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I didn't notice the man walking in this photo until I uploaded it.. Guess I was too busy looking at the beautiful trees; ) But I actually liked it after I saw it. It shows just how huge these beautiful trees are in comparison to the man!!


This is on Misssisspi River Boulevard.. It has bicylce paths and walking paths that wind around the Mississipi River from St. Paul to Minneapolis.. Just a gorgeous place to walk. ; )


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I don't wanna open up my eyes

I don't wanna see what you have done to me

I don't wanna know what's under your disguise

And I don't need to see what's on the inside

Let me enjoy this cause it was all just a beautiful lie

Listen to Meeee


CREDITS Lots of closeups and details on the blog!!


Summerfest & Hair Fair are opening soon!!

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HAPPY Weekend My Dear Friends.

another beautiful morning along the Colorado River as it flows to Moab near Goose Island. As I bushwacked down the river bank, I flushed a great blue heron. Almost gave me a heart attack it was huge up close.


Taking the jet boat ride from Moab on the Colorado to the Gooseneck in Canyonlands NP tomorrow. may be more river shots to come...



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My first visit to my local site near the River Tavy for Marbled Whites was unsuccessful but did manage this shot of a male Beautiful Demoiselle.

Bóng chiều không thắm không vàng vọt.

Sao đầy hoàng hôn trong mắt trong.





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Beautiful view in Central Park!!!


3 shots handheld HDR.


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“It's beautiful here and we're still unhappy.”


Ian McEwan



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Copyright © Eralp Ege COSKUNTUNA

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.In her eyes is love and fire, and my heart, she's burning through

.But i don't mind, in fact i like it, tho I'm terrified, I'm turned on but scared of you

.She's a monster, beautiful monster, beautiful monster, but i don't mind

.And i need her, said i need her, beautiful monster, but i don't mind

Wherever you go, wherever you are, the sky is Always beautiful when the sun goes up or down.


This beautiful photo is made by Michiel and edit by me.

The Details: Ephemeral Skye


"Midnight, lock all the doors

Keep playing that song one day

Just the sound of traffic

The patron of you switching lanes

San Diego, hard rock hotel

Wondering why I came

I said I'll try not to think of you

If you say you don't feel the same


Oh, you're reluctant cause you know I'll leave you nothing to see

I'll be self-destructing when your beautiful corruption touches me..."


Charlie Puth - Beautiful Corruption

Statsraad Lehmkuhl, Stern view.

The Tall Ships Races in Esbjerg.

Dark clouds and heavy rain at lunchtime before the ships left in Northern direction. Special thanks to Co-Flickr member larseraq for the Information about The event.

Picture taken in Tragöß, Austria.

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A Beautiful Day For A Daydream

**This Made Explore**

chosen as third choice in selection of the week March 2009


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wishing everyone a beautiful Friday & lovely weekend ahead...

more uploads @

Bird: Large Niltava.

Explore #347 ~16.Nov.2008

thank you all so very much !! ;-))


...schönen Abend und eine gute neue Woche ! ;-))

I wish you a nice evening and a very good new week ....

Took this beauty while fishing in one of the beautiful waters of Galicia

Beautiful sunset in Key West.

Sony Nex-6, Sony E24/1.8 ZA.

© Stefan Blomberg,

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This is the same garden mantis,(Orthodera ministralis) named Miss Camera Shy that I uploaded before. Mantis makes great subject in photo shoot. I found her three times in the tree. Each time she would spend a couple of hours with me to do a photo shoot, showing her charm and elegance. She made me smile, that was the kind of rapport we had. LOL!

Since the weather turned cold, I haven't been able to find her. She was still a nymph then, I hope she'd survive the winter and grow into a beautiful adult with wings.

12 shots focus stacked, not cropped.

To watch my macro videos, please check out the link below:

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Enjoy my day at this beautiful and historic town of Bath...

Beautiful beautiful water color

White-necked Jacobin (I think) taken in Costa Rica. They were the bullies of the feeders, often chasing other hummingbirds away. This will be up for awhile because I will be off Flickr.


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