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Just a random snapshot that I had on my pc for a while felt like editing something XD


A star magnolia, that is :)


I posted this one as a bud just over a week ago, and here it's bursting and ready to open totally. Once they bloom, they seem to turn brown within a day and are gone. Luckily, this bush is in my neighbour's yard, so I didn't have to go far to shoot it.

You live out the confusions until they become clear.


Anais Nin

In fact, most of my movies/games that I adore belong in the wizardry, space or time travel, or apocalyptic destruction caused by aliens/zombies/.. don't know why but of late I’m addicted to the game ‘’Detroit becoming Human’’...Given the awesome gifts at present, I couldn’t resist trying to create my own "becoming human"..


Showcasing the amazing new works available now from some awesome designers:-


[spectacledchic] Neon Tears white – (New) - Gift (The Sign Hunt)

BADA--Cyberpunk circle – (New) - Gift (The Sign Hunt) and much much more.


So what are you waiting for, come take a walk to our destinations for today:-



...One with the Diversity


The Bay - Visit


Where the threads do arise ...

No me recuerdo de lo que pasó,

No me di cuenta ni quién me pegó,

Todo da vueltas como un carrusel,

locura recorre todita mi piel.


Dime todo lo que pasó,

No me di cuenta ni quién me pegó,

Todo da vueltas como un carrusel,

Locura recorre todita mi piel.


Wake me up before I change again

Remind me the story that I won't get insane

Tell me why its allways the same

Explain me the reason why I'm so much in pain.


Wake me up before I change again

Remind me the story that I won't get insane

Tell me why its allways the same

Explain me the reason why I'm so much in pain.


Before I change again (before I change again)

Remind me the story that I won't get insane


Before I change again (before I change again)

Remind me the story that I won't get insane


Insane, insane, insane, insane, insane, I'm becoming insane


Infected Mushroom - Becoming Insane


Ourfit - HILU - HNHK Wasou Dress @Kurenai

Leg - HILU - JP Artificial Leg @Kurenai

Headpieces - |CX| Uzu Tama Kanzashi @Kurenai

Weapon - |CX| Wasteland Reaper

Pose - Poseidon Poses Poses - Morgue

Backdrop - Anxiety - Sorrowland


Full credit to Toxin for the capture and fun shoot! Photo collaboration: photo by Toxin and editing by me! <3 Can't wait to collaborate some more. I always love working with you. <3 Thank you my talented friend!


Becoming - Zero Theorem

Created for The Award Tree Statues and Sculptures Challenge:


Created for The Hypothetical Awards Face It! Challenge:

Chasing you through the stars...

I will cut through the very darkness of space to find you...

Wait for me... please?


Body: Maitreya - Lara

Skin: Pink Fuel

Ears: ^^Swallow^^ Darkness Ears

Eyes: {S0NG} :: Lyn~ Blue Eye

Hair: Truth - Harley

Aura/Uranus affects: Cole's Corner - Planetary Princess

Boots: [BREATHE]-Hendrix Boots

Sailor Uranus Uniform: [+] Eternal Senshi Redux / FATPACK by Cureless

Pose: .oOo Studio Poses

Background: Foxcity - God Is A Woman

This somewhat unloved but charismatic roadside shack took my eye whilst exploring Ranelagh in the Huon Valle recently.

However I have changed the title due to well sighted opinions and my poor initial impressions but I'm glad this is out and I must explore it further as this becoming loved property progresses. Thanks all seriously for your comments !!.

Photo By Steve Bromley.

Yellow leaf of Acer platanoides within the birch stand with the maple understory near Pushchino, Moscow region

Textures are a combination of Topaz, my own images, and digital manipulation.


trust the wait


embrace the uncertainty


enjoy the beauty of becoming


when nothing is certain,


everything is possible.


“She was like the sun,

She knew her place in the world -

She would shine again regardless

of all the storms and changeable weather

She wouldn't adjust her purpose

for things that pass.”

― Nikki Rowe


Capture and edit by Orchid Arado


[LeLuck] Saturday Night Eyeshadows Gracelynn (AnyBody), [LeLuck]BasicTintable Hairbase Frances (eBento), [LeLuck]Genus Bentoshape Nylah, GENUS Project - Genus Head - Classic Face W001 - Mocap, 01 GENUS Blood Descent - Skin Applier /ELENA-CLEAR SKIN/ RARE (Honey), Scandalize. Tais. FATPACK (Gift - Shop & Hop), Blueberry - Sweater Dress - Gift (Shop & Hop), AD - era - Hair gift (Shop & Hop), OXIDE Danii Set V2 Earrings (Gift, Shop & Hop), Bauhaus Movement - Kaname X-MAS Scarf / Gift (Shop & Hop), Belle Poses Meggie.


AnyBody Event:


eBento Event:


Shop and Hop Winter LL Shopping Event:

Sale Dates: Dec 17th, 2018 through January 4th, 2019




With all but 1 of the BCOL barns stored right now due to all of the new power on property, the PTC mandate in the U.S., and a strong downturn in traffic thanks to the Coronavirus, seeing any is a treat. When they were running, it was always a treat to get one leading, but, a pair was even better. Hustling north on M391, a pair fly past the depot in Gaines, and become another blinded victim to my lights.

when the sky meets the earth and become one !


Hagaparken, Sweden


From the Gallery: Sweden 2009


Comments or Faves would be much appreciated. However, please leave NO awards, logos or graphics in ur comment. Thanks in advance.

I went shooting with one of my best friends on a glorious sunny day, I was in my element!! I found some really interesting straw flowers/weeds. Have a wonderful Saturday my friends!

(View in LG screen!)



Thank you for your ongoing support.


Hair: Modulus - Murphy @ Arcade June

Facial Hair: Modulus - Beard Set 3 @ Arcade June

Top: Mossu - Brian Shirt @ Man Cave

Bottoms: Complex - Richard Trousers

Accessory: Catwa - Toothpick

Accessory: DAZED. - Freaktard Glasses Onyx


Pose: Animosity - Thiago 4

Location:Sweet Paradise to the Darks


Everyday Basics:

Head: LeLutka Bento Head-GUY

Skin: Stray Dog - Oscar *Default with Guy Head

Ears: L'Etre - Basic Mesh ears 2018

Eyes: Catwa Eye V1.2

Eye Applier: Hermony - Eyes of the beholder

Body: Belleza Jake 2.0



Took me a while to get to this outfit that I loved a couple months ago and then the dragon came and whispered "Its time you lazypants!" and so I had to listen !


Playing in the paint once again. This one started out as a bottom bottle pour but I really didn't like it. I proceeded to work with the paint, blowing it around with a straw. I started to see wings and then a figure....I thought...hmmm...I can work with that!

It was always the becoming he dreamed of,

never the being


Press L for better view.


Forest created by Meilo Minotaur and CapCat Ragu (work in progress).


A few objects were derendered.


Second Life: Delicatessen (at Porto)


The Details: Ephemeral Skye


"Ce n'est plus qu'un souvenir, une larme du passé

Coincée dans mes yeux, qui ne veut plus s'en aller

Oh non ne riez pas

Vous qui ne connaissez pas

Les vertiges et la douleur

Ils sont superficiels, ils ignorent tout du cœur

Lui c'était tout mon monde, et bien plus que ça

J'espère le revoir là-bas dans l'au-delà

Aidez-moi tout s'effondre puisqu'il n'est plus là

Sais-tu mon bel amour, mon beau soldat...

Que tu me fais

Tourner dans le vide..."


The Tunes

Elphaba wasn't always was those poppies, those deadly poppies....


credits :

the sea was very rough and it was getting to close for comfort but it was difficult to give up on this light , thankfully I found a place behind that Africa shaped rock which was taking all the splashes making possible snapping the "Becoming of light"

have a great weekend all of you !

The promise of a beautiful future . . .

the clock no longer moves

it has become

comfortably numb

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