florence has always been one of the world's crossroads.

Yaquina Bay Bridge just outside of Newport, Oregon on my bicycle tour of the Pacific coast. It was a stunning vista before the terror of actually riding across that beautiful bridge. One lane each way and only a semblance of a shoulder. Nothing gets you pumped up like having 20 cars behind you.

Flickr seems a little better today, although I might have just jinxed that :-)


Eight road lanes, one Bicycle track, one Pedestrian walkway, and one Rail line, crossing from Miller's Point in The Rocks to Milsons Point on the North Shore, 'The Bridge' is 3770 feet long, 161 feet wide, and 440 feet tall, with two concrete & granite pylons at the ends 292 feet tall. More information can be found here:

The Old Town, Stockholm, Sweden

That's a bicycle lane where the green spots are in the street.If your face is buried in your phone you might get struck by a bicyclist if you're unaware that the lane is there when crossing the street.

Bicycle lane near Baarn in fall

I do stop there once in a while, just before entering Rabia Rahman Lane, where I live. One of our neighbours decides to light up a cigarette on his way out.

Through the windshield one morning....


Nor Ahmed Road, Chittagong

A bicycle lane in Stockholm.

The Embarcadero

San Francisco, California

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