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The days are numbered for this flower growing partially through the mesh fencing….

Black & White brings out the veins of this clematis flower and leaves

A clematis fully open to the sun


This is a community garden in South Boston, it is sectioned for individuals, many Asian, growing flowers and vegitables...I can't wait to go back in full summer.

Succulants in a silboat planter with solar light and pride flag, all on a pedestal. Who knew gardens could be so busy yet so serene.

Gardener criss-crosses twine to keep birds away from her small plants

Everything jsut looks a little greener after a good rain storm

Some griendly gnomes keeping an eye on the garden

Water drops and texture bring extra depth to this image.

The first rose of the season about to bloom....

Bleeding Heart in the garden

Spring starts to show it’s face in the garden

Peonies in the garden. They're in a dark corner, so I got some dramatic lighting, and then decided to try them in B&W. I liked the way it came out.

Some nice detail of a single blossom

Today's Friday Fence cannot stop this bloom from achieving it's goal...

This is the inspiration for my even/odd photos. I took this one sunny day after a snowstorm. I love the look of the fence, dried leaves and touch of snow. And no modifications to the pic at all...

Fancy columbine in the neighbors garden plot 009. Decided to try some sepia with this one. Zoomed in a bit for a nice look, even if not as sharp as I'd like. (if you look at the other photo yuo can see what I zoomed into.

“Corner of Tremont St. & Berkeley St.,” Boston, Ma. 04/17/12

So these bushes had berries on them all winter, and it’s Springtime when the birds find them. And find them they did - a dozen Cedar waxwings were all over the bush like there was no tomorrow. A few snapshots cmd out well..

A bloom from a Chinese Fuzzy Melon in the community garden. The exposure is 'accidental', but it turned out extremely well

Some renegade art outside Berkeley Garden

“Tremont St.,” Boston, Ma. 04/17/12

The Berkeley Community Garden in the South End.

Flowers in Berkeley Garden

This morning I decided to check out the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, which is a museum near the MFA that's basically a house of this lady, Isabella, who collected tons of art and opened her house as a museum in 1903. It's been the same ever since. I liked it, the house was five stories tall with a massive central courtyard below a beautiful skylight. The courtyard was meticulously gardened, and it was littered with sculptures. The museum is made up of the first three floors, and those floors are filled with famous paintings and tapestries. The cool thing was that almost all of the stuff wasn't labeled because that was Ms. Gardner's wish, so even though a painting could be painted by someone like Titian, I wouldn't even know half the time so I could appreciate the art solely based on its appearance. I wasn't allowed to take pictures, so I don't have any of the museum, but if you want to see what it looks like their website is here:


After finishing with the museum, I walked through the South End of Boston on Tremont Street, then on Shawmut Street. I walked through tons of neighborhoods, and in one of them I found the community garden pictured above. I love gardens, and this one was fantastic. It was very narrow, and about three blocks long. Even though it's getting cold here and feeling like Autumn, many of the plants were still flowering, and people were still around working on their gardens. I walked the entire length of the garden and took pictures of what I saw. Its website is!


I eventually ended up in Chinatown and the Theater District. In Chinatown I went into an Asian market and looked around, it was packed with people and products and most of the labels for food were in Chinese so I couldn't read them. I didn't see anything to buy, so I walked through the rest of Chinatown and then into downtown. I found a store named Filene's Basement, on Washington St. It's very similar to the Nordstrom Rack. Only better. They have ton's of clothes for cheap, so I bought a pair of jeans(Ben Sherman) to replace my old pair which have a giant hole in them that's letting in cold air. I took the T back to BC, ate some dinner, and here I am. It's quiet around here because most people have gone home for the three day weekend. I hope I can find something to do tonight, but if all else fails there's always homework.

thank goodness we have a snowblower

Brussels sprouts a sproutin'

A gardener has a successful field of sunflowers

An old photo, but we need a little Spring right now. Sunflowers in Berkeely on a beautiful summers day.

Snow and drifting will make clearing Shawmut tough going

Random flowers from Berkeley Community Garden

No one is going down the garden any time soon

Lilac blooms in the community garden 2009

Snow growing in the garden

Berkeley Community Gardens in the South End. More than 150 individual plots are cultivated here in the growing season.

Lilac blooms in the community garden 2009

Breakfast. (The strawberry that the bunnies didn't get)

Bleeding Heart in the garden

The Berkeley Community Garden on Tremont Street in the South End. All those pretty colors of the fall.

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