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Autumn at Wingfoot Lake State Park, Suffield, Ohio - Portage County.


Monday - Bench - Autumn

Catchup mode is engaged.


Thanks for the visits, comments, notes and faves!!


Gracias por las visitas, comentarios, notas y favoritas!!


Lots of rain recently has meant all those leaves are now a soggy mess.


Still trying to achieve that ever elusive photo-realistic HDR processing. I think I might be getting closer!


HDR created in PhotoMatix, 4 frames of a 7-shot handheld bracket, and then processed in Photoshop.


Bit late today I'm afraid. Didn't get home till late and then spent too long processing this.



Bit late today, I ran out of time to post before I had to go out and only just got back.



I get lucky sometimes. I was taking some shots of this bench when this Robin (who I'd seen earlier - see the shot in the comments) photobombed the shot.



Edit: Apologies if this reappeared further up in your contact list, I replaced the original shot with a watermarked version.

Simplicity -- snow, bench, sunshine and shadows.


Wingfoot Lake Park - Suffield, Ohio. Portage County

This bench overlooks the Red Deer River Valley in the Alberta Badlands near Drumheller. I had been to the Horsethief Canyon lookout on the other side of the river several times, but this was my first stop at the Orkney Viewpoint.


A shot from New Orleans' Jackson Square. In the background you can see Cafe Du Monde, which is famous for the beignets and chicory coffee

(week 34) Explore no. 78 Thank you!


Seriously, don't you think they should have a bigger chain on that bench..:)) This school is right next door to me, and I live in a pretty good neighborhood. Probably the only chain that was handy at the time.

The festival and the hike were great. I hope everyone has a terrific week



Be Blue, Be SPRiNG…..CaRNeVaL iS HeRE


Miss me guys.


My internet connection is a horror………..


But Carneval is in town now the following 3 days……….


My dear friend Zak is on his way and spring is around the corner.


Thank you all, my friends, for your comment and emails………………..


See you at the dawn.


Play it loud…….

♪♪♫ L I S T e N ♪♪♫♪♪♫


HBM!!...A good week to all. These colorful benches await visitors in North Myrtle Beach, SC.


Thanks for your visit and comment.


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This is the back of Maria's Tacos. We went there after the hike Saturday. I parked in the back and spotted this new bench Maria put in. Naturally, I had to take a shot of it..;))

Hope you week goes well.

Another grand old Oak Tree branch reaches out beside the benches along one of our many golf cart paths. Hope you all have a wonderful week ahead!

A bench shot from yesterdays snow. Too good an opportunity to miss :-)

The snow is retreating and what's left is now slushy and grey.



This was taken last Monday -- before daylight -- beside our garage where there are two benches to choose from. :-)


Bench in a park in Norwich, UK. Lots of daffodils and crocuses in the background. Still trying out the iPhone!


The garden party..;) Actually, this is Umlauf sculpture garden in south Austin and I went there today. If I hadn't invited others to go along I would have probably not gone because the weather really got ugly. So, we took a fast tour and than went over to a near by restaurant and had a late lunch. The sculptor in the foreground is call "The Kiss"

The UMLAUF Sculpture Garden & Museum provides educational experiences that encourage the understanding and appreciation of sculpture, and exhibits the work of Charles Umlauf and other contemporary sculptors in a natural setting.

Just made the post to Flickr with a couple of minutes to spare - and replaced 2 minutes later because I uploaded the wrong version - doh!

Today has not went according to plan, so this is from the archives, nothing exciting I'm afraid.

This is a two shot DoF blend.



Taken in The Villages, Florida. Winter does come to Florida, evidenced by the leaves & bare trees, but it is 74 degrees and a nice day to sit on the bench and enjoy all the ducks and birds busy enjoying the weather too!


This is the backyard patio of Gracie's Restaurant in Bastrop, Texas. I didn't eat there because the place was closed when I was there. I hear the food is pretty good so I'll have to check it out the next time I'm there.

Hope your week goes well.

A bench that's seen better days. But as a bonus, you get a phone box and a bokeh-girl with a hurrumph on.



This is taken in St. Augustine, Florida. (The oldest town in Florida.) I love it, mostly because it has so many wonderful old places and things of days gone by. Hope you all have a wonderful week ahead! HBM!

A new bench (yippee!) at the Universities West Cambridge Site.


another jump,

couldn't resist.


catching the last bit of light in the park this afternoon. clocks changed this weekend, so it's getting dark way too early.


happy bench monday.


explored - thank you!

Happy Bench Monday!

thanks for your visit and comments, my friends!

Strobist: AB800 with 60X30 softbox camera left. AB800 with Softlighter II camera right. Triggered by Cybersync.


View Large and on Black

Taken in Micanopy, Florida, this reminds me of New Orleans with their courtyards and iron gates. Hope you all have a wonderful week ahead!



Edit: Apologies if I've not got to your streams yet, Flickr keeps stopping on me. I seem to get on well with the commenting and then everything grinds to a complete halt. Most frustrating.

A grandfather willfully and patiently waits while his grandson enjoys the playground equipment at Wingfoot Lake State Park in Suffield, Ohio. Portage County


Bev Clark All Rights Reserved, No Usage Allowed Including Copying Or Sharing Without Written Permission

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