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Brooklyn's Green-Wood cemetery has some stunning memorials.

As many of you know, I was skunked last summer from getting MY images of the mountain goats on Mt. Evans. Though Tom took one for the team and rode the 15+ miles up to the top on his mountain bike in the cold and strong winds, not to mention the lack of oxygen sufficient to a guy who lives basically at sea level, and alas, he returned with images of the goats and their young frolicking around the rocky landscape ... I wanted MINE. See, the road up Mt. Evans was closed for numerous weeks for road repair. I couldn't believe it. Like a scene out of the movie "Vacation", when they arrived and WallyWorld was closed. LOL Interesting that these goats, which are scientifically and genetically more closely related to sheep and muskox, than goats, can withstand temperatures as low as 50 degrees below zero and winds up to 100 mph! Now that's impressive!


So when we spent some time this winter in Utah, Montana, Wyoming, & Idaho, capturing some images of the mountain goats of my own was HIGH on my list. Thank goodness that they "got the memo" and came out to greet me. ;-)


There were numerous ones present, making their way up and down on the rocky mountainside. Squeal-Alert! I was quite excited to say the least. We had adults and some young ones as well. Several of the adults were adorned with "jewelry" in the form of collars and colorful tags, which honestly I could have done without. But hey ... I got 'em! Some even without the tags, etc.


As I was photographing them, that feeling of nervousness and helplessness returned, as if I were watching the bighorn sheep navigating the rugged steep landscape as well. Of course, these mountain goats learn very early that important survival skill. Both females and males have horns and beards, though the males have longer ones. In the wild, they live 12-15 years, though the condition of their teeth dictates that, as do predators. So, as my daughters grandfather used to say to her when she was young ... "always be true to your teeth and they'll never be false to you". :-)


Thanks for stopping by to view and especially for sharing your thoughts and comments.


© 2016 Debbie Tubridy / TNWA Photography

This is Jack. We toured the pacific northwest together. He wanted a full documentary of every cool place we visited. I think we accomplished that.

Riding my bike through the mountains of Tennessee.

Santa Sleigh Reindeer fly over Mtns. AK Composite --- Image by © Alaska Stock/Corbis

Riding a recumbent bicycle 12,000km solo from Japan to England - check out the blog at 14degrees Off The Beaten Track / 日本から英までの12、000kmを単独でリカンベント自転車でこぐ途中 - ユーラシア大陸14度の旅

Illustration for exhibition: Illustratie 57. The theme is ''Instinct'' and the exhibition starts at may 21th 2015

Myself with Bob in the middle, and a guy who I can't remember his name to the left.

Myself with Bob in the middle, and a guy who I can't remember his name to the left.

We ate lunch in the building where the founding fathers wrote the Declaration of Independence. How cool is that?

Myself with Bob in the middle, and a guy who I can't remember his name to the left.

Greatest non-related child of all time. She actually has a collection of fake moustaches that she takes with her most everywhere she goes.

I didn't catch their names, but I loved her fake beard, and loved talking with this guy.

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